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Laura Cremaschi, sexy prediction for Roma v Chievo

The photos of the showgirl, featured on Twitter's # momentopronostico


With a warm message, Dalma and Gianinna Diego greeted on his birthday

Giannina, Diego, Dalma
Giannina, Diego, Dalma
The daughters of Ten, which are quite active in their respective Twitter accounts, used the Social Network to send loving greetings to your dad.
In a year enough height for the whole family Maradona, with scandals, allegations and accusations media, Dalma and Giannina firm always remained close to his dad. Beyond the choices he makes or of the 'gaffes' that can commit, accompany and defend them tooth and nail. And on the day of his birthday number 53, he returned to profess their love publicly.
"Happy Birthday to the person who makes me laugh, though I want to kill at the same time! Pa I love you I do not care what they say the bay area of ​​the love we have! We choose and we love because we want to! I love you pa! "was the message of Dalma.
Gianinna, meanwhile, wrote: "I admire you, I miss you, I LOVE YOU, I embrace you in the distance ... I'm proud of you!! Happy Birthday Dad! Which Happy birthday, happy birthday to you, that papucho birthday to you, happy birthday to you! We love you a lot! ".
This year's celebration can not do it all together and that Maradona is in Dubai where he met with his work commitments but surely, in fig can come together and celebrate.

Maradona's ex Gianinna attacks: "It is a wimp"

Kun - Maradona
Kun - Maradona
In an exclusive dialogue with the "Reservoir Dogs", Andy radial cycle Kuznetsoff, the Ten hit him hard to Kun Ag├╝ero in the dispute with his daughter Gianinna. "Want to go with the lawyers to see if you have the balls to tell you all what he said. "
While avoided naming, was as clear as forceful. "In the next hearing of my daughter, I'll be there to see who can talk.'m Hot, is a wimp," he said.
"If he is handsome, to prove it on the court. Someone tell my daughter not afraid of anyone, as did the other, not worth it. The next time I want to be to see if he says anything. A wimp, I do not even want to name, "he said angrily.
For the first time since the news broke of the separation between Gianinna and Kun, Maradona out to publicly defend his daughter. "Two days ago I spoke with Benja on Skype and said, 'Abu, if you do not see it, happy birthday '... but I took off to mourn him to stay quiet because I will be to death with him.'s abu will always be at your side. "

Daughters of Diego Maradona pay homage to the father on his birthday 53 years

Daughters of Diego Maradona, Dalma and Gianinna, rendered homage to his father on his birthday 53 years. At Twitter, young old photos published alongside the Argentine and congratulated by date.
Check out the messages:
Dalma: 'Happy birthday to the person who makes me laugh more, even if you want to kill him at the same time! Love you, Dad! I do not care what diguem or give opinions about the love that we have. We choose and why we love '
Gianinna: 'I admire you, miss you, love you, hold you in the distance ... I'm proud of you! Happy Birthday, Dad! '

The best signing of Liverpool

Liverpool is ahead of winter market has made a transfer of real bells. There is no player but the spectacular Rosanna Davison, which has hired as host of her official TV channel, LFC TV.
Rosanna is much more than a presenter. Model by profession, was crowned Miss World ten years ago and is neither more nor less, the daughter of Irish singer Chris de Burgh. This was the charge that, from very tiny, take the Anfield club in his heart. "At home we are all from Liverpool. My father, my brothers and I and even the dog. I love watching the Liverpool and especially go to Anfield, "said Rosanna few months ago, before I knew I was going to end up working for the club he loves.
And tabloids have dubbed 'Lady in Red' (lady in red) and for the moment Rosanna has recorded his first two programs, which will focus on Irish players who have worn the red shirt. Both documentaries will be issued in 2013.
Rosanna was Miss Ireland in 2003 and the same year became the Miss World number 52 and was the first Irish woman to get that coveted award. It is also negotiating to be the first Miss World to appear in the American edition of Playboy. It has already done a posed for the German edition which you can see in the gallery below we offer.
Do not miss the photos of Rosanna, a stunning beauty for which more than one change of equipment. Or not ...?

The more solidarity birthday Messi Thiago

The more solidarity birthday Messi Thiago. Source:
Messi Thiago meet next November 2 a year old. And really it will be a more supportive birthday as Leo Messi wanted to celebrate its first anniversary by opening a website with UNICEF to raise funds for children, as the organization announced through a statement.
As of this writing, the Barcelona striker, who is Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, has called on his followers to participate in this initiative. "In November I received the best present ever: the birth of Thiago. On its first anniversary, help me to get all children have equal opportunities to live, grow and develop, "said Leo Messi.
This website, which comes under the slogan of 'Leo Messi and Thiago celebrate life', will be released starting next Monday November 4 and will give all the necessary information to users to contribute to this charity. Thus, Leo Messi and his son help all children can grow up with the same opportunities. However, participation will award, since more users that messages disseminated win win football boots worn and autographed by Leo Messi, as well as a shirt signed by the star Barca ... Undoubtedly, this will be the birthday more Messi Thiago solidarity ...