Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sylvie van der Vaart

Heißer Bade-Urlaub mit neuer Busen-Freundin!

  Sylvie van der Vaart: Holidays with new bosom-friend!
Friendship can be so sexy: Sylvie (left) in blue and gold bikini and Danie in "Chanel"
St. Tropez. It radiates. Boisterous and happy.
And let the worries back in Germany. RTL presenter Sylvie van der Vaart (35) consoles himself with the late summer sun in chic "Club 55" - and her new best friend Danie Bles (35).
Increase Sylvie van der Vaart and stylist Danie
Chic and hip and very doll friends: Sylvie van der Vaart and stylist Danie
Danie who? The slender brunette comes from a Dutch textile family, star stylist and created a clothing line ("By Danie") in them., Even a T-shirt named after Sylvie (59 EUR)
Now Daniels is one of the closest confidants of Sylvie. And could use a new best friend good.
  Sylvie van der Vaart and the men: "The divorce is handled with Rafael!"

Sylvie van der Vaart

Neymar receives affection of son in Spain

The Barça playmaker and the Brazilian national team, Neymar Jr. received view filhão David Lucca on Tuesday in Barcelona.
The player posted on his profile instagram some photos with David. Neymar, as a good "doting father" took advantage of the free time to play and give your child.
"...... Acordouuuu! Kkkkk "was what he said Neymar in your profile, as David took just asleep when he arrived to Barcelona, ​​because of the long flight from Brazil to Spain.
Neymar Jr. will have to make enough free time with his son. The player goes into the field next Wednesday to face Ajax in the Camp Nou, at 15:45, in the Champions League.
Beautiful love of father and son, is not it?!

Innovated! Wife of ex-Milan player shows up on the Web

The model Martina Colombari, wife of former Milan player and the Italian national team, Alessandro Costacurta, decided to innovate in the category of "self-promotion". The muse has published on its website a video that chronicles all the photos with their daily lives. With images beyond hot!
"Martina In_visible" is the title of the video that shows the sequence of "egoshots" the muse.
And then, approved the idea?
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Almost naked pianist pleases supporters Corinthians

Almost naked pianist pleases supporters CorinthiansMany followers video has Rita Tibes aka Suzy Pianista not on Twitter, but that would be a snap could change. Blessed with a wonderful set of hands and (admittedly) a handsome body plays the 32-year-old Brazilian films in the accompanying anthem of Corinthians.
And on special request of the supporters of the new team of Pato (ex-Milan).

Suzy Pianista plezierde with its performance not only the supporters of Corinthians and by extension the entire football world, they would also allow them promote women's football into the bargain. "It is time that women's football is valued. We have fantastic players. Just look at our Marta (one of the best players in the world, ed), of whom I am a big fan. Women really have their place in the world of football. "

Erika fans of the 'Roja'

The model has sworn to love the Spanish national team and is looking forward to the 2014 World Cup in order to support their idols.

Erika fans of the 'Roja' - The model has sworn to love the Spanish national team and is looking forward to the 2014 World Cup in order to support their idols.
He hopes to see Spain win their second title in a row. Erika Werner, professional model, is also passionate about football.
The blackberry supporter of the National Iberian will have the opportunity to see first hand the eleven Del Bosque this summer, when you open the twentieth edition of the soccer World Cup hosted, as noted, from Brazil.
His favorite is the striker David Villa, passed at the last session of the market from Barcelona Atletico Madrid.

David Beckham Tattoos Victoria Beckham name

David Beckham Tattoos Victoria Beckham name. Source: abc.es
A few months ago, David Beckham said during an interview with French television how he fell in love with Victoria Beckham and how he began to court her to go out with him. Well, it seems that despite the years, former midfielder for Manchester United and Real Madrid continues to worship his wife even more than then.
And is that even David Beckham has wanted to honor his love for his wife tattooing his name on the right hand. In fact, English has been allowed to see her new registration during the fashion week in London, which has come precisely with the beautiful and dazzling Victoria Beckham.
Thus, the player wanted to again express his feelings for his wife, who, in fact, gave him the tattoo. With this, they will be 34 and join David Beckham in his body. Thus, it seems clear that his love for his wife is still intact even with the passage of time ...

