Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pato, love booming

The former AC Milan striker enjoys a little 'relaxing by the pool with his girlfriend Sophia.

Pato, love booming - Former AC Milan striker enjoys a little 'relaxing by the pool with his girlfriend Sophia.
The air in the house Milan is getting heavier and him, that he's out of the way just in time, she enjoys relaxing in another continent. 

Alexandre Pato, the former boyfriend of Barbara Berlusconi, is happy with his new girlfriend Sophia 'Pingo' Mattar, also a daughter of a prominent businessman.The love between the VIPs now, you know, passes only through social networks, and in this case chosen was 'Instagram', where the young Brazilian posted a photo of the two embraced in a beautiful pool. 

"The seat mile, the best company," said tenderly twenty-one, who is attending the Corinthians striker by the end of August. 

Nightclub in Curitiba prepares to receive Adriano 'Emperor'

The Wood's club innovated in their new ad. Given the arrival of Adriano 'Emperor' to Curitiba, after adjusting for readquir physical form on the premises Atl├ętico-PR, the house used in the mood to open the doors of your property for the next festival player.

Vanessa: "Marriage with Puyol? Everything will come ... "

Vanessa Lorenzo, Puyol's girlfriend, is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy and in a ceremony he attended on Wednesday said they expect small "is the most beautiful gift that brings us this new year." The model added that "when one goes for a child, you wish, and it is with the right person, there is nothing to fear."
As the birth approaches Carles and Vanessa van finalizing all the details. "I prepared baby things by halves. I'm on it. I have covered you need for the first few weeks. And the room is a super cool process because I love the design. I'm doing it with a cabinetmaker and try to enjoy the creative part of this process, "he said.
The model Puyol expected to attend the birth and explains the central fault no preparation courses. "We rely on everything and that too," he says. He added that "I am taking it very well. I practice a lot of yoga and that is helping me out a terrific pregnancy. "
Vanessa is dying to be a mom. "Confronting parenthood itself first gives respect, but the illusion does it all. There are mixed feelings, enthusiasm, fear. "
Still have not decided the name of the girl. "Until we see his face, his name not decide. I think it's nice to have your own personality and your own name and not follow the family. "
Did not much depth about how he met Carles Puyol. "They are private things. We have friends in common and it was a connection, an intuition ... something much more real. Wedding?? All come.For now let's focus on the present. But I think that building a home and family is one of the nicest things to do in life, "he said.