Sunday, 27 October 2013

Andres Iniesta and Anna Ortiz will be parents for the second time

Andres Iniesta and Anna Ortiz will be parents for the second time. Source: twitter
This weekend has been one of the happiest days in the life of Andres Iniesta. And the manchego not only contributed noticeably in Barca's victory over Real Madrid in the intense Classic on Saturday (which ended with a score of 2-1), but has also met the news that will be father second time.
In fact, it was Andres Iniesta himself reported that his new paternity through social networks. Thus, a few hours after the Merengues thunder with flashes of quality, manchego the network has assured that his wife Anna Ortiz pregnant again. "We're thrilled to share the happy news that Anna is pregnant! Valeria will have a little brother! ", Wrote the player in their Twitter profiles and Facebook.
However, the Barca midfielder hung next to this post a picture in which she appears with his wife and by the small Valeria. Thus, it appears that the Baby Boom Barca still booming ...

Nicole Scherzinger: loneliness fails him

Lewis Hamilton et Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger depressed after her breakup with Lewis Hamilton. And according to Star magazine, since she has seen her ex, singer feels better.
Nicole Scherzinger is separated in July of Lewis Hamilton , with whom she had a relationship that began in 2007. Since we expect a flashback to the two stars . For proof, until recently, the former Pussycat Doll has reviewed the Formula 1 driver, a reunion which lasted seven hours and would have done much good to the juror of X Factor UK. "Nicole was not itself in recent weeks she looked a little shot in the jury and she had lost that little spark assurance Nicole took a hit this year, but since it. Lewis has seen, she feels alive again. They discussed their relationship and Lewis told Nicole he wanted it back for good. " confessed to a source in the British magazine Star. Following the break, Lewis Hamilton had left messages in the form of declarations of love on Twitter .
The two former lovebirds are seen at the London hotel Nicole Scherzinger to talk about their future. And if they redonnaient another chance? "They could definitely get back together. Nic is not the same without Lewis. Something closer." continued the informant.
In addition, Nicole Scherzinger to colleague Sharon Osbourne in the singing competition and came out dinner with the star and his daughter Kelly, hoping to get some advice based on the union of Ozzy and Sharon, married since 1982 and have overcome many thunderstorms. "She knows that Sharon has been through a lot during his marriage with Ozzy and wanted to know how she could remain so strong," concluded the near Nicole Scherzinger. In other words, it has all the cards in hand to get back on track alongside Lewis Hamilton.

Paul Gascoigne books five-star London hotel despite threat of eviction from his house

Boozer Gazza spent most of last week drinking in his room and took a £40 taxi journey... to buy a Lottery ticket and 60 ­cigarettes
Gaunt: Gazza gets taxi from his hotel
Troubled Paul Gascoigne is coping with possible eviction from his home by... staying in a five-star London hotel.
Boozer Gazza spent most of last week drinking in his room at a £429-a-night Hilton after being told he could be thrown out of his flat in Bournemouth.
But on Friday the frail football legend took a £40 taxi journey... to buy a Lottery ticket and 60 ­cigarettes.
He seemed unsteady on his feet as he walked out of the London Hilton on Park Lane wearing aviator sunglasses, diamond stud earrings, a grey jacket and jeans.
He was later spotted in a mobile phone shop on Oxford Street where, bizarrely, he insisted on playing the harmonica.
A fellow shopper wrote on social network site Twitter: “I can smell the booze on him from 10ft away!”
Ex-England, Tottenham, Newcastle and Rangers star Gazza, 46, has been drinking heavily for weeks.
Paul Gascoigne, shopping for ciggiesA friend said: “Paul is a complete mess. Many of his mates have tried to help, but it is impossible. He just seems to want to be on his own, cut off from the world.”
The friend said Paul was told six weeks ago he faced being booted out of his ­Bournemouth flat.
And although the Professional Footballers Association helped him find somewhere else in the area, he didn’t like the new place.
The friend said: “On one hand Paul is telling friends he is broke. Then he goes and books into one of the best hotels in the country.
"It is really worrying. We’re afraid he’ll end up homeless.”
We revealed last week how Gazza had fallen off the wagon again and failed to turn up to watch England’s 2-0 victory over Poland at Wembley.
One reason for his turmoil is said to be reduced contact with his ex-wife Sheryl, 47, following the screening of an ITV documentary about him last month.

