Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Muse of the World Cup draw

500 million people in 193 countries around the world will be watching her this afternoon. And surely this huge audience that will not happen too despercibida the immense beauty of Fernanda Lima. Brazilian and her husband, Rodrigo Hilbert, conduct the gala draw for the 2014 World Cup group.
Fernanda, actress and model 36, a mother of twins and noted for its participation in soap operas and movies. Your choice, as we told you last week, caused quite a stir in Brazil and voices on alleged racist undertones rose by FIFA.
Circulated reports that the chain organizer, O Globo, had proposed to Camila Pitanga and her husband, Lazaro Ramos, who is black, but that the federal agency had they preferred to Fernanda and Rodrigo as "blond and white."
However, interested did not want to add fuel to the fire. "I did not receive any invitation. And whatever you say will fuel the controversy will not know whether or not ground, "said Camilla.
Meanwhile, Fernanda said "I was called to this work more than six months ago and I accepted. I have nothing to do with the controversy. "

The Fico undresses and goes to war with Balotelli

Raffaella Fico has demonstrated twice your body is even better than before pregnancy Pia, the daughter he had with Balotelli and the striker Milan has not known or recognized.
The case has come to court and the first view of the process that will determine the paternity of the little took place Thursday in the hearing of Brescia.
Balotelli is arranged according to their lawyers, relevant DNA tests performed and, if positive, will abide by the consequences. "If my daughter Pia is my duty," said the player through their representatives.
Meanwhile, the model has reappeared with force, posing practically naked on a calendar next to the magazine 'For Men' year and is also the star of an advertising campaign for a prestigious lingerie brand.
After the spectacular Melita Toniolo and Nicole Minetti, the Fico has been chosen by Fruscio, the Italian brand of intimate lingerie. In the photo shoot, the former Balotelli and Cristiano Ronaldo, and now girlfriend Gianluca Tozzi (son of Umberto, singer) shows all her charms.
No doubt Raffaella has managed to succeed after his break with Balotelli. Not surprisingly his way as it began to Italian celebrity styling while participating in Big Brother, when he put a price on his virginity a million euros. After the house, came her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and then parties with Berlusconi, which would have given a deal valued at € 1.2 million mansion.
We leave you with the two most recent perched. The calendar 'For Men' and lingerie Fruscio.

Pilar Rubio and his good understanding with the 'clan Ramos'

Sergio Ramos's brother, René, will marry soon with the former Miss Spain, Vania Millan, who used the presentation of his new collection of shirts to talk about your relationship with him and his brother's partner, Pilar Rubio.
About Rene Vania explained that "we are nearly one. I have with me a person you admire, whom I love and who taught me a lot. The two couples have evolved as we met. We help and bring us a lot. " René and Vania marry next year in Madrid.
As for his relationship with Pilar Rubio, Vania explained that "good people are always understood with good people." The former Miss Spain believes that the relationship between his brother and the presenter will end in marriage. "They are waiting for your child and I imagine that will step by step. Everything will come, but I love it. A wedding is always a joy, "he said.
Undoubtedly, Pilar Rubio contectado with 'clan Ramos' with good tuning.

Is Shakira pregnant again?

The rumors, most of the time rumors are in just that. Others would say the legendary José María García, are the prelude to the news. In this case, we can not confirm neither the one nor the other.Just do the role of messenger and will tell you that the latest rumor circulating about Pique and Shakira is the singer might be pregnant again.
The arguments to support this information does not seem very solid and is based solely Shakira has declined the invitation to participate in the Viña del Mar Festival, in February 2014.
According to Univision, the medium that has launched the rumor on the net, when Shakira became pregnant Milan maintained absolute secrecy about the reasons for canceling all presentations and concerts.
The fact you do not want to attend one of the most prestigious music festivals in Latin America, and was a major platform in his career, has raised "suspicions that something might be happening."
Neither Shakira and Pique have been spoken about in networks, where the last thing you hung the singer is a declaration of love for your partner and your child. "What I would not do for those baby blues?" Is the message which accompanies a tender image Shak with Pique and which demonstrates nostalgic for being away from both.
"I'm flying over the Alps while missing a lot of my two loves," published earlier, along with a photo of the snowy summits took from his plane.
Shakira has been in France in recent weeks, putting the finishing touches to their new and highly anticipated album, according confessed, is aimed largely Gerard Pique.
"In my new album there are songs with great feeling that reflect the love and all that Gerard has brought to my life. Basically the album talks about all this and what it means to me true love. The songs I've written it is the dedicated entirely to him, "revealed in an interview to 'People'.
Another version circulating is that the reason that Shakira is not acting in Vina del Mar is precisely because of the promotional events of the new album, and even respond to the criticism he has received from the mayor of the Chilean town ("no want to hear about the festival where to fame "was launched).
Anyway, we'll soon know if the rumor is true or false as rumors of crisis does well roderaron the couple.

