Monday, 11 November 2013

"Sylvie tries to keep new love of publicity '

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update Sylvie Meis has a new man in her life. That tells at least one source around the Dutch to clean the site "Sylvie has a new love. She tries to keep true to the relationship a fair chance ', as long as the media says the anonymous source.
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"If you look closely at her, sees that Sylvie radiates the last time. Love has given her strength again. It remains when it himself comes out, "says the source. In the German media claimed that the presenter regularly flies to Madrid. Possibly there she meets a new love.

Cozy with Manuel
Yesterday Sylvie was still present at the presentation of the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam. There she had with actor Manuel Broekman. Quite cozy "I have nothing to Sylvie, which is really the biggest nonsense," let the BNN presenter afternoon loose on RTL Boulevard.

"We sat together at the EMAs but there is nothing else. We had a lot of fun, but there is nothing created something. I'm really fond of all the calls that I get it. '
The English former international Paul Gascoigne is due to his drug and alcohol problems often haunted by the British tabloids.
To escape the paparazzi 'Gazza' now appears to have taken up a very special disguise, who resembles Gandalf, the wizard in the trilogy "Lord of the Rings'. Resort Fortunately, the 46-year-old footballer including Tottenham Hotspur and Lazio it myself laugh.

Wesley and Yolanthe get reallife soap


Wesley and Yolanthe get their own TV show. The famous soccer couple will be featured in a real-life soap on SBS 6, made ​​known the station tonight.
The documentary soap is mainly about Yolanthe, but Wesley certainly plays a role in the series. RTL Boulevard presenter Albert Verlinde calls the soap 'definitely worth watching.

When you see the program on the tube will be is still unknown.

Besides Wesley is Andy van der Meijde soon be seen in SBS. The former footballer and his girlfriend Melissa get their own soap at the transmitter.

Anna, the Angel Neapolitan

Anna Fusco-ok
Marika Fruscio, Raffaella Fico, Anna Fusco ... They are all Italian starlets are all Neapolitan and, of course, followers of Naples.
They walk a little pissed all these last days by his team's defeat against Juventus and outright theft who claim to have suffered. And the first goal conceded by Benitez came after a non-signaled offside Fernando Llorente. The 'spanish-Napoli' fell by three to zero and despite staying within four points of the lead, his staunch followers still dreaming of the title.
In addition to the great illusion, all share something else. They just make-separately-a calendar for 2014 and all promise to be a hit. Now we show some photos of Rafaella Fico and now just appeared the first of Anna Fusco. The Neapolitan tifosa what has been dubbed 'l'angelo azzurro'.
Certainly, this beauty is a real Neapolitan angel and has promised that if he falls the scudetto prepares "a beautiful surprise that there must be in force a nude". No nothing has unveiled an Anna Fusco who combines his work with model and actress of Tertullian in Moon TV program called 'Tifose Napoletani'.
Anna's passion for Napoli started at home, it was a real delirium at the time of Maradona. Now the Fusco choose as their favorite to Higuain, who is very attractive and it says that "the beard makes it a very manly man."

"Sex with Eriksson, as an Ikea manual"

"Sex with Sven Goran Eriksson was as boring as riding Ikea furniture. The bed was so neat and functional as an instruction manual. I had no passion. Probably would have been more satisfied riding a closet together. " These harsh statements were just made Ulrika Jonsson, Swedish coach's ex-lover, who became England manager.
Ulrika has made these statements in reply to Eriksson's autobiography, which the Daily Mail is offering an advance, and in which nothing comes out right stop. Sven that when his then partner, Nancy Dell'Ollio, learned of his adventure, called prostutita. That has not sit well with TV presenter has responded destroying his former partner.
Eriksson arrives to qualify as "the weakest man I have met, despite his power and his salary. I always had to do everything and the response received was always very fast ". Ulrika Eriksson and maintained a clandestine affair while the couple formed coach with attorney Nancy Dell'Olio.

Wanda-Maxi: Icardi, umpire?

The separation of Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez is making rivers of ink in Argentina. While she has already reached her country with her three children with Maxi, have begun to thrive rumors that the reason for the break have to find a third person.
That umpire, as many media point could be Mauro Icardi (20), the current Inter player and former Blaugrana youth football. Maxi and he played together last season at Sampdoria and became good friends there, knowing also his wife Wanda Nara.
The couple and Icardi shared many dinners and to travel, the last this summer aboard a yacht (see photo above). On arrival in Argentina, Wanda said "Mauro is a friend, nothing more. A Maxi relate what people say about him and me, and as we never say anything ... I'll never speak ill of Maxi and I guess he did not me. "
Icardi, who recently split from his girlfriend Patricia has used twitter to send some messages that have not gone unnoticed and have aroused the suspicions of the Argentinian media.
While rumors circulated and Mauro the enlarged to hang on Friday the videos of the songs 'I I love you' (Chayanne), 'My dear,' (Alejandro Sanz) and 'I'm going to love' (Axel). What's more, the striker, who has already debuted for Argentina, wrote several tweets that have been interpreted as a confirmation of his romance with Wanda.
For example: "Do not live giving explanations, your FRIENDS do not need them, your enemies will not believe them and the stupid do not understand" or "claim to understand, did not understand anything yet ... # jajajaj (sic)" or "this is different, this is love # jajajaj ".
In short, the controversy is served and only time will tell what is the truth about the alleged relationship between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. Meanwhile, a friend of the wife of Maxi Lopez still says that "it is very sad, panic attacks and depression, constantly visiting psychologist and medication."

Expected Andres Iniesta and Puyol child ... a girl!

Expected Andres Iniesta and Puyol child ... a girl! Source:
After the victory of Barça over Real Madrid in the last Classic, Andres Iniesta advertised on social networks Ortiz Anna his wife was pregnant with their second baby together . Well, it turns out that some media have already leaked that the couple is expecting a child Barca.
And not only that, but it is even rumored that the player Barca and his wife could put the father's name in honor of the player who gave the first ever World Cup to the Spanish selection. Thus, if all goes as planned, the club could soon have a new Andres Iniesta ball kicking one which his father.
On the other hand, has also been given to know the sex of the baby Vanessa Lorenzo Carles Puyol and bring to the world. On this occasion the model defender FC Barcelona and Catalan expect a girl as Vanessa has revealed itself in an interview to the magazine Yo Dona, which has posed wearing tummy. So it seems that for the moment there will be a new Puyi in behind Barcelona, ​​although Iniesta delivering a future game in midfield ...