Monday, 18 November 2013

Wanda Nara faded tattoo that connected to Mauro Icardi Maxi Lopez and his name is perpetuated

The model took a step in its separation of Maxi Lopez. On this occasion, on Monday November 18 afternoon, Wanda Nara decided to clear your skin the name of the father of her three children. Mauro Icardi What? Get in the note.
The young footballer of 21 years perpetuated the name of his beloved, Wanda Nara, in the forearm.

"A Mauro Icardi the curiosity moved him to be with the woman of your idol"

A renowned journalist decided to review the relationship Mauro Icardi involves the ex-wife of Maxi Lopez, Wanda Nara, in the midst of their separation. Who will?
Marina Calabro, panelist "Infama" said about what it was that Mauro Icardi mobilized to come in search of Wanda Nara to Argentina: "The curiosity to be with the woman of your idol"
Notably, the young footballer was friends with Maxi Lopez and being a few years younger I admired both him and the beautiful family that formed.
What do you think?

The powers of Miss Bumbum

As promised. As already announced when he was elected as Miss Bumbum 2013, it is fair to dedicate a tribute to the spectacular Dayanne Macedo.
Representative of the contest for the Brazilian state of Goias, Dai Macedo has achieved unexpected glory to proclaim as having the best Brazilian ass.
Shortly before the vote of the jury, this college student studying Business Administration, the controversy sparked by ensuring that the contest was rigged and raising their possible withdrawal. However, the brunette thought better of it and ended up getting the prize.
Dai is 1.75, weighs 67 kilos and admits he had surgery to add volume and shape to the rear that launched to stardom. The contest rules do not prevent and Dai met its objective of having an ass "nice, smooth, hard and round."
You can verify seeing the gallery and a video a fan of Sofia Vergara says inspired by the Bible and who trains four times a week with a personal trainer to get the best curves. Enjoy!

Javi Garcia's girlfriend tummy boasts

Missing just three months to be born the first son of Manchester City's Spanish midfielder Javi Garcia and his girlfriend, the beautiful Elena Gomez. Everything is going as planned and the model has been in charge of showing the progress that has been your body, especially your tummy, over the last three months of pregnancy.
The brunette has posted on Instagram a montage of three photos, taken from the same angle, that show the four, five and six months pregnant, appreciating to perfection how your tummy has been getting fatter every month. Despite this, Elena still as beautiful as ever and I can remember seeing his photo gallery.

Irina Shayk: "Cristiano is a good person"

Irina Shayk is located in India, where the protagonist featured in the fashion week in Mumbai. Always very reserved regarding his private life, this time, the top Russian made an exception and even, briefly, answered a question about her boyfriend, Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo.
He did it to defend the criticized for being cocky and conceited. "Cristiano Ronaldo is a good person. Otherwise, I would not take much time with him, "he told DNA India magazine.
Irina, who has three years dating Christian, quickly changed the subject and among other things said that New York and Paria were his favorite cities. About his participation in the filming of the movie 'Hercules' said he does not know if that movie experience will be continued. It also gave the keys to success. "The important thing is to work hard, because success appears effortless. And then you have to be a good person. Being beautiful on the outside and inside. And if we have a goal, we must fight for it, "he advised the Russian.

Ibra Veronica entrusts to knock out Christian

We are convinced that Veronica Thorsell remember. Have you seen this Swedish desmpapanante encouraging the PSG, the Fiore and Italy (hence her boyfriend) and Goteborg ... I had always said he was a devotee of Ibra and the national team. And now it's time to prove it.
Today is the day of truth for the Swedish and Portuguese. To Ibra and Cristiano Ronaldo. At first this Viking entrusts today have no courtesy to Madrid. Zlatan is sure, his great idol, did not disappoint with his goals and give back to the benefit of the Lusitanian leading leg.
To heat up the atmosphere of a game already played despite burning in the cold northern lands, Veronica has decided to pose sexy way to encourage his. We leave you with the new manufacturing productivity of friends

Wanda says enough

"If you knew the story would not put in question my decision," the Argentine tweets.

Wanda says enough - If you knew the story would not put in doubt my decision, tweets argentina.
New chapter in the telenovela Wanda Nara-Maxi Lopez-Mauro Icardi. The wife of Catania attacker has returned to rule on his twitter profile, with three interventions clear and lapidary.

"My story is mine alone, I can tell whether or not what I want. I assure you that if you knew the story would not put in question my decision for even a second. With this, as far as I'm concerned, this story ends! It calms me to know that those who know me support me, both family and me friends. never hear me say anything bad about any member of my family. I am among those who remember only the good things, and here I have three reasons, "tweeted the 'argentina, referring to the children from a center-forward.

After the separation between Maxi and his wife, he did discuss the tweet Mauro Icard, who had said he loved her. "I can not believe it was my confidant," she complained to Wanda 'Radio La Red'.

Claudia Romani show on the streets of Miami

The photos of the sexy supporter Rossoneri, walking the streets of Miami

Le foto della sexy tifosa rossonera, a passeggio per le vie di Miami

Le foto della sexy tifosa rossonera, a passeggio per le vie di Miami

Le foto della sexy tifosa rossonera, a passeggio per le vie di Miami

Le foto della sexy tifosa rossonera, a passeggio per le vie di Miami

Le foto della sexy tifosa rossonera, a passeggio per le vie di Miami