Tuesday, 22 October 2013

He advanced religious wedding!

Diego Forlán y Paz Cardozo
Diego Forlan and Cardozo Peace
Diego Forlan and Cardozo Paz are now husband and wife before the law, now, the couple planned to get married by Church on 12 December. However, it was confirmed that the player will marry one day ahead of schedule.
Alejandra Forlan, the sister of the footballer, told the Perfect Summer program, which airs on Teledoce that the ceremony will be at St. Joseph Church on the Mount of Carrasco, on 11 December, and then there will be a big party.

The new love of Benzema

The rumors were increasing in the last few days until, finally, the French actress Manon Marsault, acknowledged in a television program in your country have an ongoing love affair with Karim Benzema.
The Real Madrid striker, who regularly makes news for their sexual adventures (involved in a case of prostitution with a minor and recently embroiled in a scandal with a transsexual, Virginia Dorval, which would have paid eight thousand euros for sexual services) could be trying to settle down.
And the relationship exparticipante explained the reality of 'the island of the three truths', is progressing well and revealed that frequently travels to Madrid to attend even to Karim at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Manon, 25, confessed to being in love with the white player and seems to have come to a good start in his family circle as he has put online several photos with brother Karim.

Irina: "Cristiano knows how to make me happy"

Irina Shayk is not customary to talk about his private life when he grants an interview. Usually shows discrete and elusive when asked about his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, but this time it has made an exception for Vogue magazine, whose latest cover occupies the Russian model.
"I'm enjoying my relationship. It is the perfect support, always by my side and know how to make me happy. I understand perfectly well understands my work, something very important to me. I love my profession and traveling, so I need my partner to understand what I'm doing and give me energy to it, "said first opening the doors of their innermost feelings.
Irina recalled that Christian met through a mutual friend and since then their relationship has been very strong despite the constant rumors of infidelity crisis and have them surrounded. "Sometimes I can be a challenging and Christian person makes true displays of patience to deal with my character, so I also do my best to offer my support when needed," he explains.
Despite the time that you have been together, no wedding plans or maternity. "Like any woman, I also want to have children, a family and many animals. But are things you can not plan, must stem the right time and you never know when it will be for you, "he said.

Asprilla, no to porn

"It 's one of the strangest things I have ever planned in my life but I would never accept."

Asprilla, no to porn - And 'one of the strangest things I have ever planned in my life but I would never accept.
No porn movies for Faustino Asprilla.

The former Parma striker did not let groped by a proposal from the Santa Latin Media, a manufacturer of hard film, which has published on its website a letter to him as an actor. In particular, Andrea Garcia and Christian Cipriani, head of the company, they had put into the pot 20 million pesos (about 8000 euro) for a week working on set.

"It 's one of the strangest things I have ever planned in my life but I would never accept," the resounding no to Asprilla.

For Laly there is a row

The clerk and model of Lima posed for a photo shoot with the Nerazzurri.

For there is a row Laly - The clerk and model of Lima posed for a photo shoot with the Nerazzurri.
From Thailand to Peru: Inter Erick Thohir apparently knows no bounds.
E 'of Lima, in fact, the model Laly Jaime, to celebrate his faith football and, presumably, to celebrate the arrival of the company in Asia tycoon, has become immortalized wearing a coat Inter reworked for the occasion.
Laly, 95-62-97 its measures, we define "model in your spare time." The comely brunette is an official public: its main use is at the registry office of the State. Who knows what row to his door!