Friday, 1 November 2013

Carolina Marconi sexy for Rome

The showgirl on Twitter wanted to send his good luck to the team of Garcia

La showgirl su Twitter ha voluto mandare il suo in bocca al lupo alla squadra di Garcia

La showgirl su Twitter ha voluto mandare il suo in bocca al lupo alla squadra di Garcia

La showgirl su Twitter ha voluto mandare il suo in bocca al lupo alla squadra di Garcia 

The Kun broke the silence: "For the good of all, and especially Ben, we must resolve this privately"

Sergio Agüero
Sergio Aguero
Reluctant to air issues of his personal life to the media, the player of Manchester felt the need to come forward to stop the multiple versions that may harm the child he had with Gianinna Maradona: "I spoke to my people not to respond more. "
Following the scandal that erupted late on from his ex-law, Diego Maradona and his father, Sergio Aguero appealed to his official Facebook account to cut to the chase with the 'bickering'. For the first and only time, as he himself took care to emphasize, spoke of his personal situation. Did you say?:
"I was always clear that Benjamin is above everything. And I was never willing to have my private life issues are aired in the media. So I talked to my people to feel beyond offended by something you can say, no more responsive. I never spoke of these issues and is the only and last time I do. Hopefully that all parties understand the same. For the good of all, and especially Ben, we resolve these things in private. So I did so far and I will continue doing. "

War-laws: Gianinna and the truth about anger Maradona

Agüero - Maradona
Aguero - Maradona
In an interview with "AM", the youngest daughter ten explained the reason that ten family shot but warns that Kun Aguero and put the points: "I understand your anger but he has to accept that not everything should be make public ".
"It all started because Benjamin was traveling to see his dad and I explained that I could not go with him because they were friends. Then Benja said he wanted to go with my mom. Was made a meeting with lawyers and I ordered them to be Sergio's parents who knew my position, "said Gianinna.
"I wanted the baby trip because it is important to be with his dad.'s Meeting was not very nice and I told my dad ... I understand your anger as a parent and I know that went to defend as would anyone who is touched to a son, when disrespect, but he does not understand that not everything has to make public ".
"My dad was not angry with Sergio but with his dad by the terms of the meeting," he added. Gianinna ensures that all he wants today is that "Benja be happy" and admits, "I love him and part of love is letting go. I felt bad when he left because it is the first time traveling alone, but corresponding ".

Gianinna, distraught because his son traveled to England to see the Kun

Gianinna y Benjamín
Gianinna and Benjamin
Last week he sparked controversy among Gianinna and Sergio, because the agreement that your child travels to England with her ​​father was not met by the "irregularities" said Maradona's daughter. Even so, today the child traveled and she was distraught: "I have a broken heart in the middle to let you go."
We tell you that Benjamin's father traveled Kun. From home, sad, Gianinna had no choice but to let him go. What I did not stop writing on Twitter his feelings as a mother.

I remember the reasons why Gianinna not leave your child to travel to England. Vero Lozano told Maradona's daughter is angry with his ex and did not allow Benjamin to go with him as they had agreed.
The reasons: She considered that trip because the Kun Benjamin did not wait for his son to be in the presentation of his book, or meet agreed visits. "Dad is going with another daughter," said the child would have to Gianinna when Sergio Aguero laid off at the airport, to see how it went with Sol's daughter Karina.