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"Pilot with whom Sylvie cheating is vulgar blackmailer '

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Sylvie Meis nowadays probably think three times before they decide to share with a man, the bed because her lovers have hitherto rather indiscreet. The presenter known today in the latest edition of the magazine Private she was having an affair during her marriage to Rafael van der Vaart with a pilot, because the aviator threatened to make the story. world know about their affair
Sylvie fell shortly after she was declared cancer to the charms of the airline employee. Cure She tells the magazine how she was uncertain at the time and how scared she was that Rafael would go there with another because of her illness. AwayShe ended up in bed with the pilot because she sought confirmation that she was still a beautiful woman. Her footballing husband discovered on New Year's Eve 2010 via emails from Sylvie that she cheated, but the pair managed to talk to save the marriage. Many Her pilot changed according Private journalist Evert Santegoeds in an intrusive stalker and even a vulgar blackmailer. He would have threatened to tell his story.

It is not the first man Sylvie captured and then clapped from the school. Three months ago, did Guillaume Zarka an open book about his romance with the Netherlandish. Although less shocking than the pilot, because this relationship only came after the break between Rafael and Sylvie became known, it must have been to read in a magazine. Intimate details back no fun for the former football wife The Frenchman told how he Sylvie along with former best friend Sabia met in Paris and was already after two minutes with her in bed. He said he did not even know her name at that time. For four months, the two were a couple, but very positive Guillaume left after the break is not over his ex ."Sylvie is empty and lonely," he said in Closer.

Sex Affair
If Christian Polanc as his ex claims had sex with Sylvie , he is the only known lover until now that keeping his lips tightly together. The ex-girlfriend of the dancer said in September that Christian and Sylvie had a sexual affair when they danced together in the TV show Let's Dance. To the outside world, Sylvie and Rafael were still happily married. The dancer himself responded in Bild, saying: "I have nothing to say about this." He denied nor confirmed that something happened between him and Sylvie.

Sabia, who conquered Rafael after her best friend of his divorced, told the same month that they are "disloyal" Sylvie often an alibi had anticipated. "The list is long Sylvie's affairs," she said at the time to Bild. The question now is what lover - if there really is more - even more willing to share his experiences with the sensual Sylvie.

Sylvie cheated Rafael KLM pilot

Sylvie Meis earlier this month in Berlin. 
Sylvie Meis has her future ex-husband Rafael van der Vaart during their relationship deceived cheat with a KLM pilot. She confessed the extramarital affair this week in the German magazine Closer.
Before I really saw it, we were in a hotel and it happened.
Sylvie Meis
Rafael van der Vaart and son Damian. © Reuters.
The German newspaper Bild on its website already gives an insight into the story. The affair would have developed when Meis recovered from cancer and felt insecure about her body. During the second half of 2010

Listening ear
During several flights she met the KLM pilot, V. Balazs, callsign Bali. "All I needed was a listening ear and someone who could understand my fear," said Meis. They would then also inform each other of the talks with the pilot. Van der Vaart

After the conversation had taken on a more intimate character and the two had agreed to have dinner together, "came from one to another," says Meis in Closer. "Before I really realized it, we were in a hotel and it happened." She also says: "He promised that he would free me from my fears. I said I only have sex with another man might come if I was really so repulsive as I thought. 'Behind

Second chance
The affair lasted three months, according to Meis. New Year's Eve 2010 discovered Van der Vaart what had happened. This was followed by hour-long talks and the two decided a second chance to give their marriage.

The marriage between Meis and Van der Vaart is formally dissolved next week.Meis said to have wanted to explain to his speculations. For her slip in an interview The Bild article contains a picture of the KLM pilot.

Sabia: I'm not getting married pregnant

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Sabia would love to marry Rafael van der Vaart, but January 2, 2014 is definitely not the wedding. Story Sabia says she officially the wife of footballer wants to be. Together after the birth of their first child "I would never marry pregnant."
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Although it was rumored that each would give the yes the two early January, the love couple according Sabia now other priorities. "We have enough problems to deal with pregnancy and the potential risk," she says. She is referring to the two previous miscarriages she had, so she is now in hospital under close observation. "The most important thing is that I first healthy world bring this child."

