Sunday, 22 September 2013

Veronica denies being the new 'chola' Simeone

Stir in the press Argentina in the last few hours has aired a possible romance between the coach of Atletico Madrid, the 'Cholo' Simeone, and Veronica Perdomo, who recently agreed to a tour of the model to Madrid.
Veronica herself denied that anything happened between them, but many media have not believed his version. "We went to the court of Atletico and I met him, nothing more," he said. The model traveled to the capital of Spain with a friend, daughter of former San Lorenzo, and ensures that only Simeone made them 'greeter' in rojiblancas facilities.
"Simeone and I talked, yes. But to greet us and then when we explained some secrets of the museum and the club, "he revealed, adding that" the next day my friend and I went to Ibiza. Neither had dinner or anything that was said. "
The model insisted that "nothing happened Simeone. Let's see, is good and all, I look cute. But from there for something to happen ... I do thing, poor thing. I feel bad because I come from the other side. What I want is to date an athlete or someone in the middle. Also, living in Madrid ... The did not send me any text messages or I communicated, even though I can ask my friend contact. But it does not ... "
When he insisted some means compromising photos existed, but reiterated his refusal with a knowing smile which some interpreted as a confirmation.
Anyway, the truth is that Veronica Perdomo recently separated advertising director Juan Chappa. Beside it experienced the most difficult of his life when, in 2009, suffered a stroke (cerebrovascular accident), of which only four percent of people who suffer are retrieved. Veronica, fortunately, but he got while fighting the disease lost his father and brother.

Ibra-Minetti, rumors of flirting

The Swede and former regional councilor is frequenterebbero for a year. And, according to 'read', a friend saw Nicole particularly happy ...

Ibra-Minetti, rumors of flirting - The Swede and former regional councilor is frequenterebbero for a year. And, according to 'read', a friend saw Nicole particularly happy ...
After Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It is not the first time that Nicole Minetti ends at the center of a gossip pallone, but the voice of a beautiful relationship between the Regional Councillor and former Swedish ace is sweeping the gossip columns.

A talk was the portal 'Resport', according to which the attacker Paris Saint-Germain frequenterebbe Nicole even for a year. The passion was born in Milan, Ibra would have known where the explosive 28-year old from Rimini. And the two were recently revised, spending a few days in intimacy in a luxurious hotel in the Ville Lumière.

According to 'read', a friend of hers would have leaked the news, reporting a Nicole happy of his new friendship. Now we await confirmation by the parties concerned. Or at least some shots convict.

Tamara,? Heading to Camp Nou?

In recent days there have been persistent rumors that Ezequiel Garay, Benfica's Argentine defender, could be chosen by Tata Martino center for the winter. If the operation were to materialize, with him come to Camp Nou his spectacular wife, Tamara Hat.
Coinciding with speculation about the signing, Tamara is also double star of today. On the one hand, has returned to pose for the magazine 'Frontline' and on the other, has reached and surpassed the magic number of the 10,000 fans on Facebook (on Twitter has more than 320,000).
It's not the first time that Tamara Hat poses nude for 'Frontline'. I did three years ago and in the October issue featured on the cover and in a large photo report which is characterized as three of his artistic idols: Madonna, Katy Perry and Rihanna. Tamara also be honest with the reporter Torito and confesses that he likes the sex toys and gives no morbid sex on a football locker room.
Although they started out there were rumors of alleged infidelity, the fact is that the passage of time has shown that Tamara and Garay are a couple indestructible. The winner of the Golden Rose Ball 2011 and footballer living separately for their professional obligations but, as can, catch the plane to be with each other. Tamara says he's so in love as the first day: "If I ever leave my husband, when I go to bed with another man, I have to turn off the lights to imagine I'm with Ezekiel".
Tamara, who shot to fame from the program "Women and men, and vice versa ', is now a luxury Tertullian, coupled by Maria Teresa Campos in the program' What time so happy '.

Djokovic: wedding in sight

djoko-yes If Djokovic seems to have its days numbered as number one (Nadal is about to snatch that condition) seems also the case with being single. And is that Novak is closer up to the altar. I have acknowledged both he and his girlfriend Jelena restic and basically just need to put the date.
"We've been together for eight years and planned a future together because we really want many," said the tennis player Tennis Earth Sebio the portal. "We find emotional stability to each other, which also helps us in our career," said Novak.
Jelena also admitted that the wedding will not wait too. "It is the natural course of things," he said. Also already thinking about having children. "When we have children, they will inherit great genes from both sides because my mother was a handball Olympic champion," explained

Fanny Neguesha excluded from 'Dancing'

According to the press, would have been the presenter Milly Carlucci to oppose

If you thought that being the girlfriend of Mario Balotelli would open the doors to the world of entertainment, obviously he was wrong: the poor Fanny Neguesha was ready to participate in the new edition of 'Dancing with the Stars', but apparently the hostess , Milly Carlucci, objected.

Several factors have led to the exclusion of Fanny, reported by the weekly 'Diva e donna': his public image (and that of Supermario) that was not considered suitable for the program, but also the 'push and pull' with the famous boyfriend who turns into a 'former' intermittently.

In conclusion, nothing 'Dancing' for Fanny: be comforted perhaps with some other viral video dedicated to Supermario Balotelli?