Friday, 4 October 2013

Virginia Gallardo ... flirting with Riquelme?
A few weeks ago, some Argentine media spread the rumor that David Trezeguet had begun a secret affair with the tremendous Virginia Gallardo , whichever girlfriend Guillermo Garcia, the Argentina team player volleyball. Indeed, a few days ago, a reporter said in the program AM (Before Noon) they were going to live together .
However, the latest reports suggest that they the alleged affair between Trezeguet and the blonde no place. In fact, the Argentine media now say the lush Virginia Gallardo could have an affair with Juan Román Riquelme, the former Barça and Villarreal.
According to the Daily Chronicle, the Argentine midfielder would have gotten the phone from the star and would have sent several messages to arrange a meeting with her ​​in order to know. Anyway, Virginia Gallardo itself has denied their relationship: "It's okay with Riquelme. I do not know, "he confessed to To all this, added that everything is false: "They said I was looking for and I mensajeó? Nothing is true! "He noted the model. So ... you will be with Trezeguet again? Will you be alone ...?


Olympic Hurdler Lashinda Demus My Husband Strangled Me, Threatened to Kill Me

Olympic hurdler Lashinda Demus -- who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics -- says her husband tried to strangle her and threatened to kill her ... and she's now desperate for protection ... TMZ has learned.

Demus just got a temporary restraining order against her husband, Jamel Mayrant -- who was arrested and jailed a couple of weeks ago for domestic violence.  She claims the attack left her with bruises and a lump on her head.

The restraining order also protects their twin 6-year-old boys and her parents -- because she claims he threatened all of them as well.

Demus also claims her husband is trashing her and damaging her career, saying in court docs,  "I'm a professional athlete ... so I need no derogatory emails, pictures, texts, phone calls released about me on the web or to other people."

The restraining order requires Jamel to stay 100 yards away from Lashinda, the kids and her parents.

Bianca, following his father's bad habits ... Gascoine

Bianca Gascoine, filha do sempre polémico Paul Gascoine (foto D.R.)
Bianca, following his father's bad habits ... Gascoine

The name does not disappoint. Bianca Gascoigne, 26, is the adopted daughter of the first woman ever controversial Paul Gascoine. Bianca became known for revealing details about his life with his stepfather, who allegedly beat her mother. In 2006 won the reality show loves Island, and in 2010 admitted to having silicone implants in the breast.
Gazza, as it is also known, admitted addiction problems with alcohol for the first time in 2002, and has been hospitalized a few times to try to recover from the problem without success. This one of the reasons for cutting relations with Bianca.
Still, the adoptive daughter of Paul Gascoigne seems to have inherited the bad habits of former England midfielder. At least judging by a video that traveled over the Internet in 2009, which shows the young heiress filmed in an advanced state of intoxication during a photo session. Lady of unique beauty, Bianca is a British model that we give to know better ...

A mansion soccer tailored to Messi

Awe. From forefront. Moderna. And also very soccer. So the house is designed for Lionel Messi in the exclusive neighborhood of Pedralbes in Barcelona. Why soccer? An aerial view of the project allows to see that forms a "10" between the porch and the main house, and in turn that zero is hexagonal in shape, like a ball. Although it is clear that Jorge Messi said it had no link with the ideologue of the mansion, the architect Luis de Garrido, and asked him to disprove his alleged link with the footballer .
"There are about 20 symbols that identify it. The most obvious are at 10, so beloved by Messi, and football. But the house is full of symbols, "de Garrido, famous for its eco-homes and for being a favorite of the stars, as the model Naomi Campbell.
Of course that's not the main symbol that would reflect their creator. "The most important is the duality and self-imposed, which are its main characteristics," de Garrido Square Meter program. The land is divided half on land, with a large lawn, and the other portion is a mirror of water located behind the house.
"In my architecture, and then attempt to excite people any happier, it helps in the symbol. I think it forms intrinsically related and that Messi enthused, "explained the architect, who explained that the structure of the house is" removable prefabricated elements ".
The house, designed to Messi, is like a soccer: a rectangular, a central circle consists of a two-story house that appears to be a ball, a landscaped half and the other with a pool, which simulates the opponent . A luxury.