David and Brooklyn Beckham involved in a car crash near their Beverly Hills home

DAVID BECKHAM and his son, Brooklyn, have reportedly been involved in a car accident near their family home.
david, victoria, brooklyn, beckham, car, crash, pictures, questioned, by, police, beverly, hills, injured, hurt, harper, romeo, cruz, IMPACT: Former England footy ace David Beckham has been questioned by police following a car accident near his home [SPLASH]
The former england ace allegedly plowed into another vehicle at 2.30p.m on Friday as he pulled out of the driveway of his luxury Beverly Hills mansion.
Becks was driving his black Range Rover Sport at the time, it is believed that his 14-year-old son Brooklyn was in the passenger seat.
Witnesses have claimed that Beckham drove out of his drive way and straight into a white Acura 4X4, driven by an un-named woman.
After the crash, Beckham was said to reverse back onto the driveway of his home, awaiting the arrival of local police to question him about the accident.
CRASH: David was questioned by police following the incident [SPLASH]
SHOCKING: Becks; bumper was taken clean off in the collision [SPLASH]
BEVERLY HILLS COP: Police officers leaving the Beckham residence [SPLASH]
Onlookers reported that the police went inside Beckham's home to gather more information about the incident.
It's believed that David and Brooklyn Beckham were left unhurt by the collision as they were both wearing seat belts.
The Beckhams' 2010 Range Rover, worth in excess of $60,000, suffered major damage in the accident.
DAMAGE: The white 4x4 that Becks reportedly plowed in to [SPLASH]
REPORTS: Onlookers claimed David had to pick up his front bumper after the crash [SPLASH]
VICTIMS: Becks talking with the occupants of the vechicle he crashed in to [SPLASH]
Witnesses claim that they watched David Beckham picking up crash debris from the road, including the entire front bumper of the Range Rover.
This crash isn't the first time the family have been involved in a road collision, in 2011 David and Brooklyn were involved in a crash involving several vehicles on one of the most treacherous freeways in L.A.

Caroline Wozniacki enjoyed a great time with Luis Suárez

Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is fast becoming the number one Liverpool fan. At least, it is the celebrity that has most meaning for their support to the team 'red'. This was demonstrated last Saturday, when he went into the stands of Anfield, where he witnessed the win at West Brom (4-1), with a spectacular hat-trick from Luis Suarez.
The player had just returned from Istanbul, where he had already sent a tweet announcing their presence in the stands: "Holiday! What better way to start them? On the way from Istanbul to Liverpool, to watch the game at Anfield. "
The world tennis exnúmero one witnessed the game accompanied by a friend and not her boyfriend, golfer Rory McIlroy. A few weeks ago he gave made his break, but Caroline categorically denied in a Danish newspaper, as I reported
Caroline is a fan of Steven Gerrard declared "one of my favorite players of all time along with Ronaldo". He also admired his compatriot Daniel Agger and sometimes, as you will see in the next gallery, has posed with his Liverpool shirt.

Alexandre Pato and his new girlfriend make public their love

Alexandro Pato and his new girlfriend make public their love. Source: instagram
Was early July when Barbara Berlusconi and Alexandre Pato announced their breakup after more than two years of relationship. And surprisingly, the daughter of the president of Milan was hunted a few days after another burly man kissing and showing that he had already moved on. In turn, with the passage of time, the player of Corinthians was linked with several treasures, including the sultry Ellen Roche.
Well, it turns out, at last, he has confirmed the identity of the new girlfriend of Alexandre Pato. Her name is Sophia Mattar and not a celebrity, much less, but it is a student of Social Communication, which in turn is the daughter of a businessman Minas Gerais.
And indeed, she was the one that has been accounted for their romance following a photograph that hung on social networks. A picture in which she is seen with her guy and titrated with the following message: "Every time I parted from you I die a little inside." Thus, it appears that the new 'Patophia' is definitely the new girlfriend of Alexandre Pato.

Natalie from award

The wife of Zarate rewarded by the readers of "Sport", beat Shakira.

By Natalie prize - The wife of Zarate rewarded by the readers of Sport, beat Shakira.
The provocative Argentine model Natalie Weber won the Balon Rosa in September, an award organized by the newspaper Sport wag in honor of the most beautiful in the world of football. Battuta Shakira, companion of the Blaugrana Gerard Piqué, came as a surprise in second place.
The wife of former Lazio striker Mauro Zarate has commented on his success: "I do not know about this contest, I learned of its existence from Twitter. E 'symbolic, there is a prize without recognition, it is strongly felt - told the Argentine newspaper Paparazzi -. thought that in Europe, footballers' wives were treated like here, but instead there are star players and their companions are very famous. "
Over twenty thousand readers have rewarded Weber, who is now favorite for the Balon Rosa 2013, which will be awarded later this year.

Becker buffoon on TV

The former tennis player, for € 250,000, agreed to undergo some embarrassing challenges.

Becker buffoon on TV - Former tennis, for 250,000 Euros, has agreed to undergo some embarrassing challenges.
Boris Becker is given to the trash.

Former tennis, struggling with some economic problem, agreed to participate in a show on the private network RTL, "Becker gegen Pocher", a one on one between the tennis and presented the show, with embarrassing challenges: the launch of vegetables at the car wash dirty with padded overalls and soccer matches on a fly swatter with the ears.

Bum Bum seems to have grossed € 250,000.