Monday, 25 November 2013

Was Neymar tricked by Bruna?

Trouble for Neymar? His girlfriend is to have a fling in the home with a work colleague.

Brasil Miracle Kicker Neymar (21) could pretty much have any woman in the world. His heart belongs to but the soap actress Bruna Marquezine. With it, he performs a long-distance relationship: The Barca superstar lives in Spain - they in Brazil, because of their television career.
Well worry rumors for excitement. According to the 18-year-old Bruna have cheated their favorite with a work colleague during filming. Explosive: The intentioned
Arturo Aguiar is in a relationship with actress Giovanna Lancellotti, who stars in the same television series. Logically, that the mood on the set was modest.
All reported a Brazilian journalist of the TV station R7. Not true, claiming Bruna's mother: She called Neymar and told him that he should not believe the rumor. (Sau)

Angry Bartina Ronald Koeman takes on

Ronald Koeman and Bartina. © Reuters.
Bartina Koeman has included her husband Ronald. In a tweet, the wife of the coach of Feyenoord supporters condemns comments made ​​after the humiliating defeat against RKC (1-0).
Recommended as an angry fan today in AD Sportwereld to agree 'nice with a baseball bat to go. players locker room'

"It's never good!! Or my husband is too strict .. and now he needs a bat through the locker room! "Twittered again as the evil Bartina.

Incidentally, also published some of the fanatical supporters today anopen letter to the players. In it she denounced especially the non-performance of the players:

A portion of the letter:

"You do not know firmly what it is like on Monday to go after another breach of you again, that derisive colleagues who ask how many internationals walk around at Feyenoord and how to RKC, and on Sunday night, not to mention, back to work No studio sport, no studio football, not 90 minutes as Feyenoord is again the laughing stock of the weekend, and that hurts a lot of pain, but you do not feel pain because clubs do not love. know you Sometimes we have the feeling that you are doing is for that nice car that kick and watch that nice model and a very fat bank account, no more and no less. "

Feyenoord is currently seventh in the Premier League. The Rotterdam have six points less than leader Vitesse.

The most sensuous and provocative dance of Fanny Neguesha

The most sensuous and provocative dance of Fanny Neguesha. Source:
Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli's girlfriend proved months ago that the dance was given great since circulated on the Internet a video in which she could be seen dancing in the street hip hop with impressive ease. In fact, even became a viral phenomenon when she started dating footballer Milan.
Well, it turns sensual Neguesha Fanny has returned to star in a new clip of the most sensual dance ... in the kitchen of her house! As you can see in the video that we leave then, the girl striker 'rossoner0' moves in a very suggestive and provocative way with her friends.
Now it remains to be seen if Mario Balotelli himself says something. Recall that Neguesha Fanny confessed earlier this year that the Italian striker was a very jealous man, so you may well have not taken the dissemination of these images ...

Wanda Nara ... Mauro Icardi pregnant?

Wanda Nara ... Mauro Icardi pregnant? Source:
The love story between Mauro Icardi and recently separated Wanda Nara is getting more interesting. And there are succulent news about the most controversial couple in the world of sport pink. First, we have been able to appreciate a new conversation on Twitter in which the player model and make it clear that soon could move in together.
It all started with a message of self Wanda Nara. It said: "Milan Baires" what Mauro Icardi replied: "Beautiful Milan". However, she asked for a little longer. "Will you wait?" She said. And he replied: "Obviously, you know where you". She replied in the following words: "When and where". And he returned the tweet confessing that "in no time and ya know where # quindicina (15 days) sale". And after implying that soon will be in Milan, the player sent him a dedication of love to his girl: "I love you", she said, as she replied with a terse: "And y0".
But that's not all. The latest rumors coming from Argentina even glimpse the explosive Wanda Nara would be expecting a baby Mauro Icardi own, although the model denied this information in an interview to a television Argentina. And to top it off, now has it started to spread that the former girlfriend of Mauro Icardi would have access to the blonde to tell who had a crush on her, although she has denied via Twitter: "I never called anyone, much less to tell him that. With this I want to clarify that I do not know where that info comes out, but is false ", to which he added:" Everyone talks about it ... but no one knows what we go the other because we do not publish our life out there ... " .
Wanda Nara reheated Twitter with your photos ... Source: twitter
Wanda Nara

The other front of Naples

No doubt that the fans of Naples is one of the most passionate in the world, but certainly also the one with the largest number of willing to teach all or most of the club he loves models.
Three of the most famous 'tifosas' Neapolitan team have agreed to star, separately, a calendar for 2014. Now you can see a progression of Raffaella Fico , Balotelli's ex-girlfriend, and also fromAnna Fusco , entitled the 'angel azzurro', now it's time for the present the spectacular Marika Fruscio.
Standard on sports talk shows of Italian television, where he confessed his weakness for Higuaín , the Frusco is also known as other front of Naples for reasons that are obvious ...
The renowned photographer Bruno Oliviero, as he explains, wanted to present it as the prototype of modern, sensual and capable woman, who has a calendar titled 'il cielo in una stanza "(the sky in a room).

After defeat to Flamengo, Duck stretching stay in Rio with his girlfriend

After the defeat by Corinthians 1-0 Flamengo before, in Macaranã, Alexandre Pato took the opportunity to enjoy the last bit of Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. The acatante the helm was a churrascaria in Ipanema with his girlfriend Sophia. Duck and Sophia appeared in a photo next to the event promoter David Brazil, who posted the picture on his Instagram profile to.

