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Virginie Caprice discovers cheer: Zlatan from Ballon d'Or

The photos of the French queen of predictions which is enhanced for poker Ibra and dedicates his vote ...


The Pandiani, father and son play on the same team

Walter "The Rifle" Pandiani, 37 years of success in European football, and his son Nicholas (19), were hired by the club Miramar Misiones, in the first division of Uruguay, and in a few days, for sure, will fulfill the dream of playing together a game of the highest category of a country, something that has rarely happened in the history of world football.
The Pandiani, in fact, already had the opportunity to be both professionally on a court disputing a party, although third division league of Spain. It was on May 12 when both defended the colors of Atletico Baleares, Palma de Mallorca club, which belonged to a few weeks ago. At that time only played together 64 'because Nicholas was replaced. Balearic Atletico lost 2-1 against Saint Andreu.
While Walter Pandiani has played with success at Deportivo La Coruna, Epanyol, Mallorca and Osasuna, and even in Birmingham, in the English Premier League, is very excited about this opportunity to return to play in Uruguay, to give a hand Miramar (committed in the points down) and do it together with his eldest son, who plays as a defender. "I am very happy to return to play Uruguay. And give a hand to Miramar" ", told the Ovation supplement of El Pais, Montevideo." He had a couple of years and trying to have the opportunity to play in Peñarol (last club where he played before going to Europe), but as a matter or another, did not. I said it was not the time. Miramar this possibility arose and I am grateful its directors and Gonzalo de los Santos "Peñarol one central midfielder and the Uruguayan, who two weeks ago took over as coach of Miramar.
The Rifle said of his son: "His natural position is the center right, but can play any position in the back four. And also as a central midfielder and as a winger got around to the right side. Of central one best looks, because it has a great vision and spectacular stuck so you plays the ball forty yards and puts you in the chest. Moreover, going well above and like to get on the ground to remove the ball clean. "
Meanwhile, junior Pandiani is excited because he knows that this possibility can grow as much as profesional.Los two are in Spain, training background. Come to Uruguay in the coming hours. And like little expectation of being able to share clothes and be able to play together, have another great incentive: the debut of both could be on 3 November, no less than against Peñarol in Centenario Stadium.

The look of The Princess Karina and her daughter from England

La Princesita Karina y su hija Sol
The Little Princess and her daughter Karina Sun
The singer is living a vacation surrounded by the love of his young daughter and her boyfriend Sol, the player Kun Aguero. Happy, shared a photo from the other side of the Atlantic alongside Sol alluding to Mother's Day.
The relationship between Kun and Karina is booming. Whenever they can, one of the two traveling toward the other hemisphere to reconnect. This time it was the turn of The Little Princess happened on Mother's Day on English soil with his little daughter.
Lookeadísimas and flooded autumn, is portrayed with the English landscape background for sealing a nice postcard.

Oliva Dew would have lost a pregnancy

Oliva Dew would have lost a pregnancy. Source:
A few months ago a rumor began about the possible breakup between Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva, as well as with subsequent reconciliation with Veronica Ojeda, the former of Fluff . However, the former Argentina coach and player have not only moved on but even they have fortified their relationship.
So much so that even would have tried to have a child. However, it turns out that the beautiful dew Oliva would have lost a pregnancy in recent weeks as Paparazzi magazine reports. That's why your mood is not the best, since according to this publication is "bajoenada". Perhaps this is the reason I have wanted to escape to Europe with her mother and brother.
However, this magazine also claims that to divert the focus of attention and not to address the issue in question, Diego Armando Maradona and his family would have preferred him to say that his condition had caused a cosmetic surgery. Thus, it seems clear that Rocío Oliva wants to give a son to former footballer, as rumored for months about possible state ...

