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Sylvie van der Vaart

Leider konnte ich Rafael kein Baby mehr schenken

  Sylvie van der Vaart: I could give no more Baby Rafael
You can smile again: Sylvie van der Vaart in Hamburg yesterday on the way to the gym

Open like never speaks Sylvie van der Vaart (35) of their marriage off and the new love of Rafael and Sabia.
The longing desire for a second child, the fight against cancer, two great careers - as open as never speaks Sylvie van der Vaart (35) on the reasons for the marriage off with Rafael (30).
The TV presenter told BILD: "My relationship with Rafael was destroyed by several factors. It was a gradual process and not stop. "

Sylvie van der Vaart

Van der Vaart and Boulahrouz in Babyglück: Sylvie Damian kisses all the time Sabias stomach
What factors does she mean? Sylvie: "My cancer that numerous parades throughout Europe, and also focusing on the career have contributed their part."
Another reason: the couple wished fervently for a sibling Damian (7). But Sylvie fell ill with cancer in 2009. And having children was not natural for their body.
"I know how big the baby desire of Rafael for years," says Sylvie.
Now Sabia (35) fulfills his wish.
Sylvie: "Well, now that Rafael gets the child that I could not give him after my cancer."
No revenge. No anger.
Sylvie told BILD: "I have great respect for the relationship between Rafael and Sabia. I wish them all the best for the future. "
Sets with style, though hard times are behind Sylvie.
"Closer," she was quoted as saying: "There were days when I lay in bed crying and did not know how it should go."
  Cover of the current Closers with Sylvie van der Vaart on the cover
In the current edition of the "Closer" Sylvie talks at length about her marriage from
Especially the cancer had changed them. "Rafael got back a different woman than the chemo was over. I was no longer the innocent, carefree girl. "
Now she looks forward to the future of the blended family.
Sylvie, who will again assume her maiden name "Master" after the impending divorce, told BILD: "When the emotions are less, Rafael, Sabia and I certainly treat each other as normal. In the end, the children join us. And the coming baby is indeed the sibling of our common son Damian. The most important thing in life are the children. And must be protected. "
According to Sabia Boulahrouz (35) Damian also looking forward to his sibling. The Dutch magazine "Story" she said, "Damian is so fond of. He pushes me all the time kisses on her stomach and talks to the baby. "
  Key Presentation

Rafael and Sabia refer dream home

Kings of the box: check out the Top 10 footballers

The businessman Alexander the Almeid, which became known as the "king of the box" after a magazine report by São Paulo, where the entrepreneur is lavishing consumption displays in the ballads of the city, turned fever in social networks.
Inspired by the story Out of Bounds Blog decided to list the Top 10 with the footballers that can be considered "kings of the box. '

Emperor Hadrian
Balotelli (Milan)
Fred (Fluminense)
Carnival 2013 - Cabin Brahma. Photo disclosure AmBev and Fred amigops
Vagner Love (Shandong Luneng)
Ronaldinho (Atlético-MG)
Ronaldinho 3
Neymar (Barcelona)
Neymar 2
Jô (Atlético-MG)
Jô 2

Passionate? Romario declares himself to mysterious brunette

Stop the presses: Romario is in love! Congressman published on social network photos appearing to hugs and kisses with a pretty brunette. The player, who did not reveal the identity of the beloved, the publication wrote: "Beautiful! It makes me so well. "

Oliva Rocio pretty sure her man: "Diego lives with me and not go anywhere alone"

Diego Maradona y Rocío Oliva
Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva
In the midst of rumors that arose Xipolitakis Vicky's visit to Dubai, Rocio Oliva used the social network to dispel doubts about Diego Maradona's relationship with the "Greek" cities and states that she very well to her man. Look his word.

Fernando Alonso: "I have all my teeth yet"

Fernando Alonso on a stretcher after being subjected to some medical studies. (EFE)
The Spanish Fernando Alonso suffered no injury to his incident with Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, which was the champion Sebastian Vettel. "Everything is in order," Ferrari said since then that the pilot was subjected to a medical check.

Alonso and his representative shared on Twitter on Sunday morning a photo of the pilot lying on a stretcher with a neck brace. The Spanish were to collide with Vergne's Toro Rosso exiting the pits on lap 44 and had to make a sudden maneuver to avoid an accident, forcing him to withstand forces up to 25 times their body weight, according to Ferrari .

"Still I have all my teeth," he joked Alonso after the race, in which he finished in fifth place.

Sidoni Biemont, Adil Rami's girlfriend

Sidoni Biemont, Adil Rami's girlfriend. Source: deportevalenciano.com
Although his professional situation has become a little fragile in the wake of recent events, Adil Rami can be happy about how well it works her love life. And the French footballer, who was punished severely by Valencia for criticizing Miroslav Djukic and his companions and subsequently loaned to Milan, has had at all times with the support of his girlfriend Sidoni Biemont, which we present today precisely.
This gorgeous 1.75 springs has 25 springs and is originally from France, like the footballer. He works as a model in his country, as he has done various photo shoots for different media. It has also sponsored several events, both sporting and social. And last but not least, also participated in various television programs gala. Come on, that the tremendous Sidoni Biemont is a celebrity.
However, it should be noted that the model and the actual Adil Rami met in the Royal Box at Roland Garros two years ago. Since then filed a romance and you have not become separated. In fact, the dummy has accompanied his boy to Milan in the new adventure he has had to start the player. And with that, we leave you with the best photographs in the Royal Box of Sidoni Biemont, the tremendous girlfriend Adil Rami.

Glamour girl Roxanne Jeffers reveals how fling with Ashley Cole started with an online picture of his feet

A porn presenter explains his affair with Ashley Cole. Source: aloesporte.com.br

The Cheryl Cole lookalike who had a fling with the star’s ex-husband Ashley today reveals how it kicked off with a snap of the footballer’s greatest assets.
Tattooed Roxanne Jeffers got the ball rolling when she commented on how “cute” his feet were after he posted a snap of them on Instagram
The Chelsea and England defender was so flattered he invited the 24-year-old beauty to the £3.5million home he once shared with Cheryl.
Speaking for the first time since the Sunday Mirror revealed their whirlwind romance last weekend, Roxanne told how they talked about marriage as they watched reality show Four Weddings.
But after their chat the mum of two reckons Cole has given up on ever tying the knot again after the breakdown of his marriage.
“I can totally see why Cheryl fell for him,” says Roxanne, who works for adult TV channel xxXpanded. “When we were together he made me feel really special.
“He acted like a boyfriend in every way – wanting to cuddle up on the sofa and watch movies, wrapping his legs around me.
“But he’s definitely not ready to settle down.
“We were cosying up watching Four Weddings one time and he said, ‘I had an amazing wedding.’ But when I asked him about getting married again, he said, ‘Why would I want to do that? I’ve seen what marriage can do – it can change a woman.’
“I didn’t want to ask him about Cheryl after that. And because he’s such a nice guy.Roxanne fell for Ashley after catching sight of his feetRoxanne Jeffers who had an affair with Ashley Cole
“At one point he got out an album of photos of his niece and nephews. He obviously adores them. He said, ‘I love spending my time with them’.”
Single mum Roxanne, who has two young boys, started chatting to Cole via Instamessage, a private Instagram messaging app, and WhatsApp in August, after commenting on a picture he had posted online of his feet.
She says: “I just thought that they were cute and I told him that.
“I’ve always fancied him so I thought, ‘I’m going to get my flirt on, why not!’ Then he added me to his account and the feet started up this harmless conversation. I joked that mine weren’t as nice.
“Then he asked me where I was from and said we should meet up some time. He wrote, ‘Well, let me know if ur ever free & wanna chill.’
“I thought he was only joking at first but then he Skyped me from a hotel room so we could see each other face to face. It was a short conversation.
“He said he was in America with Chelsea but would be back at the weekend. He gave me his postcode and offered to get me a car from my home in Kent but I told him I’d prefer to drive.”
A few days later Roxanne, of Chatham, Kent, arranged for her nan to babysit the children and drove over to the soccer star’s place in Surrey.
“I met him at the door,” she says. “He was in tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt and I’d dressed down in a tracksuit too because I didn’t want him to think I was just like all the other girls, trying it on.
“The house is amazing – full of ­chandeliers with a swimming pool and
a lake.
“He showed me around and told me he was building a golf course in the back and a second indoor swimming pool. He didn’t brag about money but he said he wanted to keep going until he was a billionaire.
“One of his minders asked what we wanted to eat and Ashley asked them to buy 10 bottles of rosé wine and a Domino’s pizza. Then we just sat watching telly.
“I’d brought a DVD of Man On Fire. It was a bit like hanging out with a mate and he didn’t make a move on me at all.”
Later, they went to his room. But Cole just wanted to sit and watch more films and chat.
“He had some straight Southern Comfort but had heaps of water by his bed to wash it down with,” says Roxanne.
“The next day I drove home and that was it until about two weeks later. He forgot my birthday. So I decided to give him a nudge on Instagram and he said, ‘OK, happy birthday!’.”
Cole’s marriage to 30-year-old singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl broke down in 2010 after he allegedly cheated with a string of women and sent them X-rated pictures and texts.Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole
But Roxanne says he took his time to get to know her, watching movies with her at his home.
Roxanne says: “He’s a very caring guy, giving me compliments. He said he thought my tattoos were really sexy.
“It did cross my mind that he must have loved that about Cheryl too with all the tattoos she has.
“I know he has this terrible reputation for cheating, but I could only see this lovely person.
“He’s very genuine and he doesn’t take himself too seriously.
“He says his teeth are too little and he never opens his mouth in photos.
“His house was immaculate and whenever he smokes on his bedroom balcony he comes in and brushes his teeth. I like that though – he always smells really nice too.”
Roxanne told how he let her wear his black pants when she stayed over, and would often mooch around in a Let’s Do It Nike t-shirt. “He made me feel very relaxed, but he’d go to bed really early – at about 9pm.
“He liked everything to be very ordered. He had four showers a day.
“He didn’t go out much but one night he messaged me from a club and said he wished he was home because all these women were trying it on with him, and he knew it was because of who he was, and not his personality. It was all a bit sad really.
“He never invited me out with him – which was a problem with me – but we hung out with team-mates who came round a few times.
“The fourth time I went round to his place I mentioned that one of his Chelsea squad mates had sent me messages on Facebook and Instagram and he got a bit funny about it.
“He said, ‘That’s odd. Why’s he doing that?’ I think he’s quite protective and maybe even a little bit jealous. When we were together it was great – he’s even let me stay in the house when he’s out at training.”
Roxanne Jeffers
Roxanne Jeffers
But Roxanne says she loved the five nights they had together.
“He’s such a good listener. I told him about my kids and he told me about his family – and he didn’t go on about his wealth,” she says.
“He said he used to go on caravan holidays to Clacton when he was about eight and he’d take part in some sort of football competition with other local kids. He won it and the prize was another caravan holiday.
“So every year he’d go back there, win the same competition and it would pay for the next trip. I think that’s what got him so interested in the game.”
Now Roxanne hopes they carry on seeing each other even though she’d be happier as a steady girlfriend
“I know he’s busy but I’d like to spend more time with him,” she says.
“I hope we can still see each other. I really, really like him and he’s nothing like the cheating person he’s been made out to be.”

Nereida Gallardo, sexy poses for Twitter

The photos of the former flame of Cristiano Ronaldo in a series of self-portraits is to die for

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato
Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato
Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato

Le foto dell'ex fiamma di Cristiano Ronaldo in una serie di autoscatti da mozzare il fiato 

The prediction Sexy Virginie Caprice for the challenge Juventus-Real Madrid

The images of the French queen of the predictions on Twitter


The Polish Larissa sweeps

Coincidences of life. A few days ago Monika Pietraninska remember, the Polish beauty who aspired to be the girlfriend of the last European Championship finals in his country and Ukraine. Well, it turns out that Natalie Siwiec, which itself was regarded as the bride of Euro 2012 and which was dubbed the Polish Larissa Riquelme is also relevant.
And this other bellezón Polish (that's quarry) has signed a contract with the chain live Poland to be the star of a reality show. The cameras will follow you everywhere and show their fans, who are legion, everything that happens in your life both professional and personal. Something similar to the reality starring American celebrity Kim Kardashian, although Polish.

Zaira Nara suggests that Forlan was not treated as ...

Zaira Nara he spoke of his relationship with 'Pico' Monaco and his failed romance with Diego Forlan on Argentine television program presented by Mirtha Legrand. First, the model Argentina took stock of their current situation and confessed that he wants to be a mother soon. "I do not give much importance to marriage, but I want to be a mom," she confessed sister Wanda Nara.
In turn, the beautiful brunette starred a very interesting in that it shows that Diego Forlán had not treated her well. When asked if the player had behaved as expected with it, Zaira Nara left a small silence and stated: "Well, I dunno ... It's hard ... You know people when separated. Sometimes I would have preferred not knowing certain reactions, but I can not judge anyone by how you react to a break ".
Anyway, also noted that appreciates it and does not hurt to marry Peace Cardoso. Finally, the sexy Zaira Nara also raved about her boyfriend, tennis player 'Pico' Monaco. "Pico is a great person and great family. Like I said, when we separated I met from elsewhere, as a former girlfriend. You learn a lot and was very surprised how good person he was still not yet a couple, "said the explosive model. Come on, it seems that his life is completely stable emotional today ...
Zaira Nara shows off her incredible curves in a bikini. Source: lagaceta.com.ar