Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Naked and as warriors: fight hockey girls to compete

When club officials decided to dispense with the women's hockey team on skates, players founded a new entity and made a video appealing to attract sponsors. One of them, Argentina, spoke Watch the video of the campaign "Do not leave us naked"

The Igualada Hoquei Clubí, one of the most powerful and historic hockey skates Spain, decided to keep for next season only men's team and dismiss the female. The output of the sponsors that kept the Catalan, one of the leaders of the Women's League OK, participant of the European League last season and customary provider selection players to Spain, was the reason that caused the sudden determination. What did the players? Far from sit idly took to try to change the adverse situation. No succumbed to the financial crisis affecting Spain and sought alternatives. They formed the Even Femeni Patí Hoquei Club. And with a campaign that included including pictures of all players naked and dressed as warriors, looking to get ahead.
The story began when in an official statement the directors of Igualada Hoquei Clubí said: "Given the lack of companies willing to collaborate in the world of sport and the constant subsidy cuts become increasingly difficult setting club budgets that do not generate deficits. This forces us to make decisions that are tough, yet understand they are also inevitable to be consistent in managing economic cost that should have the club ".
The Argentina Solange Albares Cetrángolo, player of Igualada, told: "When we were expelled by the Even Hoquei Club was the feeling of having nothing, of being destitute and without time to react, registration, records, workouts deadline ... all cost money and which have not. decided to fight for what we believe just yet convey hope and strength to the players who come and like many are going through similar situations contempt women's sport. Spot The idea was Jordi Besa, who told us we could go without clothes as it is something that is clearly what happened: we were left with nothing. leave also painted the idea of war, to express the strength of struggle within us and that we will use to get ahead, to train, to play, to create school. therefore the decision was very simple and quick, all the players wanted to fight and also the members of the current board, which are an essential part of this project. "
The athlete, 27, born in Buenos Aires and who emigrated to Spain with his family during the crisis of 2000, noted: "Our family and friends are still of great support and help, as many of them have become partners and encourage us to continue fighting. believe we are doing something very important not only for us but also for women's sport for hockey and in my opinion for education, sport is a very powerful tool as a transmitter of values, cooperation, improvement, equality, value ... are some of the wonders that gives us ".
Watch these beautiful and young athletes in the video without clothes, under the suggestive title of "Lead us not into balls" and struggling to reintegrate into the hockey-class in Spain is very popular sport, similar to the acceptance in the Argentina in the provinces of San Juan and Mendoza-had a huge impact. A few days later there were more than 120,000 clicks. He added Albares Cetrángolo: "So far we have raised about 50 partners and a collaboration of 2,000 euros made by the company Gabarró, located in La Pobla de Claramunt, Barcelona. We are grateful but we still have a long way to go, since this is only 30% of the budget of the season.'ll be very grateful to receive any contribution from any corner of the world. Obviously any team looking to achieve maximum performance and compete for the top, but we are aware that we are in one of the strongest leagues in the world in the sport before us, therefore we will focus on training every day to the fullest, improving every week and let us skin in every game. "

'Dilma Jackpot' want to assume the presidency of Vasco

Dilma Jackpot, fake profile of President Dilma Rousseff, did not hold back on her Twitter account after another defeat Vasco in the Brazilian Championship. To get the house of San Gennaro, she pretente assume the presidency of the club in place of the trustee Roberto Dynamite. Dilma Jackpot

Girlfriend says English player who has the best 'airbags' in the world

Helen Flanagan and boyfriend Scott Sinclair player of Manchester City, left all humility aside and said he has the best breasts in the world. Is she really hitting this jackpot?
Helen Flanagan likes to abuse the necklines to enhance the front commission
Helen Flanagan likes to abuse the necklines to enhance the front commission (Disclosure)
Helen Flanagan 02

Pele is mocked by his foolish predictions World Cup [VIDEO]

Pelé es motivo de burla por sus desatinadas predicciones mundialistas [VIDEO]
Fans of the Colombian national team pray former Pele astr or for any reason have to Colombia as a favorite the 2014 Brazil World Cup , because their predictions are always unfortunate.
In a campaign that has been called " PeléFavoritosNo "which appears in a video circulating on the Internet, a group of fans remember the dire prediction of Pele in 1993 when Colombia considered favorites to win the World Cup USA 1994.
"20 years ago delirábamos of happiness, we classify the United States 1994, goleamos (in previous games), we were the best, and were favorites to be champions. Unfortunately we were also favorites of Pele , fell into the curse of Edson Arantes, the Football Nostradamus, "say the followers of Colombia in the video.
The team then headed by Francisco Maturana , who caught the imagination of Colombians with a big role in the U.S. World was eliminated in the first round to the frustration of millions of his followers.
The Colombian fans also recall that the predictions of Pele on World became bad for Germany, Spain and even Brazil itself.
Therefore, as a plea, fans are asked to not include Colombia , which is one step to get the qualification for the World Cup in Brazil, among his favorites.
"We want a good World Cup, we want to get away and we want, for no reason we have Pele as favorites. Pele Colombia no ", emphasize the authors of the initiative.
Finally make a call to all fans of the Colombian team to join in a single message on Twitter: " # PeléFavoritosNo ".
"Let's do whatever it takes to tell Pelé in radio, television, Twitter or Facebook to ' Colombia not my favorite, '"added.
With two days to finish the leg qualifying World Cup South America, Colombia is second in the standings with 26 points, three behind the leader, Argentina , and will last Barranquilla rivals Chile and Paraguay in Asuncion.

Floyd's Baby Mama to GF Karma's a Bitch ...

And So Is Floyd's Penis

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s current GF better not get too comfortable ... because the boxing legend is banging at least SEVEN other women behind her back -- so claims Floyd's baby mama Josie Harris.

Harris called in to "TMZ Live" today to explain her beef with Floyd's on-again-off-again girlfriend Shantel Jackson, after Jackson allegedly ripped off her 10-year-old daughter's dress at the big fight in Vegas on Saturday ... but the beef wasn't the bombshell.

Harris is clearly pissed, but says Jackson has bigger things to worry about than some 10-year-old's dress ... namely Floyd's parade of women he's banging on the side. You gotta watch the clip!

All that said ... Harris still feels the designer who sold Jackson the same dress committed a "cardinal sin" in the fashion world. Listen below.