It seems, however, that after the arrival of the baby love, which is expected in April, Sabia not wait long to pick out a wedding dress. "I would love to give each other.'s Yes'

Earlier this week Sabia told Bild that she and Rafael have a daughter. The girlfriend of football player already has three children, one daughter (3) and son (2) Rafael Orange colleague Khalid Bouhlarouz. Rafael has a son from his marriage with Sylvie Meis, Damián (7).

Blatter exchange Camila Pitanga by Fernanda Lima

Camila Pitanga e Fernanda Lima (foto D.R.)

It's one more story to add to the curriculum controversy Cup, this time around the choice of presenters draw for the group stage of the World Cup 2014 to be held on December 6, in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, which involves two the most beautiful women in the country responsible for the event. 
It all started when Globo, TV network responsible for transmitting the draw, suggested the name of the famous actress Camila Pitanga (left) and fellow Lázaro Ramos for the presentation of the event. The choice could not be more appropriate, this being one of the most beloved pairs of Brazil. However, the surprise came after FIFA had rejected this suggestion. 
According to the Brazilian magazine Veja, the body chaired by Joseph Blatter has retained before the actress Fernanda Lima (right) and her husband Rodrigo Hilbert, another couple country feel to the place of Camila and Lazarus. Immediately appeared criticism from the press and the Brazilian internet user community, questioning whether such an exchange should not be racial issues. 
Polemics aside, it is certain that the conduct of the ceremony will be delivered to one of the sexiest women in Brazil. The photos prove so. 

Ronaldo and ... phenomenon of Brazilian beauty

Ronaldo e Jakelyne Oliveira estiveram juntos recentemente (foto D.R.)

Jakelyne de Oliveira Silva is a Brazilian model who became known after winning the Miss Brazil in 2013 representing the state where he was born and grew up, Mato Grosso. Also recently became a proud fifth in the Miss Universe in an election that has generated some controversy because he was leaving as a leading candidate to victory. 
Jakelyne is a collector of titles beauty to the point of calling him one ... phenomenon of beauty.The name, incidentally, attracted the attention of another phenomenon, this World Soccer, his name Ronaldo. The former international is a fan of this model that was born on January 20, 1993 in the city of Rondonópolis. 
You are taking a course in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering at the Federal University of Mato Grosso. Ended, however, by entering the fashion world at age 15 when the photographer Valter Arantes invited her to do some work. 
In good time, tell-it. What say Ronaldo, who recently used social networks to compliment the beautiful brunette. 'Me and Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira. Much beauty joins' joked the former Brazilian star in your Twitter profile. 

Eliana boasts 'bumbum'

Eliana Amaral, ranked second in the 2013 Miss Bumbum contest boasts rear in a report published in the magazine 'Sexy'. However, its appearance in the December issue of the Brazilian magazine has more to say on speculation that has caused by its sinuous curves ...
And, as you recall, just before the grand finale of the contest for a couple of years ago elects the best ass in Brazil, some participants reported a possible match-fixing. Among them, the winner herself, Dai Macedo, who said the three winning were already decided in advance. To his surprise, he was chosen and she had to stop.
Who did not, however, was the Leo Dias, the newspaper 'O The Day' reporter, who had not only ensured that Eliana Amaral would be the winner but it would have already agreed the interview with the magazine Sexy, part of award winner. Now, with the appearance of the photo essay, their suspicions appear to be confirmed and are reborn doubts about the reputation of the prize.
In any case, what seems clear is that the 'vice Miss Bumbum' follows in the footsteps of his predecerora and 'Vice Miss Bumbum' in last year's edition, Andressa Urach. Despite not winning, she also posed nude in magazine Sexy . Now the Brazilian press wonders if, in addition to several strip, Eliana will also participate in a reality show or say that is wrapped with a top futblista, as was the case with Andressa, who claims to have slept with Christian , which made ​​him denounced by the player.

