Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Laura Cremaschi time prediction for Roma-Napoli

The photos of the showgirl, again struggling with the # momentopronostico that made her famous, and not just on Twitter: "The big match will end in a draw Rome-Naples»


Angry Wozniacki is tired of gossip: "No, I'm not single '

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Caroline Wozniacki should soon in Luxembourg at the box against an unknown American, but for now she has other worries on her mind. For example refute the rumors that her relationship with topgolfer Rory McIlroy is over, just to say something.
"I'm so tired of that gossip," explains the former number one in the Danish press. "Whenever Rory and I have been together a few days or anything on Twitter writing, it about. It do not make sense, from now on I'm going to keep my private life really private. Annoying is that the media and the so-called sources constantly spreading rumors. They just write what they want. For clarity, all mustache sits between us and I would like to live without all these speculations.

McIlroy himself avoided at a press conference in Seoul every question about his love life. "Private is private and so I would like to keep it," said the Northern Irishman.
star sounded even in different media that Wozniacki 'would have been the love break broken.

Grandpa wins 150,000 euros after debut grandson

Harry Wilson the ball from under the noses of Eden Hazard. © photonews.
A 62-year-old Welshman has made ​​the case last night of his life. The man had more than 13 years ago bet that his grandson, who was 18 months old, would ever play for his country. An international competition
When Harry Wilson in the 87th minute filling in for Wales against the Red Devils, meant a profit of 150,000 euros for his grandfather. It was the British betting shop William Hill today announced the news. The grandfather of Harry Wilson had just under 60 euros deployed on January 17, 2000, and that a rating of 2.500 to one.

Youngest ever
Wilson junior, 16 years old, was last night evening also the youngest ever Welsh international. He plays for Liverpool since he was eight years old, but never came out for the first team.

Meeting of beauties! Women of the Barcelona superstars gather to watch the movie

Woman Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo, posted late on Tuesday on his personal account on Instagram encounter with the wife of Cesc Fábregas, Daniella Semaan, and a third friend to watch movie. The caption of the post, the beauty published:
- Fun night! # # Bomfilme read & thiagoaindadormindo - wrote the wife of Argentine playmaker.
James and Leah are the sons of Messi and Fabregas, respectively.

Martina demolishes Balotelli

The Colombari is tough with SuperMario: "It does not give a good example, a great player does not do this. My husband would not be allowed to 3% of what he did."

Martina demolishes Balotelli - The Colombari is tough with SuperMario: Not a good example, a great player does not do this. My husband would not be allowed to 3% of what he did.
Martina Colombari against Mario Balotelli. The wife of Alexander Costacurta, interviewed by telephone in the course of 'The Mosquito', broadcast by Radio 24, strongly attacked SuperMario and its excesses.
"But, we give you the chance to play yet? At home I have a husband AC Milan - remember the former Miss Italy - with a 25-year career has never allowed us to 3% of what until now has combined Balotelli. winning And even more, maybe. Balotelli I find it difficult to defend. "
"He complains about the fact that we all have it with him, but should wonder why - adds Colombari -. Fights with everyone, even the people who work with the cameraman. It has behaved like a rude, I even said to my son Achilles. "
"No great player would dare to do what it does Balotelli, what it cost him to set the alarm and go to meet with the minister? Whole team went there, except him. If you are a symbol you have to set a good example, it is difficult for a parent to pass the attitudes of Balotelli as good examples. It combines too many, but the fault is not his, but who allows it to behave like this, "is the analysis of Mrs. Costacurta.

Ilary no strips for Roma

"No way," replied the lady who asks Totti - during de 'Reservoir Dogs' - whether it will give a striptease to the Giallorossi fans in case of victory of the season.

Ilary no strips for Roma - No way, Ms. Totti responds to those who ask - in the course of 'Reservoir Dogs' - whether it will give a striptease to the Giallorossi fans in case of victory of the season.
"Stripping in the case of the Roma Scudetto No, no, no way." It was Sabrina Ferilli, godmother of the red and yellow party in 2001 to suggest Ilary Blasi to inherit the role and promise of a strip in the case of winning the championship. But the answer of Mrs. Totti was clear and succinct.
E 'come during the program' Reservoir Dogs', which leads to the beautiful showgirl Roman since 2007. Pressed on the issue by 'Ultras of VIPs', Ilary rejected the request without appeal. His refusal is adamant. It is already happening hunt for a new candidate for a possible title strip.