Musa tennis exhibits good way to test sensuous calendar

The Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova attended a rehearsal for his sexy calendar 2014. Aiming to help a hospital in Cambodia, which cares for orphaned children infected with HIV, the Muse will donate the entire amount collected on the sales of the calendar - which will cost approximately U.S. $ 24.99 -. "House of Smile" for the Hospital
"This initiative will help many children. This will help to raise even more money to improve the health and education of children and do many other things that need to be done there, "Daniel said in a statement to the WTA website.
Daniela Hantuchova2
Daniela Hantuchova1
"House of Smile"

Astros are present in Milan charity event

Milan held on the night of Wednesday another edition of his charity dinner and football greats Rossoneri were at a gala event. The night was special to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Fondazione Milan, an organization linked to the club, and fell to Barbara Berlusconi the opening speech of the event. Attended names like Allegri, Balotelli, Kaka coach and idol Filippo Inzaghi.
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Kaká with his wife, Carol Celico (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Niang, Birsa and Balotelli (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Niang, Birsa and Balotelli (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, with his wife (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, with his wife (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Caroline Winberg, proof that all is not bad in Sweden

Caroline Winberg (foto D.R.)

Sweden may well have lost the duel for access to the Brazil World next year, but continues to bill other fields, especially with regard to beauty. And it does not waste too much time looking at Caroline Winberg, 28, to conclude that the model has more requirements than enough to make you forget any footballing debacle of his country. Or were not also Caroline fervent adept of the sport. 
From an early age that the Swedish, which still sees itself as a tomboy, dreamed of becoming a professional player by AIK club in the region of Solna, north of Stockholm. As fate that this does not happen, or rather, that the young were discovered by a talent scout who convinced her to swap the lawns the catwalks. 
If women's soccer lost a star, we'll never know. What is certain is that Caroline has been one of the most requested models in recent years on the international circuit: veteran Victoria's Secret, gave face to several advertising campaigns for renowned brands such as Armani and Ralph Lauren, and still found time in his schedule to make a little leg in 7th Art in the movie Limitless(2011), along with feedback as actors Robert de Niro and Bradley Cooper. 
But as the first love never forgets, Caroline continues to follow closely each display his club AIK.And not only. For the Scandinavian model, a perfect night should include a visit to the Camp Nou to watch a match at Barcelona. "And then, maybe, get a beer," he confessed in an interview with Esquire magazine. Still was not convinced? 

Ronaldo and ... phenomenon of Brazilian beauty

Ronaldo e Jakelyne Oliveira estiveram juntos recentemente (foto D.R.)

Jakelyne de Oliveira Silva is a Brazilian model who became known after winning the Miss Brazil in 2013 representing the state where he was born and grew up, Mato Grosso. Also recently became a proud fifth in the Miss Universe in an election that has generated some controversy because he was leaving as a leading candidate to victory. 
Jakelyne is a collector of titles beauty to the point of calling him one ... phenomenon of beauty.The name, incidentally, attracted the attention of another phenomenon, this World Soccer, his name Ronaldo. The former international is a fan of this model that was born on January 20, 1993 in the city of Rondonópolis. 
You are taking a course in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering at the Federal University of Mato Grosso. Ended, however, by entering the fashion world at age 15 when the photographer Valter Arantes invited her to do some work. 
In good time, tell-it. What say Ronaldo, who recently used social networks to compliment the beautiful brunette. 'Me and Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira. Much beauty joins' joked the former Brazilian star in your Twitter profile. 

One year with Marika

The showgirl and commentator Neapolitan protagonist of a calendar with photos of the famous Bruno Oliviero..

One year with Marika - The showgirl and commentator Neapolitan protagonist of a calendar with photos of the famous Bruno Oliviero.
A year in the company of Marika Fruscio.

The Juno showgirl and commentator Neapolitan, as well as eleven great supporter of Naples, was the protagonist of a calendar with pictures from scattatele quotatissimo photographer Bruno Oliviero.
"You can only ask for it online. .. I preferred to do so that the usual business calendars made and sold at newsstands series attached to some magazine ... I find most beautiful and genuine ... send it autographed and personalized dedication for each copy, "he announced on his Facebook page the girl.
In recent days, the Hiss had said 'no' to Alex Magni, pornographic actor who had expressed'' s going to work with her.
"I have no intention of entering into a world that does not belong to me, I am such proposals have already been made and I've always refused. I do not care to do porn movies, I love football, I am competent and certain things I like to do them in extreme intimacy and privacy, "he wrote on his Facebook page the Neapolitan soubrette.
"My body attracts the world so much hard, but resign, I will never film red light and I will never go against my morals.'m Not sure Maria Goretti, but some things I prefer to develop them within the four walls, away from the eyes prying and especially away from the cameras, "added the Hiss.

Viva Zapata!

The beautiful Angela shows all her affection for Mexico.

Viva Zapata! - The beautiful Angela shows all her affection for Mexico.

Detached qualification for the World Cup in Brazil, Mexico celebrates. But, of course, also in Lima and its surroundings.
Angela Zapata, bursting (90-61-95 its measures) Peruvian model, has agreed to pose with the coat of green to the never dull book 'Diosa Depor' portal
Zapata is a widespread surname in Latin America, no relation of the beautiful girl with the attacker with Napoli and AC Milan defender: some suspect, however, that if there had been you instead of good Cristian area of ​​Genoa, on the occasion the last assault, the Rossoneri would bring home the 3 points.