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'Bad boy' Bernard Tomic put the flowers outside


Bernard Tomic is still only 21 years old and already the Croatian Australian become one of the most controversial tennis players of this century.
Thus Tomic looks on a tennis court. © epa.
That will not improve after its passage in the SinCity, a famous nightclub in Surfers Paradise on the Australian Gold Coast. Tomic dropped there in his bare torso and eagerly expanded pampered by a very scantily clad ladies. It will be the reputation Tomic do not virtue, though the 'bad boy' of Australian tennis sausage being.

Win against Djokovic
Earlier this season, Djokovic defeated Tomic even at the Hopman Cup in Perth and then he won his first ATP tournament in Sydney. Then his short temper once again appeared and also escalated the problems with hisfather and his performance went steeply downhill. Tomic is again slipped to 51th place in the ATP ranking. The run-up to the next tennis season does not seem to run smoothly.
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The histeriqueo 2.0 between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: 'Nothing to hide'

    Wanda Nara y Mauro Icardi
    Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
     Wanda Nara is gaining attention for its message exchange with Mauro Icardi, the young Inter player who won the model.
    After Wanda decided to respond to tweets as Mauro, the player threw a message that says it lacks little to see someone special, you will have to do with the model?. In addition, she gave him a photo on his Twitter account.

    It also decided to 'tattoo' the name of Wanda!

    Mariano De La Canal
    Mariano De La Canal
    A media decided to show through social network parody tattoo who traveled the world, which he dedicated to Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi. Look who it is!
    Former fan of Wanda!, Mariano De La Canal.

    Promised to strip if France were refined and ... fulfilled

    Apresentadora cumpriu a promessa (foto D.R.)

    After France lost 0-2 with Ukraine in the first leg of the play-off, as many did not believe that the selection is guided by Didier Deschamps could verify for the World Cup in Brazil. 
    One such case was the presenter of the French Canal +, Doria Tillier, who promised to introduce meteorology naked if France would qualify. Despite the clearance have been controversial, Doria Tillier fulfilled the promise, and this Wednesday, presented the forecast meteorological ...naked.

    Wanda uncovered

    The Argentine, fresh parting with Maxi Lopez, it exchanges messages with the amorous striker on twitter.

    Wanda uncovered - The Argentine fresh parting with Maxi Lopez, loving messages are exchanged with the striker on twitter.

    Wanda Nara comes out. The blonde Argentine attacker Maxi Lopez Fresh separation, dedicates some chirping love to Mauro Icardi, Maxi colleague who was also the companion of changing only a few months ago, at Sampdoria. 

    Everything begins when the public Inter striker on his twitter profile video of a romantic song called "Tan only you" (so only you). "Bella, for who he is?", The answer to Wanda. "For you, my love," he insists Icard. "My heart is in your hands ... Watch out," says the now Mrs. Lopez. 

    Here are some hearts easy to interpret. "I hope that you do not erase the tattoo when you get wet," another 'tweet' Wanda (Icard was in fact the woman's name tattooed on his forearm). So much for 'confidant and friend' of which he had spoken only a few days ago. "Maybe they hacked the account, I can not believe it," had in fact told Radio La Red after Icard, for one, had expressed their love all over the web. Also attracting criticism from some former colleague and friend, as Gonzalo Bergessio. 

    But the departure of the Nerazzurri to Buenos Aires had raised more than a doubt.And the exchanges of telematics effusions between the two have turned those doubts into certainties. 

    Balo: "Do not make me be normal"

    "I can not do what my peers, but I will not change character.'m Not going away, I'm happy at Milan and I just think to Genoa."

    Balo: Do ​​not make me be normal - I can not do what my peers, but I will not change character. I'm not leaving, I'm happy at Milan and I just think to Genoa.

    Mario Balotelli chooses the gala for the tenth anniversary of the Milan Foundation to vent to the microphones of 'Sky Sports'.
    "I do not allow it to be normal - he blurts out the Milan striker -. In an environment like this I can not do what the boys of my age. But this does not intend to change my character."
    "I have many eyes on them - continues 'SuperMario' - but I do not care. They are much more peaceful and serene than a few years ago. Did not sign with 4-5 games, when an attacker does not mark it seems everything is bad, but not always the case. The goal will come soon. "
    Finished in the eye of the storm in recent times for some performance below expectations, Balotelli decides to silence the bud rumors of a possible departure."I do not look to the future, my only thoughts are on the match against Genoa, I want to make a good game and help my team-mates to win.'m Happy to be at Milan, I do not think either in January or in June."
    A final word on his talk crest, recently cut: "They've all done, so I took off me."

    And the playmate said 'I do'

    Ricardo Montolivo soon enter the married club. Milan captain and his girlfriend, Cristina De Pin, they promised a few days ago and very romantic.
    The relationship between the player with the Playboy exconejita lasted five years and living together for three. Montolivo himself tells Vanity Fair how the marriage proposal passed. "I took her to dinner at a castle and there I made the fateful request with the ring in hand: Will you marry me?".
    Cristina's yes, with tears in his eyes, came quickly. No date for the wedding, but Montolivo the search earlier this year, when his football commitments allow. He would like to start a family.
    And, as has the Rossoneri, theirs was love at first sight. "It was a crush. After our first date together, I thought, is the ideal woman. I have never stopped believing. " She however, had prejudices about the players. However, he changed to meet Ricardo in depth. The midfielder won the heart of the model and presenter.

    Alonso and encouraged Dasha LeBron James in Miami


    While waiting for the last race of the year at Interlagos, Fernando Alonso has taken a few days of rest and flew to Miami with his girlfriend, to encourage the Miami Heat.
    The Ferrari driver was present in the stands of the 'American Airlines Arena' to witness the match between the Florida franchise and Atalanta Hawks. Although winning was not present at the premises, however, the best of the star, LeBron James, who scored their worst of the season with just eight points.
    Both Fernando and hung on his Instagram Dasha some photos of their attendance. "Yesterday I saw my first basketball game from the stands. Unforgettable and great emotions! Miami Team 6 "wrote the Russian model next to a picture of himself, dressed in the team uniform.
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    Ricksen, terminal illness evening of sex with Price

    Katie Price, uma supermodelo britânica (foto D.R.)

    Fernando Ricksen shocked the world when he announced, a Dutch television that doctors gave him no more than five years. Former defense of Glasgow Rangers (2000-2006) and Zenit (2006-2009) suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that, for example has claimed the life while also footballer Stefano Borgonovo. 
    This revelation comes at the launch of a memoir by former player. An edition poignant, filled with many stories, including one that stands out was not public knowledge. We speak of an alleged night of sex he had with Katie Price, a British supermodel, one of the most publicized faces in fashion. 
    A relationship, however, was contradicted by his own, he used social networks to comment on this subject: "Fernando is a beautiful man and is devastating to know the health problems you have. We spent a great evening together a few years ago but there was no sex, "reads a message left on twitter Model. 
    According Ricksen, he will have hired some strippers for a private party, in which Katie showed up with a friend. "It was one of those things that happen once in a lifetime and never forget," said Fernando Ricksen. 
    A story only confirmed by the Dutch ... And now? Which is it? 

    A pregnancy course the controversial separation lights Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez

      Wanda Nara y su separación
      Wanda Nara and separation
      This story seems endless once more Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez in the center of the news. There are strong rumors that the third wheel, Jessica Vella, one Italian model, might be pregnant.
      The young model of 22 years, is designated as the Maxi alleged mistress, and who have a relationship a few months ago.
      In "Relentless" Latorre revealed Yanina had a conversation with her ​​friend Wanda Nara, who would have told him that his ears llegron from a reliable source the pregnancy course Maxi lover. However, the player would have denied everything.

      Wanda Nara confesses: 'I would not think of Mauro. I do not want to give anyone back my heart and break me '

      Wanda Nara
      Wanda Nara
      Wanda Nara Marina Calabro spoke via cell phone messages, in which he referred to therelationship with Mauro Icardi, after Inter player visit Argentina.
      "If I could speak, no one can imagine that I passed, only family and friends know it.'m Choking, anguished, yet I have to be strong enough because he is not the father of my children, even to give them a ride" said Wanda distressed.
      "I spend all day with my children including the night they say you spend with him, to talk to Maxi by little camera that night because the kids wanted to see."
      After the image was known tattoo l held Icardi, with the name "Wanda" the model said: I swear I do and did everything since she found out that I left. Maxi let me go despite many things that made me serious, more serious than I knew quizás.Siempre infidelity retain. In short, we live in a sexist amount. So I would not think of Mauro ".
      "Because it is now, I need distance. Then the fear of failure is to fail again, returning to suffer. Anyone not want to give back my heart and break me.'s Bad pass," he said.

      Casillas: "Sara Carbonero has given me peace of mind, I grew up next to him"

      Casillas: "Sara Carbonero has given me peace of mind, I grew up beside him." Source:
      Iker Casillas back last night at Soccer City, the stadium in which he became world champion with the Spanish team last July 11, 2010 and which starred one of the most romantic scenes in television history to kiss the beautiful Sara Carbonero during a live interview.
      Well, shortly before the start of the game against South Africa, Iker Casillas gave an interview to the newspaper El Pais and answered some questions about his private life. First, recalled how she took the criticism after the defeat in the first World Cup match against Switzerland (a defeat that came, as many media as a result of the presence of Sara Carbonero own foot field). "As you were, nonsense, absurdities to fill newspapers, bullshit. I did not understand, neither I nor anyone, but you know, sensationalism, "said the keeper.
      On the other hand, Real Madrid goalkeeper also said that his relationship with Sara Carbonero has made him mature a lot. "With Sara expect a child and has given me peace of mind, responsibility ... I dunno, from 26 to more than 31 change the 20 to the 25. And I've grown up side, "said Casillas. So, despite not going through its best professional, the truth is that Casillas is very satisfied in the personal.

      The worst side of Helen Flanagan ...

      The worst side of Helen Flanagan ... Source:
      Although in the professional sphere is getting out in the wake of their latest photo shoots the most ardent, the truth is that Helen Flanagan is not having a good time staff because throughout this year 2013 has been assaulted at home by robbers and has even broken his romance with footballer Scott Sinclair.
      As if all this were not enough, it seems that the beautiful Helen Flanagan has a new reason to mourn. It turns out that the Daily Mail published a photograph in which she can be seen in deplorable conditions.The blonde, who usually attend events pristine and flawless, is portrayed in the picture at its worst side.
      And so, after a hectic and crazy night out, the stunning Helen Flanagan car was left in the back of a taxi with a somewhat neglected and almost show all their charms in public, because her dress hinted of her feminine attributes. However, the thing was a simple story, but it is more than obvious that Scott Sinclair's ex did not show that night ... But its best not to end up with such bad taste, I leave you with an appearance in the video Gorgeous Baby, The Neo-Kalashnikovs ...

      That said, it is likely that you feel like checking out the latest topless that made ​​the tremendous Helen Flanagan, the owner of "perfect breasts" , according to her mass. Here you have a small step ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter !
      Helen Flanagan, very provocative in its calendar. Source:

      Montolivo marries the Bunny

      The AC Milan midfielder has asked the Del Pin girlfriend to marry him.

      Montolivo marries the Bunny - The AC Milan midfielder has asked the Del Pin girlfriend to marry him.

      After putting the captain's armband (AC Milan) in the arm, Riccardo Montolivo is also ready to put the ring on her finger. 

      Ring - a Solitario - with whom midfielder made his proposal in a big way during the five years of engagement, so convincing the beautiful Cristina Del Pin, former Playboy Playmate in zompare with him to the altar to get married . 

      "The story with Cristina was love at first sight - Montolivo told Vanity Fair -. We met at a dinner party, nothing planned. At the end of the evening I thought: 'It's the right woman.' And I never stopped believe it. But I have always gone along with my times.'m not one who is thrown, I prefer to enjoy things, without burning the stages. " 

      Not only the physical breathtaking to win Montolivo were other qualities of his companion. "Comprehensive, mature, aware. Gives me balance. Who makes the sports profession often looks for this: a girl who does not lead failure, but only certainties, a person who can tell you 'build together'. The tale we are. I always considered our perfect love story. But the castle helps. And then the prince did not try them all? Cristina is very romantic. wanted to surprise her. believe, I hope, I have succeeded. "