Friday, 20 September 2013

Rafa Nadal: "It's uncomfortable when I stop my girlfriend"

Rafa Nadal: "I hate when I stop my girlfriend." Source:
Rafa Nadal has become, along with the top model Clara Alonso, on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair, will fulfill its fifth anniversary this year. And as expected, the publication has focused rather on discovering his human figure not squeeze your athlete status.
In fact, the player has shown its most personal and intimate, while also spoke about his relationship status with his girlfriend Xisca. For one, the Spaniard has talked about the values ​​of which usually demonstrates on the track, such as modesty and humility. "If as a public image I take is that of good people, humble and hardworking as you follow those values. And although I do not believe that I represent, that also follow, "says Rafael Nadal.
Also, about your girlfriend has noted that "the name of Xisca have invented it means, she is named Maria Francisca Perello". In turn, said that he gets to stop bothering him when he goes to her: "I do not mind if I stop down the street, the problem is when I go with my girlfriend. First detained two people, but then accumulate and, if they are many, are uncomfortable ", highlighted the player. Thus, it seems clear that Rafa Nadal likes to indulge in his girlfriend without anyone bothering you around ...

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