Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mauro Icardi came to our country ... Do you plan to see Wanda?

  Mauro Icardi.
After confessing his love to the model on Twitter, the player came to Argentina to recover from injury. The big question is whether it will be with Wanda Nara to "enjoy your coffee" that have pending and that she herself was announced.
Jorge Rial was the one who took care to publicize the news that Mauro Icardi is in the country via Twitter. So far, no further statements regarding Wanda singled out as the third wheel in the matrmonio between her and Maxi Lopez, but both are in the country and likely to be.
This adds a new flavor to the love triangle that is being talked about more in recent weeks.

Nadal and Nalbandian face to face with Susana Gimenez

Susana Giménez

This Monday at 22.30., "Susana Gimenez" receive two figures of international tennis, Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian. Both share a chat with the diva missed before facing the Argentine tennis player farewell party.
In addition, a new shipment of "My man can" participate Amalia Granata and his partner, John Paul, Sofia Zamolo and her boyfriend Gaston and the model Hernán Drago and his wife Barbara. In this exciting entertainment women sit around a poker table, and bet their chips according to whether they believe that men may or may not overcome various tests and bea

Rubio Pilar's pregnancy: EUR 15,000 exclusive

The magazine HOLA! would have paid between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for the reportage of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos leaving the hospital Sanitas The Moral of Madrid, after the presenter submit to various medical tests for pregnancy.
The photos, first evidence that Pilar Rubio really expecting a child, were taken last November 6 and the couple was accompanied by Paquita Ramos, Sergio's mother and his sister Miriam. The Pilar tight blue dress showing very clearly that had not won a few pounds by eating more, as she had said a couple of weeks ago.
It was the daily 'Goal' who has made an estimate of the expenditure incurred by the journal Heart, taking into account the usual scales paparazzi for exclusive charge of this type.
HELLO! photographers currently pays a 'scoop' (exclusive of cover) between 40,000 and 45,000 euros.

Federica fits Matri

The beautiful showgirl: "Marriage? There is in my future plans, since we've been together a long time."

Federica fits Matri - The beautiful showgirl: Marriage? There is in my future plans, since we've been together a long time.
"Marriage? There is in my future plans, since we've been together a long time," in an interview with Corriere dello Sport Federica Nargi confesses to think about the wedding with Alessandro Matri. "But now we have fun, we are still young ..." notes.
The showgirl explains that their relationship is going very well: "The secret of our history? Lots of mutual trust and respect as much as we are with the work we do little time together. FIND HIM negative things is difficult. Maybe it's messy. Qualities instead abound: the best is humility. "
The pair remains very discreet, "We are couch potatoes. We allow ourselves sometimes a cinema but little else. During the year, Alexander never goes out. At most it's me who I go out with friends amie. On vacation we can overdo it and we enjoy the most. Between the two, I am the most jealous. Had he does not quarrel for ever. He trusts me and does it well. "