Thursday, 3 October 2013

For the former coach David Beckham, Victoria has dragged down

David Beckham accompagné de Victoria Beckham à la soirée "Global Fund and British Fashion Council" à Londres, le 16 septembre 2013.
Alex Ferguson, the former head of Manchester United returned to the exchanges they had with David Beckham when he officiated in the club and according to him, his marriage to Victoria has not helped.
Victoria Beckham would it hurt the sport career of her husband David ? This is at least what think Alex Ferguson, the former coach footballer, who was for twenty-seven years at the head of Manchester United , the team that made ​​David Beckham an icon of English football. It was during an interview with the U.S. that Sir Alex Ferguson spoke about his experience with the football television.
And according to him, things began to deteriorate at the meeting between the player and the singer Victoria Adams, then a member of girls band leader at the time, the Spice Girls : "His life changed when he . married the daughter of the Spice Girls and her desire also changed "because the former coach, who had known David Beckham quite young, did everything to become a star:." When I took him under my wing, he was twelve. His greatest dream was to play the best football. It was a hard worker, he trained tirelessly. "
Yet awareness of David Beckham has grown after her marriage. But Alex Ferguson is convinced that this is what has dampened the ambitions of his former protege, and the choice he made ​​after his move to Real Madrid : "I could not believe he was going to Los Angeles . I could not understand. " After playing for the LA Galaxy, David Beckham spent six months in Paris Saint-Germain , before announcing his retirement sports.

A scandal involving Daniel Osvaldo, the boyfriend of Jimena Baron

Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena Barón
Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena Baron
The actress, who a few days confirmed her pregnancy, is on everyone's lips. Her partner and father of her son is accused by ex-wife of "deny divorce" and "abandon" their child. "No Gianluca takes over and I have understood that neither does the two kids he had with an Italian architect."
The player is legally married to Nina, a Argentina with whom he had to Gianluca (7 years). "We ended the relationship when I learned that I had been unfaithful but we are seeing. He told me I was the love of his life and even sent me songs ... then I knew I had two children with Elena Braccini an Italian architect ' .
"13 months and a half ago has not seen my son. Nowadays we legally married because although it began proceedings, there is no willingness on your part to end it. Still owes me for food as there were seasons that I passed the baby weight. now gives me what was prescribed by the court which is something minimal and temporary. "
Nina said in "Intruders" has nothing against Jimena Baron or the unborn baby, but claims that paternity Osvaldo assume all the responsibilities that entails. "I forgave him many times he was in love but h oy, all I want is to give me a divorce."

Born the daughter of Victor Valdes and Yolanda Cardona

Born the daughter of Victor Valdes and Yolanda Cardona. Source: twitter
Victor Valdes has been the last to add a new member to the select club of Barca BabyBoom. And that Yolanda Cardona tremendous Barca goalkeeper wife, just gave birth to little Vera in a hospital in the city of Barcelona. In fact, it has been the goalkeeper who reported the birth of her third child.
"My wife Yolanda Cardona and I welcome the world to our daughter VERA. Welcome Princess! "Wrote the Catalan footballer on Twitter. So, just a couple of days after a memorable performance (yet another) against Celtic Glasgow, Victor Valdes returns to be congratulated. Thus, after Dylan and Kai, now comes the little Vera. Congratulations.