Range Rover £90m Gareth Bale is a Range Rover Sport man 
“Porsche Cayenne - outrageously expensive and thirsty, it’s near perfect”
WHO’D be a millionaire footballer? It must be a nightmare for the poor lads choosing their wheels.
You’d think Premier League players would just pick the biggest, brashest, priciest vehicle around.
But the Range Rover Sport has been named their fave for the third year in a row in a survey by men’s magazine Nuts.
Will it top the table again next year? With wages rocketing like never before, don’t bet on the Ford Fiesta overtaking it. Meanwhile, here are the current Top 10:
ONCE again this year has seen universal love for the daddy of all SUVs. It’s fast, full of tricks, looks awesome and is made in Britain. Drivers include: Darren Bent (Fulham); Jon Obi Mikel, John Terry (both Chelsea); Scott Parker (Fulham); Luis Suarez (Liverpool); Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney (both Man United); Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea); Danny Rose (Tottenham).
Price: up to £61,900. Top speed: 140mph. Power: 385bhp. 0-60mph: 7.2 secs.
Motormouth says: How cheap! It’s less than half a week’s wages.
New to the top 10. Ferrari’s most aero-efficient motor ever.
Drivers include: Mathieu Flamini, Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshire (all Arsenal); Frank Lampard, John Terry (both Chelsea); Micah Richards (Man City); Luis Nani (Man United).
Price: £169,545. Top speed: 202mph. Power: 562bhp. 0-60mph: 3.4 secs
Motormouth says: Ultimate poser’s machine. Surely they can’t all want to play for AC Milan.
Bentley Continental [GETTY] Bentley Continental 
No round-up of top-flight players’ wheels would be complete without the GT‚ the Downton Abbey of the nation’s training ground car parks.
Drivers include: Samuel Eto’o (Chelsea); Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel (all Liverpool); Gael Clichy, David Silva (both Man City); Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young (both Man United); Wes Brown (Sunderland); Jermain Defoe (Tottenham Hotspur).
Price: Up to £132,150. Top speed: 195mph. Power: 200bhp. 0-60mph: 4.8 secs.
Motormouth says: With only room in the back for their boots, obviously their wives run the kids around.
For the second year, this massve SUV pips its equally road-hogging rival the Q7 to second spot. Could it be the speed of the Turbo that the Prem stars love? Drivers include: Scott Parker (Fulham); Steven Gerrard, Kolo Toure (both Liverpool); Yaya Toure (Man City); Tom Cleverley, Robin van Persie, Chris Smalling (all Man United); Younes Kaboul (Tottenham Hotspur); Carlos Cuellar (Sunderland).
Price: Up to £90,790. Top speed: 173mph. Power: 550bhp. 0-60mph: 4.8 secs
Motormouth says: Outrageously expensive and thirsty, it’s near perfect.
Since its inception in 2004, this British beast has become a bona fide favourite with the famous football-playing folk. Very cool, very fast, very nice all round.
Drivers include: Darren Bent (Fulham); Frank Lampard, Juan Mata, Fernando Torres (all Chelsea); Gareth Barry (Everton); Glen Johnson (Liverpool); James Milner (Man City); Peter Crouch, Matthew Etherington (both Stoke City); Jake Livermore (Hull City).
Price: Up to £128,653. Top speed: 190mph. Power: 470bhp. 0-60mph: 4.6 secs.
Motormouth says: It’s a beauty. Peter Crouch must have bought it for his wife.
Lamborghini Gallardo [GETTY] Lamborghini Gallardo 
A slightly better showing for the Italian stallion this year. Nice!
Drivers include: Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa); Ashley Cole (Chelsea); Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, David de Gea, Luis Nani, Wayne Rooney (all Manchester United); Stephen Ireland (Stoke City).
Price: Up to £149,990. Top speed: 196mph. Power: 520bhp. 0-60mph: 3.7 secs
Motormouth says: Uncomfortable, impractical and as last week as Roberto Mancini.
Here’S a new entry to the footballers’ top 10 fave hot cars.
It’s the General Motors-built Yank beast that brings a touch of the NFL (American Football League) to the English Premier League.
Drivers include: Joe Allen (Liverpool); Alex Buttner, Luis Nani (both Man United); Petr Cech (Chelsea); Tom Huddlestone (Hull City); Cheick Tiote (Newcastle United). Price: Up to £40,025 Top speed: 157mph, power: 312bhp, 0-60mph: 5.4 secs.
Motormouth says: Not much fun and strictly left-hand-drive, it may be time for a transfer abroad. Bye bye.
All the flash of a rubber-burning motor. Drivers include: Thomas Vermaelen (Arsenal); Romelu Lukaku (Everton); Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool); Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri (both Man City); Guly Do Prado (Southampton); Robert Huth (Stoke).
Price: Up to £122,623. Top speed: 188mph. Power: 430bhp. 0-60mph: 6.8 secs
Motormouth says: Fantastic and practical motor that proves that some players actually have brains.
Audi R8 [GETTY] Audi R8 
MAY have dropped in popularity as the SUVs continue to muscle in on the top 10, but the slick style and super six-speed gearbox means it still makes all the right (gleefully grunty) noises for the boys.
Drivers include: Petr Cech (Chelsea); Tom Cleverley (Man United); Jose Fonte (Southampton); Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, top, (both Arsenal); Micah Richards, David Silva (both Man City); Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur).
Price: Up to £113,645. Top speed: 186mph. Power: 500bhp. 0-60mph: 4.0 secs.
Motormouth says: Makes a packed Wembley seem as quiet as a coffee shop. One of the greats.
If it’s German muscle the Prem’s finest are after, the Q7 has it. .
Drivers include: Kieran Gibbs, Bacary Sagna (both Arsenal); Fernando Torres (Chelsea); Rio Ferdinand (Man United); Steve N’Zonzi (Stoke City); Mousa Dembele, Emmanuel Adebayor (both Tottenham Hotspur), Chris Brunt (West Brom).
Price: up to £95,260, top speed: 155mph, power: 500bhp, 0-60mph: 5.5 secs
Motormouth says: Hideous looking, planet pounding monster that explains that arrogant image.

