Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sabia surprised parents Rafael framed echo

The parents of Rafael reacted emotionally when Rafael and Sabia made ​​known to them that they were a little girl. The footballer and his love brought the news in the Amsterdam Okura Hotel at a dinner party.
It reports Privé. Sabia Engizek surprised her parents in addition to a gift, a framed picture of the first ultrasound.

Sylvie had to hear the news of her son Damian, who also brought her pregnancy informed. According editor Evert Santegoeds the torn relationship between Sylvie and Sabia will never get well. He expects that Rafael and Sylvie will have after the divorce on December 4. Normally contact again

Icardi fulfilled Mirá the car you have bought Wanda

    The social network of the bird became the communication channel of the lovebirds. EarlyMauro wrote: "@ wanditanara is vienee, 🚘 (car) .... vienee 👌?" And after a few hours, published the photo of the car that will be driven by Wanda.
    Love on wheels!

    Caramel!: "I believe in you and in this love"

    Karina y Kun
    Karina and Kun
    This love "Botineras" shows better every day, Karina "The Princesia" and Sergio Aguero express their love in 140 characters. Viva Love!

    Amid rumors, Wanda Nara said: 'I'm not pregnant'

    Wanda Nara was caught by the cameras of "Infama" while enjoying a stroll with their children by Temaikén. The model discussed in the middle of Mauro Icardi bleaching ofpregnancy rumors that the approach the player and added, "I'm in love with my children."
    Wanda Nara

    Alice Goodwin's topless, the bride of Pennant

    Alice Goodwin, Jermaine Pennant's girlfriend. Source:
    It is very likely that you know the name of Jermaine Pennant. Indeed, it is the player who today plays for Stoke City years ago and wore the shirt of Zaragoza. Today sum and 30 springs, so it is facing the twilight of his career in a second-or even third line. Anyway, the English played in the Champions of love, because today maintains a tremendous romance with Alice Goodwin.
    After having had an affair with other monuments such as Amii Grove and Jennifer Metcalfe, Pennant is currently dating this hottie. In fact, some British media say that this hot brunette have achieved that the player left to the mother of his child (Lara Murphy) to be with this amazing model in early 2011.
    Note that the sum lush Alice Goodwin today 27 springs and posed for some of the most prestigious magazines for men on the planet, such as Nuts, Maxim and Zoo and even newspapers like The Sun or the Daily Star Also, remember that he has also signed various TV appearances for several years.However, we leave you now with some of your best pictures and some pictures of your last session ... WHAT enjoy!

    The commander dominatrix

    Do not go to extremes of provocative par excellence, Miley Cyrus, but the truth is that it appears that Irina Shayk wants to make the competition. And the challenge has become the common denominator of their last perched.
    From the innocence of bikinis for Sports Illustrated reports we have moved to high voltage. The Russian top network inflamed the lens of Sebastian Faena for the magazine 'V Magazine' , with a bold topless trial and has now become a dominatrix for the magazine perfect Hollywood '7 '.
    In the latter work, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo appears wilder than ever, in a production in which sports models fit perfectly in the upcoming movie about the controversial book 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.
    Provocative and aggressive, Irina embodies, with their tiny black PVC clothing, to a dominatrix ready to 'bondage' and 'bdsm' own sexual practices of sadomasochism smooth. We'll see what he says about his commander and boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo.