Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The blue heart of Francesca

The girlfriend of Berlusconi wants to deny to have changed teams.

The blue heart of Francesca - The girlfriend of Berlusconi wants to deny to have changed teams.
But what treason? The heart of Francesca Pascale, girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi, is still blue.
"He told me he wants to return to St. Paul when they come to play the Rossoneri to disprove what the newspapers wrote rejoice when they saw the Milan goal. She says she has not lost his passion for Napoli groupie, "he told the 'Corriere della Sera' Giusy Pascarella, a friend of the first lady of Arcore.
"Francesca is madly in love - assured the Pascarella -. And 'happy. Is never at home: go shopping, go to exhibitions, conferences. Now I said he wants to organize a lunch in Naples with friends forever. Dudu is the same as my little dog, which is called Minnie. There are two drops of water. "


Shakira et le petit Milan, le 17 novembre 2013Shakira, Gerard Piqué et le petit Milan, le 17 novembre 2013
Weekend in London with a small Milan and Gerard Pique dear, Shakira took the opportunity to post on his Instagram account of new photos of her beautiful and happy family ... she hopes to expand soon!
It was a few weeks we had no news of him, so we were already beginning to worry. After days and days of absence, which seemed like an eternity, Shakira has finally posted new photosof her adorable Milan . The pictures were taken in London, where the singer and his family spent the weekend. And the least we can say is that Milan, which will celebrate its first birthday in January next year , has grown! Hair longer and longer, the boy has definitely inherited her mother's smile. Filled more than ever in her role as mother, Shakira posted on herInstagram account a picture of little boy surrounded by his parents, one where he poses with his dad, footballer Gerard Pique , and a third shot where you can see Milan, smiling in the arms of the singer.
Happier than ever, Shakira recently told the Colombian magazine Alo his desire to expand her family. "We really want more children. It's just a matter of time, so that it is organized,"said said the singer. Waiting to pamper again, Shakira is currently working on his new album . Back to Barcelona after a small passage to Los Angeles, where she played the coaches for Season 3 of The Voice U.S. , the Colombian singer has taken the path of recording studios. We can not wait to see the results!