Sara Carbonero debuts as blogger

"When no one sees me." That's the title that Sara Carbonero has chosen for the blog which premieres in Elle magazine website. It is also the name of "one of my favorite songs," composed and sung by Alejandro Sanz, whose chorus introduces its first post.
"Here I will share a little of me, that piece of life that so far nobody sees," a Sara Carbonero adding a sign in English, "that I have at home," which reads, in English, "friends and family get together here. " And that's your goal. CONVERT blog "in a special place, a meeting place to share the things that make me happy. The things I like. The no. "
Alongside this introductory post, the presenter and girlfriend of Iker Casillas, also hangs a photo montage in which tummy looks (or rather gut) of pregnant and ensures that he will go shelling the intricacies of the interviews done to ELLE.
He adds that "has always been averse to social networks" but now "it's time to make the leap to the network." And promises shelling "the amount of special things that happen in day to day. Now you can all see what happens when no one sees me. "

Balotelli approaches Fanny

'SuperMario' has decided to leave the villa of Limido Comasco and moved to Milan, where his girlfriend lives. Which wants to give a puppy.

Balotelli approaches Fanny - 'SuperMario' has decided to leave the villa of Limido Comasco and moved to Milan, where his girlfriend lives. Which wants to give a puppy.
Mario Balotelli is approaching his Fanny.

As reported 'Sport Mediaset', in fact, the center of Milan decided to abandon the villa of Limido Comasco where he has lived since March (and actually owned by Hernan Crespo) to search for an apartment in Milan. To live closer to his girlfriend.

And so 'SuperMario' has spent some time with Fanny, the inevitable attorney Mino Raiola and the factotum Rossoneri Erminio Del Signore for a walk in the Lombard capital, looking for a home that satisfied him.

But it is not enough the whole day on Thursday to convince Balotelli, who was so devoted to another mission: to find a stray puppy in the kennel of Mariano Comense. Another gift for his half, another difficult choice for the player who adds the source, in this case has not yet been able to choose the most suitable dog.

Eleen Nordegren The Mansion ADULTERY Built ... Is Almost Complete!

1024-elin-nordegren-Splash-02Elin Nordegren is thiiiis close to moving out of her substandard regular-sized mansion and into her North Palm Beach MEGA-MANSION ... 'cause the home Tiger's infidelity funded is almost finished.  New photos of the place show the property is in the final stages. It was reportedly scheduled to be completed in December, but by the looks of things it might be ahead of schedule.  Elin has been living in a $4.25 million pad across the street ever since she purchased the new property for $12 million back in 2012.  As TMZ previously reported, Elin knocked down the original home on the property so she could build her dream house ... a 21,000 square foot mega-home, complete with 9 bedrooms, a 600 sq. ft. theater, 1,182 sq. ft. kitchen and a 460 sq. ft. "ocean loft."  There’s also plenty of room for her two kids… the mansion comes with a 300-square-foot playroom and a 70 ft. by 40 ft. swimming pool with a 12-foot deep end.  And how does she have the money to fund such a gargantuan project? Simple ... she got $100 million in her divorce from Tiger Woods after learning he was bangin' every skank, skalliwag and skeezer he could get his paws on.1024-elin-nordegren-Splash-01

Larissa Riquelme: the source of a myth

Larissa Riquelme is in the limelight for his abandonment of Chilean reality 'Creepers', where he confessed that he was unfaithful Jonathan Fabbro. In Argentina, however, and as we told you, it is speculated that the player left River for having fattened considerably.
While the mess is resolved, it is time to remember the leap to fame known as the Bride of the World. It has done nothing less than the Argentine photographer Jorge Saenz, which released worldwide with his first photograph Paraguay encouraging wearing a shirt of this selection and showing a generous cleavage with a cellphone between her breasts.
"I was in the Plaza de la Democracia, in Asuncion, covering the celebrations of the parties of Paraguay in the World Cup. A brand of soda had a giant screen, that I often call 'Fan Fest' "recalls Jorge Saenz statements.
The Argentine, 55, who lives in Asuncion since 1989 and works for the agency 'AP' has not forgotten the time he achieved his most famous instant. "Suddenly, there was a group of models, which clearly were there invited by the organizer brand. A struck me Larissa, which did not know about her figure and beauty. I prepared the camera and gatillé ".
Jorge still can not believe all that has happened after world fame and Larissa reached thanks to your photos. "Actually we were several photographers taking to the same sector, but my first photo agencies entered and began to be replicated everywhere. Maybe because my image was liked the feeling that she was mixed among people when this was not really so. After that photo came from around the world to take pictures of Larissa, to left on a cover of a Serbian newspaper. Incredible ".
Met a while ago. "We called Larissa and me as we hugged and we took some pictures in the same place where that image came. It was fun but a little odd ".