Melissa wants a baby

Boateng's girlfriend confesses his desire for motherhood: "I'm happy if we have a beautiful son 'chocolate', I'm white as snow, I hope to take from him."

Melissa wants a baby - Boateng's girlfriend confesses his desire for motherhood: I'm happy if we have a beautiful son 'chocolate', I'm white as snow, I hope to take from him.
The love between Melissa Satta and Kevin Prince Boateng is booming. The Sardinian showgirl has confessed to the weekly 'Who' and spoke of his desire to expand the family.
"I'm happy if we have a beautiful son 'chocolate', I'm white as snow, I hope to take from him," said the former tissue about his desire for motherhood. "Every moment could be the right one. If this happens, so be it, would not change my job: pregnancy is not a disease."
"I knew that, fidanzandomi with a footballer, I would have to travel a lot. When you are in Milan on business I miss the evening to go home and not find Kevin waiting for me. So the next morning, I take a plane and join him," added Satta .

David and Victoria Beckham belongings auctioned

David and Victoria Beckham auctioned their belongings. Source:
A few days ago we reported that David Beckham and Victoria Beckham had decided to sell the famous 'Beckingham Palace', which has been his home for the past 14 years. Well, it turns out that the most famous couple in the UK also wanted to get rid of some of their belongings.
And is that as says the British press, former footballer and former singer auction have chosen some of the furniture and other items they had in their previous home because your new home is much smaller, so they needed rid of some junk. "After making the decision to sell" Beckingham Palace ", David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have realized that it is impossible to accommodate all your valuables in your new home in London, because it is much smaller than his previous mansion" says the Daily Mirror.
Yet and in other matters, the British media have also published the amount of money that is bagged Beckham family day fashion brand who currently runs his own Victoria Beckham. And, according to the calculations, the former Spice Girl and her husband embolsarían a total of $ 160,000 every 24 hours ... What a Paxton!

CR7's sister and Jennifer Lopez duet??

Katia Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister, is promoting her album 'Boom sem stop'. To this end, the singer gave an interview to a television portuuesa in which he made some interesting confessions about his brother.
Obviously, it did not say it was a "crybaby" as did her mother in a recent interview, but he did continue what it means to live in the shadow of a very famous personality. "There are two sides to be the sister of Christian: a very good, by the recognition you get, and another less good because I have to work twice as hard to prove that I am not only Christian's sister," he revealed.
Katia, very funny at all times, said: "I also know about how many touches to give the ball" and, and more seriously, confessed that could be close to fulfilling his dream of forming a duet with Jennifer Lopez. "Everything is on track to occur," said the singer who recently starred in Madrid.

Sabine, comfort Carew

John Carew finally retired from football practice earlier this year, when they beat the tests he underwent at Inter Milan. Moratti wanted a player with experience like this happened Norwegian striker for Valencia. But it was not and the towering striker was forced to hang up his boots despite himself.
But we all like to have, in difficult times, the support he received upon retirement. Neither more nor less than his girlfriend, Sabine spectacular Jemeljanova a Latvian model of only 22 who is winning in style at the international level, but especially in the UK, which is one of the most quoted.
A regular at page 3 of the tabloids and the most prestigious men's magazines such as Loaded or Nuts, Sabine just starred a new perched, this time topless for Front Magazine. As you can see, it looks a irresistible charms undoubtedly are the best consolation for John Carew. Enjoy!

The rush of love Daniella Semaan to Cesc

Love's outburst towards Cesc Daniella Semaan. Source:
Daniella Semaan made a very difficult decision for more than a year. The Lebanese chose to leave her husband to join Cesc Fabregas. And the truth is that the beautiful model is getting happier after taking such a decision, as demonstrated once again in social networks.
And the sexy Daniella Semaan has dedicated some beautiful words to Cesc, with whom he had his first child together just over six months. "He would spend nine lives with you," confessed the explosive in the network model. And as expected, with these words has left a beautiful image that is both smiling and very attuned. Thus, it seems clear that Daniella Semaan is more than love with her boy ...
In another vein, speaking in code and Madrid, also noteworthy that Sergio Ramos seems to be getting better with Pilar Rubio. This was demonstrated by the merengue Central on Twitter, where he posted the following message on Saturday to mark the festival of Pilar: "Congratulations on your day sweetie! Life is a gift! ". Along with these words, Ramos also left a link to the song Axel Celebrate life, with quotes from the most romantic ...