Khedira: therapy through a crisis with his girlfriend?

The German tabloid takes a few days speculating about a possible crisis in their relationship in recent years the Real Madrid player Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke model.
According to this information, both would have gone to see a specialist in psychology to couples therapy to help them solve the case by the emotional doldrums crossing.
The media explained that severe injury Khedira, you keep out of football for a few months, has affected their relationship, causing continuing discussions with his girlfriend. It also notes that the couple have postponed their wedding, scheduled for next year.
Anyway, the model denied the problems and possible rupture during a TV show that came a few days ago. Despite this, the media continue to speculate and German heart pouring some distasteful comments about the privacy of Sami and Lena.

Balo: "I do not know if Pia is my daughter"

"If it were I am ready to do my duty," tells 'SuperMario' through his lawyers.

Balo: I do not know if it is my daughter Pia - If it were I am ready to do my duty, tells 'SuperMario' through his lawyers.
Waited to begin a serious check in privacy. Did not know who the father of the child, but if it were to be mine, I'll be ready to do my duty." He did know Mario Balotelli through their lawyers. 

Words that come on the day that is celebrated in Brescia is the first hearing for the civil paternity of the little Pia, the child brought forth exactly a year ago by his ex Raffaella Fico. 

The two were not present in the courtroom, where they were represented by their lawyer

Bold, ex CR7 is the delight of his followers on Twitter

Ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nereida Gallardo the model does not seem to measure efforts in time to offer treats to their followers on Twitter. Lately, the beauty has been noted for bringing their fans into a frenzy on social networks to publish their half-naked photos.Check out some of the goodies offered by model:

Lio Messi and Tinni Stoessel, two idols together

Leo Messi y Tini Stoessel
Lionel Messi fulfilled the dream of his niece brunette and took her to meet Tini Stoessel.However, it was not just a happy day for the girl, but also for the actress "Violetta" wasalso unique because it met his idol.
Tini was with Messi in Barcelona, ​​before the player will travel to Argentina, where the actress received a Barça shirt gift.

The 'Pupi' Zannetti would have put the points Icardi to his romance with Wanda: 'You have to respect the rules'

Pupi Zanetti vs. Mauro Icardi
Javier Zanetti, the Inter captain, would have thrown harsh words for his constant Mauro Icardi histeriqueo with Wanda Nara through social networks. The media exposure was not what you would have fallen well at the club.
We have rules. You got a group together. You have to respect the rules. We intend utmost respect for the staff and the club, "he was quoted as saying" The Pupi "according to La Gazzetta dello Sport says.

The assumption that haunts hot video Shakira

Since last year, a former employee claims to have a home security material in whichColombia has relationships with Gerard Pique. The couple denied on more than one occasion but the man insists and, out of spite, would have begun to spread the first images.
A few days ago, circulates in the Web link that promises to take the user directly to the video course. While the material never download, the link had more than a million "shared" on social networks.
At the time, the magazine 'Interviu' revealed that former employee would have ordered more than 250 thousand euros to keep hidden video but before the rejection of the couple, the material began to circulate. They would last about 15 minutes, which would have been recorded with a cell phone and that he would see Shakira in oral sex to your partner.
The issue would already be in the hands of lawyers.