Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sylvie wishes pregnant Sab and Raf 'the best'

After it was confirmed that Sabia is Rafael pregnant yesterday all eyes are on Sylvie. How the ex-wife of Rafael van der Vaart and former best friend of Sabia Enginek on the baby news? Responds Her response was especially adult: "I wish them both the best. Wholeheartedly! "Said Sylvie in the German newspaper Bild.
When Sabia is calculated, Ramon van der Vaart would not say yesterday when he confirmed the baby news. "It is up to Rafael or his girlfriend as official communications about to do." Next spring, perhaps? "That would just be," said the father of Rafael '

The rumor mill on the baby news is running at full speed for some time. In early August, Rafael on the terrace behind his new villa Hamburg spotted as he lovingly rubbed the belly of Sabia.

Last Sunday, when Rafael in the 67th minute scored a goal in the match Hamburger SV, VfB Stuttgart, gave the lovebirds again sending a signal off. Delighted about his goal sought Rafael said Bild, eye contact with Sabia cheering in the stands. When their eyes met, would Sabia proudly hand hardly have made. Visible on her belly As if to say: "Not only I, but also our love child is proud of you."

If Sabia next spring then she gave birth mother of four children. With her ex, footballer Khalid Boulahrouz, she has two very young children, son and daughter Amaya Daamin.

The separation between Sylvie and Bruno Rafael, according to Press almost round. The lingerie model takes as many as 4.5 million with the HSV-footballer. Their son Damian, half of the month living with his mother and the other half with his father and Sabia. A second child was not possible for Sylvie in her marriage with Rafael van der Vaart. At the AD told them candidly for the first time fully to recover from the treatment they underwent in the spring of 2009 after cancer was found with her. Hundred percent

Father Rafael confirms pregnancy Sabia

update Sabia and Rafael are expecting a baby. That the father of Rafael van der Vaart attached to the AD.
"Yes, we have a baby! We are very happy and thank our Lord for this. We also want to comment, because the pregnancy is still very early, "so let the couple know before the German newspaper Bild.

The mother of Rafael has also confirmed the news. Lolita late RTL Boulevard know that she has heard. Previous week 'Damián is also very happy. We go next week to Hamburg to go with them. 'Visit

Sabia already has three children, two with footballer Khalid Boulahrouz. Rafael van der Vaart has son Damian from the broken marriage with Sylvie. Rafael and Sabia forms since March, a couple.
The son of Rafael van der Vaart can not wait until he gets a half brother or sister. 'Damián is super happy, "says the mother of the star player in RTL Boulevard.
Monday it was announced that Van der Vaart (30) and his new love Sabia Engizek (35) expecting a baby. The 7-year-old son from him and Sylvie's grandmother as Lolita in the clouds by approaching the family. "He calls all day:" I get a little brother or sister. '

Lolita know since last week of the pregnancy. "It's awfully good news, your second grandchild. New life is always good news. " The gender of the baby makes its way little off. "If it is healthy. I have a grandson, so a girl would be nice. "

"Sylvie gets 4.5 million in separation '

According to the German magazine Bunte Sylvie van der Vaart gets around 4.5 million with Rafael after their divorce. The exact amount is dependent on the sale of their two houses in Bergen and Port Fairy, the magazine writes.
The former lovers were, have put on record that Sylvie would meekrijgen on divorce as the marriage progresses duration, with a maximum of 5 million euro. More money before they married in 2005, After a marriage of 8 years, the amount now amount to 4.5 million euros. On top of getting the presenter according Bunte even alimony for their 7-year-old son Damian.

The ability of the footballer would be about 24 million euros. Sylvie was in Germany a sloppy 2 million per year raking her presentation work.

The two were known early this year to part ways. Meanwhile, Rafael a relationship with the former best friend of Sylvie: Engizek Sabia, the former footballer of Khalid Boulahrouz.

Nicole Minetti, the conquest of Ibrahimovic before face Portugal

Nicole Minetti, antiga dançarina e vereadora de Lombardia (foto D.R.)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the biggest star of the national team of Sweden, Portugal opponent in the play-off for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
The duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, 15 and November 19, promises to spark but until the time comes, the PSG striker seems to be ... bill in other fields.
According to Italian media, Nicole Minetti, a former dancer accused of arranging prostitutes for Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian Prime Minister and owner of AC Milan, has often visited the Swedish striker in Paris.
According to Italian website Resport, Nicole Minetti, model and former councilor of the region of Lombardy, was in Paris this month and there are more than a year that goes to the French capital to meet, allegedly with Ibrahimovic.
Remember that Nicole was involved in the Ruby case, having been accused of recruiting prostitutes for parties at the mansion of Silvio Berlusconi.
Ibrahimovic is already married to Helen Seger with whom he has two children: Maximilian and Vincent. However, in addition to Nicole Minetti, also model and presenter Sylvie van der Vaart, former wife of Rafael Van der Vaart, Hamburg's Dutch midfielder, has been appointed as lover Swedish striker this year.