Beckham: 54 kilos mansion with secret tunnel

The Beckham now has a new home. It took them no less than 45 million pounds, about 54 euros. A reasonable price for a 'hut' located in the upscale neighborhood of Notting Hill (London), which has four floors and a basement with parking for the fleet of family cars.
The mansion, located near the new school of the children of the marriage. need reforms that will cost additional six million to build a panic room, a beauty salon for Victoria, a stay to accommodate designer shoes, several bathrooms with waterproof and music TVs everywhere.
Beckham also go the second floor of your house to her four children, who will each have a bedroom with bathroom suite. Downstairs, according to The Sun has revealed there will be a gym, a small studio, a massage room and three rooms for the service you can access the property through a secret tunnel. This passage communicate the Beckham's mansion with a second home for your employees will leave when they finish their workday.
The Beckhams have just shed their previous residence, popularly known as Beckingham Palace, by fourteen million depues have invested over 21 years in reforms.

Karim Benzema: Marry the penalty?


The French media have made a few days by giving the news that Karim Benzema will dad next March and to be married by penalties throughout the next year. For those of you who are familiar, we say that the mother of the alleged daughter of Madrid striker is not the actress and reality TV contestant, Manon Marsault to the magazines noted that the French conquest last few weeks as Madrid striker ago.
According to 'Public', it would be Chloe, a French 24-year old with Karim maintains a stormy relationship since 2010. The numerous sex scandals Benzema in process by maintaining relationships with underage prostitute , or the recent indictment of a Belgian transvestite ensuring that he had paid 8,000 euros for their sexual services, have been the reason for the series of breakups and reconciliations partner.
Now, going through a moment calmer your relationship and it seems that Madrid is ready to settle down, although in recent weeks was associated with Sarah, a participant of the reality fashion 'Nrj 12 generation model', with which he would have traveled to Sardinia.
In any case, the French press has also advanced that Benzema's first child would be a girl. Time will tell ...

Shakira: "Piqué makes me feel very loved"

Shakira: "Piqué makes me feel very loved." Source:
Undoubtedly, rumors about a possible rift between Shakira and Gerard Pique have been simple story following the recent developments and the latest statements from the singer, who recently said that the footballer and his son were the main reasons "to smile" .
Well, if there was any doubt, the beautiful Shakira has again spoken publicly about her relationship with Gerard Pique and stressed once again that going great. "It gives me much joy, so much love;! Makes me feel very loved, which is what I always wanted, I always dreamed ... And finally," he confessed in an interview with People magazine, in which he also reiterated who wants to have another child with Barca player.
Also, even Shakira own stressed that the figure of Gerard Piqué has greatly influenced his latest album."In my new album there are songs with great feeling that reflect the love and all that Gerard has brought to my life. Basically talks about this, which to me means true love "he noted artist

Iker Casillas is looking forward to the arrival of his son

Iker Casillas is looking forward to the arrival of his son. Source: instagram
Undoubtedly, it appears that Iker Casillas is beginning to lose their fear of expressing their feelings in public. A few days ago in an act that ensured Sara Carbonero had helped him to "grow as a person" , the goalkeeper of Real Madrid still has revived sample of what is inside. And in this case, Móstoles uploaded a picture to his personal account in Instagram account that pays the desire to have your child comes into the world.
This time, Iker Casillas has hung a picture in which you can see blue and white booties with that dress probably his son when he is born. And with this image, goalkeeper Madrid and the Spanish national team has included the hashtag # waiting, meaning he's eager to see his face who will be their first child.However, remember that is just over a month to leave Sara Carbonero accounts, and are expected to give birth in late December or even early January.
Furthermore Barca and key, Shakira has posted a photo on his personal Twitter account where you can see the little Piqué Milan playing in the garden of the house with her and Gerard Piqué in the Pyrenees.Along with the image, the singer has written: "Daddy is not the only one who is concentrated, too! (In the Pyrenees!) ", Put the artist in reference to the absence of the Barca defender, who was concentrating these days in Amsterdam to play the match against Ajax.
Iker Casillas is looking forward to the arrival of his son. Source: twitter