Fag ash Wil

England ace, a girl and what looks like a ciggie

England star Jack Wilshere with pal
Smoking gun? ... England football ace Jack Wilshere

ENGLAND football star Jack Wilshere appears to puff on a cigarette on a night out with pals.

The Arsenal midfielder was snapped early yesterday outside a London club chatting to a blonde reveller.

Arsene Wenger says he will talk to Jack Wilshire and "disagrees completely with that behaviour" after pictures emerge of midfielder smoking.
 "Wilshere is a very important player here, my future plans have always been built around Jack."

Here, the Kaiserslautern-star of his girlfriend on Sunday devoted another goal

Heidis Top-Model verlässt Idrissou

Berlin - Two weeks ago, licking scandal professional Mohammed Idrissou and Heidi's ex-Top Model contestant Diana Ovcinnikova in love with the camera (FIG) reported - now the love is over already!
After only one month!
BILD found: The couple separated earlier this week. The supermodel announced her new love on the Internet status with the telling quote: ".'s Love keep calm Yes I am Single"
Why the love luck ended after such a short time? Diana told BILD: "He's a great man, but we're just too different."

Idrissous model girlfriend PICTURE For she talks about the "dangerous" love

At the end of the model drew their consequences - and made short work.
They told BILD: "He's gone to the training, I packed my things, when he came back, I was gone. I'm just traveling a lot, Mo did not like it. You know, we moved in together three weeks ago. I live in Dortmund, he in Frankfurt. This is a distance. He had promised me that if I go to him I can see my friends on the weekend. When he did not agree then, I've packed my things. "
So that it could quickly be over with love, no one had expected beforehand: both published in recent weeks unambiguous Love poses at Instagram. Idrissou forms even after the 3-1 win Kaiserslautern on Hertha in the cup with his hands a heart.
"We met each other at a party six months ago, are really together since September," Diana told at that time in the PICTURE interview. "Mo is the sweetest person I know. He is golden. "
In the end, all is not gold that glitters ...