Thursday, 26 September 2013

'Slim' Yolanthe asks Wesley as a personal trainer

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau do not need to worry about excess pounds. Her husband Wesley Sneijder will, as her new personal trainer, make sure Yolanthe can always keep walking. Flirty on the red carpet
This week, the football wife a prestigious award from magazine Grazia. The newly blonde received the prize of the evening, the Red Carpet Style Goddess Award in a tight cobalt blue evening gown. It was clear that Yolanthe much exercise to keep her. Figure in shape Hubby Wesley will go there now to assist her.

Personal trainer
Back in Istanbul Yo slept badly, she writes in her newsletter. "I had to get up early this morning, because my dear husband dragged me to the gym. Do not worry, I asked him for my own personal trainer.

Wesley will not just cut corners, said his wife. "If you ask a real sportsman to something serious to deal in the sports world, then he takes it seriously." Yolanthe is pretty tired after her first training session, she confesses. "It feels like I'm dying," she says with a wink.

Four or five times a week
And while Yolanthe been much longer trains. They said earlier in an interview with the AD. "Four or five times a week I get a half hour on a treadmill and I do a workout of 20 minutes. Quite common. "

Is that many training necessary? Her slim line calls lately a lot of criticism in the media. In the magazines is Yo 'skinny' or 'too thin' called. They find themselves not absolutely that she is too thin , she said in the same interview. "I am slim."

Irina Shayk looks back and topless

Irina Shayk looks back and topless. Source: instagram
Undoubtedly, Irina Shayk is one of the most beautiful and stunning women on the planet. Precisely, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo is also one of the listed models and market desired by both brands of clothing and lingerie as various magazines and publications, to use their pull to maximize your sensuality.
Well, it turns out that the famous and renowned VMan magazine has had the privilege to capture the tremendous Irina Shayk poses in one of her most sensual and fiery on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. In fact, this time, to the Russian model she can be seen wearing not only her incredible curves, but also showing more flesh than usual.
In one of the screenshots, which has raised the social profile of the magazine on Instagram, she can be seen showing off a thong bottom with little covers you while at the same time cover a breast is devoid of bra. Also, in the following screen you can guess many of her breasts through the transparencies as insinuating you saw ... That said, you'd better stop with the above screenshots. Let's enjoy it!

Single Again, Adriano falls in samba

The abatement order by Adriano engagement with the dental student, Renata sources, it seems that did not last long. On Wednesday, a cousin of the Emperor registered player in over a samba organized in your home.

Complaint against Martina Hingis beat because husband

© photonews.
update The Frenchman Thibault Hutin, the husband of Martina Hingis, claims to be his wife and mother. beaten , reports the Ghanaian website . The Swiss Hingis, the former number one women's tennis. The couple has been married since December 2010, but would again live apart for some time.
Hutin (27) called the news itself to the Swiss newspaper and describes in detail what happened to him. "On Monday I had a fight with Martina and her mother, Melanie Molitor. Both pounced on me and started beating me and scratching. I tried to defend myself but then hit Mario's partner Melanie, me with the DVD player on the head. I walked injuries to my head, my neck and my right arm.

"The doctor also has symptoms of insomnia and anxiety state established. I am afraid and wonder what the next will be. A bullet? I do not know. I have therefore decided to go to Paris. I'm safe here, has become the ground to welcome me underfoot. Still, I love Switzerland. It is unfortunate that I got caught up in this clan and am married to a woman who cheats me constantly. "

The spokesman for the Swiss police in the canton of Schwyz confirms marital problems in house Hingis. "We are called Monday by the husband of Hingis stating that there were serious problems in the family," it reads. "We have intervened to control the situation."

By Martin Hingis, her mother Melanie and her stepfather Mario submitted a complaint of aggression, threats and damage to material things.

Martina Hingis is currently in Tokyo for the 30th anniversary of the local WTA tournament, which she won himself five times. Normally, the Swiss office there in doubles, but last week promised them for personal reasons. About the marital strife with Hutin does Hingis remained silent. Her stepfather Mario calls the accusations of Hutin laughable.

For now lives Hutin in a hotel. The 32-year-old Hingis was not available for comment.

Goalkeeping coach Barça cheek caressing Messi's girlfriend

In Barcelona video is all very familiar to it, at least judging by the scene in the video above just before Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad. Jose Ramon de la Fuente, the goalkeeping coach of Barça, there was on the bench a source of inspiration for Antonella Roccuzzo, the girlfriend of none other than Lionel Messi.
First the huddle seemed harmless, but when the goalkeeping coach openly Roccuzzo stroked the cheek, sat Mrs. Messi is still uncomfortable with. The strange scene is interrupted when hubby Lionel Messi appears on the scene out of the tunnel. With a broad smile Messi's girlfriend's eyeball and son Thiago takes over.

Note in the video also on the role of the third person on the couch, a little scornfully as 'Big Black' defined. As a kind of bodyguard annex baby he keeps a watchful eye and captures smoothly Neymars son Davi Lucca

All candidates for Miss Bumbum 2013 (y3)

As promised. Here's the latest batch of candidates for Miss Bumbum 2013. There are nine, completing the 27 finalists (one for each Brazilian state) involved in the final of the competition. All aspire to be chosen as having the best butt in Brazil. There is nothing ...
We remind you that the mechanics of the contest includes five most voted for this first phase will accumulate points for the following (5 pts, 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively), score will be added to the mark obtained in the second phase. The classified from the sixth to the fifteenth included, will also this second phase. From the sixteenth onwards, participants with fewer votes, will be eliminated.
The second phase of the election will take place on November 30. That day, a jury of ten persons appointed by the organization, will vote for the champion and two bridesmaids. Vote after judging its aesthetic in a parade in swimwear, elegance in dress and sympathy during participation in the event.
The winner, plus get the honorary title of Miss Bumbum 2013, will pocket a prize of $ 5,000. The second and third will be 3,000 and 2,000 respectively.