Thursday, 28 November 2013

Wanda Nara devotes Mauro Icardi hot photo ...

Wanda Nara devotes Mauro Icardi hot photo ... Source: instagram
Undoubtedly, the story of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi increasingly surprising. Not even one month ago that the blonde model confessed that had separated from Maxi Lopez and photos has been done by the Inter Milan player , which have been uploaded to social networks by the Argentine striker.
However, once again there is news about one of the most controversial in recent times in the pink world couples. Turns out the sexy Wanda Nara has decided to devote a photograph of the hottest young Mauro Icardi, as we have seen in Instagram.
The former Maxi L√≥pez on Tuesday decided to raise the image that we showed at the top, where we can see it in an attitude of the most explosive and evocative without anything covering their upper arm beyond.And make no comment, said in photography her new boyfriend putting a simple "@ mauroicardi" next to the picture. Come on, everything seems to indicate that the lush Wanda Nara also sends his boy photos hot as it was formerly with Maxi Lopez ... Incredible hottie!
That said, now I feel like it may have a look at some of the hottest pictures Wanda Nara . Here's a little preview ... By the way, do not forget you follow us on Facebook and Twitter !
Wanda Nara, Maxi Lopez's wife. Source:

The Beckhams Debut 54 million home

The Beckhams Debut home of 54 million. Source:
After auctioned some of his belongings, David and Victoria Beckham already have new home. As you move, it is a new home located in the upscale neighborhood of Notting Hill (London), the price of which amounts to a total of 45 million pounds, or what is the same, 54 million euros.
Thus, Beckham left behind his incredible Beckingham Palace to settle in a new four-story home equipped with exclusive basement for your car collection. Anyway, the British press says that the couple carried out reforms worth six million euros for this ostentatious 'hut' count with a panic room, very well appointed bathrooms and even a beauty salon for fine Victoria Beckham.
However, the ground floor will feature a fitness center for the former footballer and can be exercised with a massage room and several rooms for service members, while the second floor will which occupy the four children of the marriage. Undoubtedly, the Beckham family lives ... luxury.