Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mauro Icardi confesses his love for Wanda Nara via Twitter

Nara Wanda: "Maxi and I had sex for three months." Source: twitter
The separation between Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez has every incentive to become a soap opera, especially in the wake of the latest developments. While were staggering and statements he has made ​​a few hours ago the very model about his break with the player of Catania , more incendiary are the words just spoken by Mauro Icardi on Twitter, a supposed friend of the couple.
It turns out that the Inter player has declared his love for the tremendous Wanda Nara from social networks while still not been a week since I cut with Maxi Lopez. "I love you. I will never say Q simple feel, PORQ discovered that these 2 words carry one feeling without limits, "wrote Icardi in his personal Twitter account, in which he mentions the blonde.
Mauro Icardi confesses his love for Wanda Nara. Source: twitter
Anyway, the Inter Milan striker had already hinted hours before going to confess a big secret. "It is a phrase bomb?? Good evening everyone, as I always say, the impossible just takes a little Mas # nadaImposible # Dreaming # quiensabe # bombaMAÑANA "wrote the player in last night. There is already speculation that the tweets who are false and that behind would a hacker, though there are others who remember his relationship with Wanda Nara has always been very close.
The odd thing is that there are portals (such as 'Enterateantes') who have published information about a possible meeting between Icardi and Wanda following statements by a friend of the player. According to this source, there is evidence of his extramarital encounter because "no record on the phone because it took two photos Mauro. In one she looks to her thong making breakfast in his house and one of the two in bed. " Is it true that Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi and have something? The rumors in recent days advertised, but the truth is that, if true, have soap opera for a while.

Wanda Nara, the sexiest swells River Plate. Source: @ wanditanara

Wanda and Mauro Icardi experiencing a "romance" rosy: Look what he gave the player!

Wanda Nara y Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
After the romantic footballer statements made ​​through social networks, we go back to long ago where there were signs that there was something more than friendship between the model and him. "Thank you for this gift Mauro" wrote Wan followed iPod Photo pink bought the player.
"This iPod comes with a music ..." Wanda quipped in one of the comments, suggesting that Mauro had been commissioned to charge items to the list of repoducción. For days that the player has been publishing themes of love in their profiles, are they all romantic songs which predominate within the gift he made ​​to his "friend"?

"He knew he would marry me when I first saw"

Shakira denied rumors of crisis with Gerard Pique and confessed that theirs was love at first sight and is now very happy living in Barcelona. Log in Read the note and all his statements.
They met in South Africa in 2010 and it was love at first sight. "'When I met Gerard told Cesc (Fabregas),' I will marry her.'s The woman of my life." He knew when he first saw me. I also knew that he was the only man for me. course, told me not to me but to your friend! "Shakira confessed with a smile on his face in the middle of an advertising campaign for a brand of toothpaste.
"Now I'm in Barcelona enjoying a great moment in my life.'ve Found everything I was looking for: love, be loved and have a family. Are my priorities, "Shakira shot and continued:" What really drives me smile is seeing my son Gerard and smile, and when he wins the club! Overall the good news and be on stage singing for my public are two things that make me happy. "

Maradona: "Never offended Diego Jr"

The golden child defends himself against accusations: "Unfortunately, many televisions and newspapers continue to exploit my life."

Maradona: Never offended Diego Jr - The golden child defends himself against accusations: Unfortunately a lot of television and newspapers continue to exploit my life.
It defends Diego Maradona: "I have never offended anyone, neither the young nor the lady Diego Sinagra."

"Unfortunately a lot of television and newspapers continue to exploit my life without respect for anyone, because the name of Maradona always makes news, not to mention a lot of chatter because sometimes they can also bring harm to others and to the personal sphere - added the 'Pibe de Gold '-. information about the accusation that comes revolt by prosecutors in Naples that I offended Mrs. Sinagra Diego and the young, which I complained, I personally want to clarify that I have never spoken of this story, which I have no lawyer ever appointed to spread any news about my private life and I've never even thought to offend anyone, so it 's true that the acts of investigation of the court there is no written text, nor my signature, nor that of my fist Try one of my direct involvement in the matter in question. "

"I hope that the boy calmly continue his life and sporting career and that it no longer exploited for no fault of his," concluded the Argentine.

Nara Wanda: "Maxi and I had sex for three months"

Nara Wanda: "Maxi and I had sex for three months." Source: twitter
After confirming that he had separated from Maxi Lopez and that it was a joint decision , Wanda Nara is back to talk about her breakup with former Barca player. This time, the model has given an interview to People magazine, which has revealed some of the reasons for the breakup.
First, the gorgeous Wanda Nara confesses that she felt neglected by the current player of Catania. "I exploded: there are things we never forgive. Maxi neglected me. I will not fight for the money, he knows how much I deserve, "said the blonde, he dropped another bomb. "Three months ago we did not have sex with my husband. Valentino is afraid at night, something caused by such removal. And it was the perfect excuse. I always ended up in her bed, "says the former WAG and Argentina.
But that's not all. Wanda Nara also fires was not comfortable with the life he led. "I was living in luxury but plugging pain. I let a lot to save the family. So here I had a life that seemed attractive, but actually living with pain. My big mistake was to miss some situations. Hot react avoided, or because she was pregnant, or because my children were still taking tit ... what do I know! "Said the blonde.
On the other hand, the wife of Maxi Lopez still admits that forgave too much until he could not anymore."If I forgave a lot? I waited. Certain things never forgive. The main promise is what is done in the altar.Let's say the first time I went in thinking we were going back six years. Long time coming off the days. I will not deny that River was hopeful, "said Wanda.
About the time he met with the player to pose its decision, the model highlights that Argentina did not make things clear. "I told him I was not happy, he could not overcome some things that had happened and needed to be separated. So I offered to rent me an apartment close to home so he could see the kids every day. That was collapsed ... To help me think and decide. He replied: 'If you took this decision, it is best that you go to Argentina, where you will be accompanied and contained'. I know you killed disarming the family. We cried a lot the two, embracing. He said, 'It's the worst time of my life,' "he says.
Finally, Wanda Nara tremendous stresses that aims to become a gold digger and is not intended to wheedle money her husband with divorce. "Before I left I said, 'Wan, please do not ask me for a divorce'. I replied: 'Maxi, you know who I am ... For me, stay with it. It makes me happy to live in this house if I have to my family. You know more than anyone what I deserve '. If you had asked me, sign the divorce. Yes, what I touch, I keep ". Thus, it appears that Wanda Nara has not cut one hair at a time to talk about his break. Nor has the time to hang up on Twitter some of the pictures of your last session ... Here you have a compilation ...Wanda Nara alerts you may be pregnant. Source: