The number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic, has announced via social networks is committed to his girlfriend, Jelena Rist ic. "Let me introduce you to my fiancee and future wife," wrote Djokovic, 26, in a tweet linked to a photo of Serbian tennis player kissing his girl, also Serbian. "(I'm) so happy! Thank you for the fantastic wishes # NoleFam and friends!" He added. The engagement took place on Monday in Monte Carlo, where the couple resides, and the wedding could be held late next year, according to the edition of the newspaper Blic .
Ristic is known for tennis fans as usually attend dressed very fashionable parties of her boyfriend and is also the director of his charitable foundation. She is 24 years and since 2005 has stood Player. Since he completed his studies in Milan can be seen next to the Novak family in all their matches. Djokovic sees himself Jelena   his amulet   and has been said: "With it won stability in my game, and is great value, very stable and makes me completely happy."
Novak Djokovic y su novia Jelena Ristic en el Festival de cine de Cannes (I.C.) Novak Djokovic and his girlfriend Jelena Ristic in the Cannes Film Festival (IC) Although it is a complete unknown in the Spanish media, Jelena Ristic is known in the international press for its beauty and always carry an alternative styling increasingly accompanying Djokovic in competitions. For her tracks are a fashion. However, its final landing at the media focus took place on the red carpet at Cannes 2012. Among celebrities and flashes, the couple took the opportunity to give Serbia a romantic kiss, while dozens of photographers captured the moment that would go around the world.
Djokovic and Jelena reside in Monte Carlo and, although the player is often the subject of media headlines in sports, the two try to cultivate a low profile. In fact, as with Xisca, girlfriend of Rafael Nadal, has never given any interviews or statements. Hundreds of photographs only encouraging the current world number one tennis.