Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Yolanthe: 'Biggest dream is to become a mother'

Yolanthes greatest happiness is her husband Wesley © bruno.
Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau has once again highlighted the importance of family life for her. Her big dream is to one day become a mother so 'with Wes to form a nice little family.
The football woman tells a personal account of her plans to entertainment magazine Big . "I think being pregnant, carrying a baby with you and then be able to reveal the most extraordinary experience ever in the life of a woman."

Wesley is therefore very important for Yolanthe. "My greatest happiness is my dear husband Wesley. He makes me laugh every day again. This is important because not laugh one day ... If I'm busy and too much work to take me, he is the one who supports me and just pulls me out of the hustle and offers peace, "she says. "Where we live in this world, Wes is my home, with him I feel most happy!"

Yolanthe not panic to fine

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau. © ANP Kippa.
Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is Wednesday called the AD to report to the district court in Leeuwarden. But according to the wife of Wesley Sneijder, there is no reason to panic.
"There was a fine open on the car in which a friend of mine and Wesley drive," explains Yolanthe out on RTL Boulevard. "It's been resolved."

Not the first time
In 2010, Sneijder-Cabau happened already the same. The court in Leeuwarden searched her then also because of failure to pay a traffic fine. The first penalty and subsequent reminders and court orders were at her old address in Volendam have ended. Yolanthe then quickly promised to pay. Ticket

Justice publishes once in a while the names of people who have outstanding fines, but which may be the address. Not obsolete

Imma vs. Francesca

"Anyone can live in comfort and luxury," the enlightened thought of De Vivo, already a fan of Silvio Berlusconi.

Imma vs. Francesca - Anyone can live in comfort and luxury, the enlightened thought of De Vivo, already a fan of Silvio Berlusconi.
Imma De Vivo, one of many young fans of Silvio Berlusconi, with 'Diva and woman' says his love life dell'attempato politician.
"Francesca Pascale has always had ambitions in the entertainment world and dreamed tv. Should not be ashamed. Yet the image that was meant to create in recent months, along with Silvio, is very far from reality. Official engagement after she changed attitude. before we felt we were often on the phone and we met also Arcore: We spent many afternoons walking and doing shopping together. But then she has gradually moved away.'s not so difficult to make a woman president ... all are capable of living in comfort and luxury. Francesca And I see that you fell very well already in the side. "
From De Vivo comes the final touch to the president of Milan: "I remember before the election guests said to us one evening. 'After the vote, I'll leave ...'. Evidently he changed his mind, but it is a phrase that struck me very much because he explained: 'I do not fall in love more than anyone. The last person I loved more than my children is my ex-wife. And I hate to say this, however I feel a great affection Francesca "'.

New love for Fico

The end of history with Balotelli is now behind us: Raffaella paparazzi with Gianluca Tozzi.

New love for Fico - The End of History with Balotelli is now behind us: Raffaella paparazzi with Gianluca Tozzi.
The story with Mario Balotelli is now definitely over for Raffaella Fico, who seems to have finally found a new love.

For some time there were rumors of an affair with Gianluca Tozzi, Umberto's son singer, but Wednesday "Chi" has published photos of the two attitudes in unequivocal.

Fico was paraparazzata while kissing music producer with twenty-seven on the terrace of a super luxurious hotel in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

Lukas Podolski 'fight' boxing in order to recover from injury

Arsenal player and the German national team, Lukas Podolski follows its activities to recover from a hamstring injury suffered last August 27 in Arsenal's victory over Fenerbah├že, the preliminary round of the Champions League.
Podolski had to stand for almost 10 weeks because of injury. But the player was keen to show that his recovery goes from strength to strength. He posted a photo on his facebook profile, on the morning of Tuesday, which appears in the 'fighting boxing' as part of treatment.
"I'm 'fighting' every day for my return ..." said the striker on your profile.

Holly, passion for Kun

HOLLY-YES Many of the girls that appear on page three of the British tabloids seek more fame proclaiming their devotion to a team or player in the Premier League.
However, not everything is opportunism and there are some who really feel the colors. This is the case of Lucy Pinder, the fanatical 'supporter' of Southampton Pochettino, or Holly Peers, who some time ago released its absolute devotion to Manchester City.
Holly has posed several times in the shirt of the 'Citizens' and revealed that his favorite player is the Kun Aguero. Feel unstoppable passion for the Argentine and he is confident that duel of giants for his team and Bayern Guardiola remain in the group stage of the Champions League.

Edurne: or wedding or pregnancy

edurne climax 2
Edurne is coming out. Just released to the market 'Climax', the fifth album of his career, and is proving quite a hit. The quality of their songs, in English and Castilian, confirm that, indeed, and as she says, is "at the peak of my career and my personal life."
The singer, who these days promoting his album, not giving interviews. In a the ABC did not hide when talking about her private life and her relationship with De Gea, the Manchester United goalkeeper. "We took it very well because we are both very busy with our careers. There is time for everything. In the end, time passes very fast working and when we have a couple of days, we took it. We are two hours, in fact, we're not that far. We must seize that our careers are at the peak, in the climax. If you can and are known to combine, the distance is not a problem. "
So far, no wedding plans. "We are very good, very happy. For now, we will live day to day and that has to come will come. " Not pregnant. "Children? No, no ... We're very young. " So one Edurne clarito stopped prettier every day.