Friday, 22 November 2013

Hulk Hogan in 2008 had suicidal

Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda. © AFP.
Hulk Hogan thought seriously about suicide in a short time when his marriage ended in 2008, his son in jail and ended his TV show was canceled. Revealed that the former wrestler against talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
According to the 60-year-old Hogan's break with his wife Linda, with whom he was married for 24 years, was only the beginning of a terrible year. A few weeks later caused his son Nick a serious car accident in which his friend John Graziano was seriously injured. Before Nick turned eight months in jail.

The final blow came when Hogan as his reality show Hogan Knows Best was subsequently removed. Of the tube He tells us to Oprah: "Everything went suddenly very fast downhill When subsequently the show was stopped, threw my whole life.".

Black hole

He continues: "I came into a black hole right and began to drink heavily Everything went wrong and I could not deal with it at one time was so bad that I thought about it to my life, I make an end... thought it might be. "the easiest solution

A meeting with a group of fans during a miserable New Year's Eve in Miami made him realize however that he had enough to live. "During that night I realized that I no longer tegenkon. I had enough to be miserable. Sorry, I straightened my back and look, I'm still here."

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, remarried in 2010 with Jennifer McDaniel.

"Rafael and Sabia marry early January '

Sabia and Rafael, according to some German sources steps in January the knot. © Bruno.
It is next month a year ago on New Year's Eve Sylvie tweeted a photo of her - then - husband Rafael and her best friend Sabia. In the year that followed changed everything: Sylvie and Rafael draw on the fourth of December the divorce papers, the footballer and Sabia are said to bepregnant with a daughter and he would like to marry Sabia early next year.
Sylvie does not want Damian under the separation suffers. © bruno.
From four December, Sylvie van der Vaart go through life as Sylvie Meis.The date of separation is Bild today.Sylvie would get about 5 million. They share custody of their son Damian.

We both love our son dearly . We want him to suffer in any way under the divorce, he has us both for himself, his great father and me as his mother, "said Sylvie against Bild.

"Marriage and daughter '
With the prospect of Rafael van der Vaart soon be a free man, even running the rumor mill about a marriage between the player and his Sabia at full speed in Germany.According to Closer magazine, the Dutch international plan to marry. Sabia on 2 January

Also showed a source yesterday to know the magazine that the couple would get. A daughter "After a visit to the gynecologist told the two to the parents of Rafael during a dinner at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam.Damian was there too, he then told it to Sylvie, "he says. The baby news was yesterday treated Late Show .