Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cheryl Cole is single again

Cheryl Cole au Festival de Cannes le 19 mai 2013

Exit Tre Holloway! Cheryl Cole has ended her relationship with the dancer in the month of June. Despite the breakup, the two former lovebirds have remained good friends ...
Cheryl Cole is to take heart again. The spokesperson for the singer told the Daily Mail that she had ended her relationship with dancer Tre Holloway. According to the Sun, their relationship long-distance would cause them to break. "Cheryl and Tre have made ​​sure that their relationship works, but the distance and work commitments were due to them," a source told British tabloid . Indeed, if the English singer resident in the United Kingdom with his two dogs, Buster and Coco, Tre Holloway, he lives in the United States.
Also according to the Sun, the two former lovebirds are separated last June but remained on good terms. Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway were spotted together for the last time on September 30, while attending a match Football. Although they seemed relaxed, the Daily Mail said the singer and the dancer did not give to the hand. While the announcement of his break spreads, Cheryl Cole spoke on Twitter to thank his fans for their support. "Thank you for all of my heart. I love you. You're amazing," he does she said. No doubt Cheryl Cole can also count on the support of one of his best friends , the singer Will.I.Am .

New coach Levski get after a day on

Ivailo Petev, presented yesterday as the new coach of the Bulgarian top club Levski Sofia, has announced today that he resigns now. At the press conference yesterday Petev was attacked by angry Levski fans, who could not live with the fact that he is the former coach of archrival Ludogorets.
The 38-year-old Petev Tuesday was appointed as successor to the Serbian Slavisa Jokanovic, who was fired after a disappointing run of results. Yet the Levski fans were not happy with the new coach, there Petev between 2010 and 2013 was coach at rival Ludogorets Razgrad. In addition, he is to cherish for city rivals CSKA Sofia. By supporters suspected sympathy

During the presentation a thirty supporters penetrated and forced the man to Levski-shirt that he wore at that time, take off. "It's terrible what happened Tuesday," let Petev excited to know. "I have this terrible situation discussed with my family. The conclusion is that I do not want to work in such a hostile environment. "

Today Petev decided he did not want to work in those circumstances and promptly offered his resignation. President Todor Batkov gave also immediately note that assistant coach Antony Zdravkov will lead the team. Until the winter

The unique television pictures of the 'robbery' by the hooligans of Levski went all over the world. Following the heavy-handed intervention was director Nasko Sirakov immediately resign.

Petev would this year's fourth coach who would go. Started at the 26-times champion He led in previous years Ludogorets to two national titles.

Sabia and mother Rafael fun in Amsterdam

Sylvie van der Vaart enjoys with her ​​7-year-old son Damian from a vacation on the coast of Miami. Sabia Engizek entertained in the meantime with the ex-mother of Sylvie. Along with Lolita van der Vaart Sabia, the new girlfriend of Rafael, in the cozy Jordaan.
This is evident from a photograph mother Van der Vaart last night put on Facebook .

Last New Year clapped the relationship between international football and Sylvie. A few months later it was announced that Sabia, in the past one of the best friends of Sylvie and Rafael have a relationship.

"If Daniel does not want to see my son is perfect, but I assume and take charge"

Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena Barón
Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena Baron
Nina, the former Daniel Osvaldo, continues its media claim to get the player to "take care of his son." In addition, state insists on not seeking money but fight for the baby "to have a father figure."
In "AM", she referred to the current boyfriend of Jimena Baron and accused him of being irresponsible and noted their lack of commitment to the care of his son Gianluca. "He promised he would call the baby three times a week on fixed times. He managed well because I could not just sit by the phone until he called, however, did not comply. Two weeks I was waiting for the call that never was ".
"I would love for my son tomorrow, can have a relationship with his father. I did what I could, so I got angry that Daniel told you I'm the one who does not want to see".
"The mistakes and successes will always rest on me because I'm alone. My baby knows he has me, I need to be with him as a mother and not neglect it. Means help me but for me it is not easy to tell my life on television. I did because I had no choice. "

Cesc Fabregas helps her daughter take her first steps

Cesc Fabregas helps her daughter take her first steps. Source:
Over the months we have to realize that Shakira and Gerard Pique are addicted to social media, especially after the birth of little and famous Milan Pique. However, another Barca futbolsitas increased activity in social networks is Cesc Fabregas, with the arrival to the world of his daughter Lia, also publishes frequently in the network.
In fact, Barca midfielder just shared with all his Twitter followers a video which shows a doting father. And in this little clip, good old Cesc Fabregas not only plays with her small, but it also helps to make your first steps, which will soon occur considering that soon turns six months.
Thus, it seems clear that the '4 'Catalan knows how to take care of her daughter and is very proud of the family that has formed with the sexy Daniella Semaan, as they often share images of the two women in his life or devotes loving states. Thus, it seems that the little Lia Fabregas will start walking soon, something that makes the popular Thiago Messi ...

Who dedicated his book Kun Aguero?

Since the news broke that WILL launch of his book, speculation about possible acknowledgments were growing day by day. With the book in the street, the mystery ended. And the lucky ones were, as might be expected, his son Benjamin and his girlfriend Karina.
"My son Benjamin, light of my life", was the last and most important thank lines written by the player. In between, was his girlfriend and also family and friends.
His brothers and teachers, as he calls them, were also mentioned. And while it takes several years working in different countries of Europe, was his country that figured in this book: "I dedicate it to Argentina".
Although many were betting that by mentioning the little Benjamin had a word for the woman who helped him reach the world, Gianinna Maradona, none of that happened.

Francesca does Masaniello

"In which country a man is sentenced to pay € 3 million per month ex-wife and there is a revolt of opinion?".

Francesca does Masaniello - In which country a man is sentenced to pay € 3 million per month ex-wife and there is a revolt of opinion '.
Francesca Pascale, from the pages of today is back to talk about Silvio Berlusconi: "When I started to live with him I found an unacceptable situation, I just did what had to be done, a bit 'of cleaning. In many took advantage of him ".

"People can not explain why the president has chosen me: it was full of beautiful women and took me who are not 'I'm great. If I were superstitious, I should turn the house with incense. The truth is that I hold the head I tell him what I think, I do order and he likes, "he added.

"In which country a man is sentenced to pay € 3 million per month ex-wife and there is a revolt of opinion?", The opinion of Pascale concerning the separation between Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario.

Laia, the girlfriend of jugadorazo

"The Bride of Alexis shows her pussy" . The story, titled with a point heel for our fellow SPORT website has been much talk this week. But as the feverish minds should have deducted immediately upon seeing the photo that accompanied the headline, the subject was simply explained textual history of Alfonso, the pet rabbit in the street Alexis picked after a 'persecution' half an hour.
The news, however, something was missing. Neither more nor less than present Alexis's girlfriend, which we do gladly from Her name is Laia Grassi and Catalan breaks and tears.
Gorgeous, blonde hair and blue eyes, the art director and designer has stolen the heart to 'boy wonder'. He is with her for a few months, but their relationship seems increasingly consolidated. There is more to see the photos hanging Laylis, as he calls himself in the networks, which convey happiness next to each other.
There is no doubt that the influence of Laia in the extraordinary time of play by crossing Alexis has been notorious. It seems that his side has found emotional stability has provided enough confidence to convince the Camp Nou.