Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mauro Icardi returned! He devoted a special message and his words to 'those who write bullshit'

Mauro Icardi
After a week of absence from the social network grapevine Mauro Icardi again, the young man who lives an affair with Wanda Nara. Inter's player wrote in a special message to 140 characters for "the most important person in his life" and fired all

"Rafael was cheating with Nikkie Plessen in Vegas'

After Sylvie Meis already admitted to have gone with a pilot strange , it seems, according to De Telegraaf that Rafael van der Vaart has shared. sheets with another The footballer would have gone with actress Nikkie Plessen strange.
Sources close to the couple indicate that Sylvie is not the only culprit for the failed marriage. "They are now being blamed for everything. But that's not right.Rafael has equally let go with someone who moreover flatly dare to deny it. "

Intimate contact
Rafael was just after he married again in 2011 with Sylvie in Las Vegas during a wedding feast stylist Danie Bles the 28-year-old Nikkie Plessen bump walked. While Sylvie was in bed first, tentative intimate contact between Rafael and Nikkie was recorded by security cameras in the garden of the hotel where they stayed.

The entire group of friends of the set of that event would be aware . Also Sylvie, says the source. "Of course. She's not crazy! Really everyone knew it. It was the rest of the wedding is also the call. But I think Sylvie felt guilty about her cheating and it did not let go. "But why

Cris Andrade, she is the most beautiful 2013. Do you agree?

Cris Andrade, uma bomba nos estádios de futebol do Brasil (foto D.R.)
Is decided. Cris Andrade is the most beautiful of all adept Brazilian clubs in 2013. Voting ended yesterday with the model, fervent adept of São Paulo, to take the trophy home. The beautiful brunette Itamonte, 25 years old, 1.57 meters, 99 cm and hip 61 cm waist, got the better of a list of 40 candidates. The event held since 2006 by Globo Esporte Cris Andrade highlighted so that immediately made ​​a point to celebrate the social networks among their admirers. 
The model that has come to act as an actress in some papers the Globe, is to see your dream become champion in São Paulo Morumbi. Rogério Ceni, one of the references of the club, is the idol of the Brazilian who had the high point (with the presence of Christ in the stands Andrade) to 100 of the Brazilian goal keeper before the Corinthians. 
Now, formalized this distinction, it is time to enjoy all the qualities of this new Musa Brasileirão, preparing to give the face a lot of promotion to Brazilian football campaigns.

Fernando Verdasco: "I found it difficult to conquer Ana"

For the first time since they began their relationship, Fernando Verdasco Ana Boyer talked about."It was hard to conquer," the tennis player during a party Moët Chandon champagne brand which is ambassador.
"She is very affectionate, I'm very happy," added the player, who was also asked by the mother of his girlfriend. "Isabel met her at a concert Enrique Iglesias offered last year at the Sports Palace in Madrid. Only speak two words, "said Verdasco on Preysler, who recently had very kind words to him and described as" charming ".
The player did not elaborate on their relationship after the recent trip he took with Ana Mexican Caribbean. They spent a few days off in Cancun, staying in a luxury hotel.

The sexy calendar Oxford rugby team

Sometimes copying is not bad. That's what made the girls rugby team of Oxford, who have decided to imitate their male team mates and also pose nude for a calendar next year.
Little is left to the imagination in some pictures that will delight devotees or not sport oval ball. With just socks and sneakers, girls have posed as Oxford came into the world in various parts of the campus and his only complaint was the prevailing low temperatures.
"It was very cold, but worth it for a noble cause." The calendar, titled 'Back youself' and is intended to help finance the men's team, has been a success and its protagonists not think it's tacky. "" What we are doing is to celebrate the strength of women, "said one. "We are athletic women celebrating their bodies." We also ...

Victoria Beckham also makes journalist

The Beckhams are in the limelight and just another cover star is already giving a lot to talk about.It is neither more nor less than the first page of the French edition of the magazine 'Vogue', a cover that Victoria herself has helped elect publishing, acting as an editor of the French magazine.
The photo essay is accompanied by an interview in which both confess their marriage, which has lasted fourteen years has waxed and waned. "David and I have been through a lot together, we've had ups and downs, but we are very proud of each other," explains Victoria.
The singer and designer also said he was very proud of his four children and that "everything fits when you share things."

Xabi Alonso is already large family

Xabi Alonso can boast of a large family. The wife of Real Madrid midfielder, gave birth Monday to a baby girl, the third child of the couple. Emma, ​​so be called, joins Jon and Ane, 5 and 3 years, respectively.
Nagore Aramburu was itself which reported the happy news via Instagram. After delivery, the wife of Real Madrid posted a tender image, appearing with his hand grasping the newborn.
This is the first delivery of the 'Babyboom' white costumes. After Nagore, is expected to give birth to Sara Carbonero (end of year), Pilar Rubio and Ana Sofía, the wife of Pepe. Benzema also seems to be dad, but the striker has confirmed.

Weeping Sylvie hopes new 'great love'

Sylvie Meis was Sunday evening hosted by Günther Jauch his Menschen, Bilder program, Emotionen 2013, which looks back at various aspects of the past year. The host came to tell about her divorce from Rafael van der Vaart and it was not easy. Hair
© EPA.
Sylvie likened the past 12 months with a guerrilla war. "From all angles something happened," said Meis.Although the blonde during the recordings showed no tear, her watery eyes spoke volumes, according to Bild. "It was naive and gullible me to trust certain people."

The separation between Sylvie and Rafael is almost completed. When asked whether this is the last time that they may be officially named Van der Vaart she said in a trembling voice: "Yes, yes, indeed."

Meis might have erupted into another program. Crying right after stopping the cameras Fragments thereof were shown this morning Guten Morgen Deutschland. Showed how a crying Sylvie look at the camera and says, "I hope I have a great love may still experience ever."