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Sharam Diniz, the Luso-Angolan winked at Neymar

Sharam Diniz, 22 anos, vai conquistando vários sucessos internacionais (foto D.R.)

Sharam Diniz, 22, is one of today's most recognized models. Will adding numerous successes internationally. She blew that last year, the parade for the first time with the wings 'Angel' of renowned American brand Victoria's Secret.
Benfiquista assumed, the model Angolan fulfilled a dream in Spain meet Neymar. Vacation in Spanish lands, Sharam Diniz, along with her ​​boyfriend, found the star of Barcelona and took that moment to register by placing the picture on social networks. One moment, which, moreover, has boundaries and was reported in several parts of the world.

The heart of the classic

Again the classic league is about. And as we have been doing for years Rose Ball will look at the Barca-Madrid from another perspective. Off the field also played and it's time to shell the heart of classic and catch up on the relationships of the players of both teams. Some couples have the same for years and others are starting new relationships. Also we will present to new acquisitions and will explain unresolved tensions in a duel of beauty as there have been few. Let's start the 'one x one' of the classic Wags, line by line, and face to face
Yolanda Cardona (Valdés) / Iria Otero (Diego Lopez)
Victor Valdes and Yolanda Cardona are two veterans in classic and as a couple. The model and Barca keeper and have three children together: Dylan, five, Kai, born in November, and the little Vera, who came into this world just about three weeks ago. Yolanda Caldas born but raised in Cartagena (Colombia) came to Europe in 2000 and did not lack work. Some friends introduced him to Valdes and since then, about six or seven years, still together.
The goal is occupied Iria white Otero, Diego López woman's favorite Mourinho and Ancelotti has driven Iker Casillas. They married in 2011 and ten months after her daughter Zoe was born. Iria, which is Galician, not regular at celebrity magazines, but used if necessary to defend networks death Diego. He did when he was criticized and saved the removal Madrid against United.
On the bench:
Sara Carbonero (Casillas)
sara-blog-OK Pregnancy is making more bearable Iker bad time. The child will be born early in the year and the journalist and the goalkeeper are weighing a new adventure far from Madrid. We'll see what happens between now and the end of the season. Meanwhile, Sara is still one of the most popular and desired Wags the planet from that famous kiss after winning the World Cup.
Thaissa Carvalho (Dani Alves) / Carlota Ruiz (Arbeloa)
After separating from his wife, and mother of his two children, Dani Alves takes a while dating the Brazilian soap opera actress Thaissa Carvalho. The couple exceeds the distance with patience and love while so happens that they have become very good friends with Neymar and his girlfriend. In August, held Thaissa most Bruna age with a friendly dinner while Ney and Dani are almost inseparable in Barcelona.
Meanwhile, the right side of Madrid Alvaro Arbeloa, comes with Carlota Ruiz, a beautiful speech therapist, since both were 17. Both have 30 now and married in 2009. They have two children: Raul and Alba, who was born last May.
classis-(shak, pil)
Shakira (Pique) / PIlar Rubio (Sergio Ramos)
The Colombian singer is undoubtedly the most publicized of all the Wags the classic. His fame transcends borders and millions of fans are eagerly awaiting his first job after the birth of her first child with Gerard Pique, the small Milan, is almost as well known as their parents for their constant appearances on networks. Shakira is a global diva stands out not only for his art, but also for their involvement in helping disadvantaged children. For whites, Pilar Rubio highlights of the rear axle. Spanish Sexsymbol, the presenter has earned reputation also jinxed by the little success of their programs. Since shot to fame in 'I Know What hicistéis' many of his television projects have failed. Has a clothing line heavy style of music that he loves and that little house with her boyfriend prefers flamenco. This week, Sergio surprised on the show 'El Hormiguero' and made to mourn with emotion.
Vanessa Lorenzo (Puyol) / Ana Sofia (Pepe)
Barca captain going from model to model. After cutting with Malena Costa, now comes with Mario Suarez, Atletico Madrid, Carles Puyol found bliss with model Vanessa Lorenzo Catalan. The fruit of that love the couple waiting for spring the birth of their first child. Vanessa, who also has his own clothing line, is 35 years old and began working in the fashion world with only ten years, garnering a recognized worldwide success. Meanwhile, Pepe's wife, Ana Sofia, prefers to remain discreetly in the background. The couple had a daughter in 2012 and have been together since 2007.
Clarice Alves (Marcelo) / Manuelli Correa (Adriano)
To the left side of both teams also like their partners to be discreet. So with Manuelli Correia, wife of Hadrian, which brought together women from Maxwell children's clothing store in the upper part of Barcelona called Monnalisa. For his part, Marcelo and his partner, Clarice Alves, have a son, Enzo, and frequently hang pictures of the three social networks.
Daniella Semaan (Cesc) / Lena Gercke (Khedira)
Daniella, Fabregas girlfriend, has fit seamlessly into the ecosystem Barcelona. This Lebanese, twelve years older than the Arenys, and mother of two children from a previous marriage, won while still playing for Arsenal London. On arrival in Barcelona has been a close friend of Antonella Rocuzzo, the pair of Leo Messi, with which it shares many moments of leisure and, above all, the new motherhood of both. Daniella gave birth in April to Lia, the apple of the eyes of Cesc Fabregas. As Lena Gercke, Khedira's girlfriend, no doubt that is extraordinarily beautiful. Not for nothing is one of the most sought German model, who has starred alongside the Madrid more of a torrid perched for some magazine. The German gave a hint of warning during the last European Championship for dressing too sexy.
Anna Ortiz (Iniesta) / Vanja Bosnic (Modric)
Both Iniesta like Modric, two artists of the ball, are beautiful love stories. Andrew and Anna met in Mataró and quickly put the Blaugrana eye. Do not stop until conquer. She at first resisted but soon Fuentealbilla simplicity of the love. They have a beautiful daughter, Valeria, more than two years and were married the summer of 2012 at the Castle of Tamarit, in Tarragona, with the assistance of many teammates. Meanwhile, Vanja (29) and Luka (26) met in 2007 when he was active in the ranks of Dinamo Zagreb. The 'matchmaker' was neither more nor less than the player's agent, Mario Maric, as Vanja Mamic worked his sports agency. The sight immediately arose and soon lived together, she accompanied him to London in 2008 and it was not until two years later when they married ... penalties. In civil wedding and six months, Vanja sported a belly already well grown inside was the little Ivan, which has been three years.
Núria Cunillera (Xavi) / Nagore Aramburu (Xabi Alonso)
Xavi and his wife, Nuria Cunillera are another couple who likes to stay out of the limelight. They married this summer in Blanes, after almost two years of relationship, despite being known for some time to be part of the same circle of friends. The couple, which this summer followed by Ibiza paparazzi getting some pictures of her topless, spent their honeymoon in the Seychelles. Xabi Alonso and Nagore Aramburu have long been together. He will, be recovering from an injury, the vast floor of this classic. Both are characterized by elegance and have two children, Jon and Ane, of five and three years, and expect a third party to before Christmas. Nagore runs a clothing store.
Antonella Rocuzzo (Messi) / Irina Shayk (Cristiano Ronaldo)
Both very interesting, their relationship with their partners could not be more different. Antonella is the girlfriend of Leo lifetime. Rosarinos the two met as very young and she followed him to Barcelona. Always discreet, Anto has been a good friend, as mentioned, Daniella and Shakira. She and Leo have a child, the little Thiago, which boast on social networks. As for Irina, she met Christian when he and she were already rich and famous. Of humble origin both the Russian and Portuguese take quite some time together and surprised, and seeing her, appealed to a surrogate mother to have a child ... Every summer wedding bells ring, but still unmarried.
Bruna Marquezine (Neymar) / Emma Rhys Jones (Bale)
Last August Marquezine Bruna turned 18, Neymar's girlfriend, a star of the television in his country. This actress, who began work on soap operas from very small, it has gotten to the Brazilian public in the pocket. The worship. She was just about to win a dance contest Sunday prime. Brazil was second and half cried with her. Ney leaves with a year ago or so and both exceed the distance that separates them as best they can. Less well known is Emma Rhys, Gareth Bale's girlfriend, another debuting today a classic. The girlfriend of the man of the 100 million it is from the Institute in its native Cardiff. Both are 24 years old and was born last October their first daughter, Violet Alba. Emma does not like being exposed to the media, but his father, arrested in the U.S. accused of fraud, has been much talk.
Laia Grassi (Alexis) / Manon Marsault (Benzema)
Both will debut in a classic like Wags. Laia, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, Alexis out with for a few months. The designer and art director has won the Chilean Catalan and from time to time on the net hangs funny pictures of both. Manon Mansault also released, which this week confirmed on French television was Benzema girlfriend. Actress and participant until recently a reality can bring calm to the life of Karim, who has starred in several scandals. First with a minor prostitura and then a Belgian transsexual said have charged 8,000 euros for her sexual services.
Carolina Martin (Peter) / Jorgelina Cardoso (Di Maria)
For discretion, Peter and his beautiful wife, Carolina Martin, with whom he has a son, the little Bryan. Been known before the striker got on the first team and it is she who is responsible to cheer when they mark, based on some chicken wings prepare both loves. Her beauty surprised more than one when I participated in an interview for the magazine with other pairs of players 'red'. As Jorgelina Cardoso, I must say that in Argentina have you met Di Maria through internet. After fostering their relationship based on long e-mail, he went with him to Lisbon and Madrid. They married in April of prematurely born daughter Mia.

Rocío Oliva responded to the rumors of a pregnancy loss

Rocío Oliva y Diego Maradona
Rocío Oliva and Diego Maradona
Oliva Rocio was quiet and not clarified his situation before rumors began circulating about pregnancy loss. Diego Maradona's girlfriend took the floor and fired: "I do not fuck them." Look your answer.