Irina Shayk does not expect a child of Christian

Irina Shayk Is she pregnant? That is the question many people did after watching the conclusion of the three goals that Cristiano Ronaldo Galatasaray endorsed him. The Portuguese got the ball under the shirt as a pregnant belly and put a finger to his mouth simulating a pacifier.
The question, however, did not last long and soon became known that the Russian supermodel and girlfriend of player is not expecting his child. The dedication was, more or less, that for the Portuguese newborn nephew. Also on Tuesday came to the world the son of his brother, Hugo Aveiro and uncle made him a girl for a while. Now the Portuguese star brother and his wife already have Christian couple and celebrated as the occasion demanded.
For now, remember, Christian and father once was, but the mother is still an unknown cristianinho which states that the player came to pay twelve million by its surrogate.
Irina, who has gone on more than one occasion that he would like to be a mother, will have to wait ...

Ney Bruna consoles after defeat

Neymar not involving lost his girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, in the final of dance contest 'Dança dos Famous'. Blaugrana striker sent him messages of encouragement before the start of their involvement and also arranged for comfort after being ranked second after the actress Carol Castro.
"I congratulate Carol Castro and all the participants. And CONGRATULATIONS princess especially for you ... Because of your progress every day, every baille to each rhythm ... In life people never wins it all, but always learn from defeat ... And what is true is participating! I will always be your fan and to me you are the winner rsrs ... I love you. Saudades ", wrote an affectionate Neymar on Instagram.

Meet the candidates for Miss Bumbum 2013 (1)

Brazil looking your best 'bumbum' (ass) of the year. After a hard and competed screen, each of the 27 states elected their candidate brasieños and now all face in a vote open to the public. Until 25th November there is time to vote for the girls at this early stage of the competition, after its latest edition, which gave you a full account elbalonrosa.com has achieved widespread global impact.
The mechanics of the contest includes five most voted for this first phase will accumulate points for the following (5 pts, 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively), score will be added to the mark obtained in the second phase. The classified from the sixth to the fifteenth included, will also this second phase. From the sixteenth onwards, participants with fewer votes, will be eliminated.
The second phase of the election, which will Felizardo Carine's successor (Miss Bumbum 2012), which can remember clicking here , will take place on November 30. That day, a jury of ten persons appointed by the organization, will vote for the champion and two bridesmaids. Vote after judging its aesthetic in a parade in swimwear, elegance in dress and sympathy during participation in the event. The gala will be similar to last year, a huge success that you see here.
The winner, plus get the honorary title of Miss Bumbum 2013, will pocket a prize of $ 5,000. The second and third will be 3,000 and 2,000 respectively.
We propose to meet the candidates. As they are 27, I will be presenting at the ends of six days sucesivs, enclosing four photographs of each. Here's the first installment. Enjoy!

Cesc Fabregas and his good cheer to the children of Elie Taktout

Cesc Fabregas and his good cheer to the children of Elie Taktout. Source: Instagram
As you know, Cesc Fabregas has started to form their own family in a little over a year and a half. It all started when I 'stole' the entrepreneur Elie Taktout to what was then his wife, Daniella Semaan tremendous , with which Lia conceived . With the Lebanese model conceived her first daughter, little Lia, who came into the world just over five months.
However, a few weeks ago was a Taktout Elie own property for the employer could pay you a pension that is already the mother of his daughter , which caused the billionaire defined as a "dumb 25 years I stole my wife ". Well, it appears that neither Cesc Fabregas win sympathy from his former girl with his latest Twitter post.
Turns out the '4 'Barca has shared a photograph on that network in the next to the two sons of the said Elie Taktouk, who landed in your home as Daniella Semaan took custody. To all this, the image is accompanied by the following words: "" With two incredible people I adore @ mariataktouk @ josephtaktouk4 ". Pus Thus, it seems clear that Cesc Fabregas maintains a very good relationship with the two children with her partner ...

Brondby Amateur bared breasts quirky celebration

Aficionada del Brondby mostró los senos en peculiar festejo [VIDEO]
The club Brondby IF, one of the most popular and traditional teams of Denmark, finally won a game this season, after beating 2-1 OB home. The strange thing: this heated holding fan.
After the game, television cameras drew the crooked, and found this interesting picture. This woman could not contain his joy, and decided to take off his shirt and light its beautiful attributes.

Apparently, football in Denmark has reached other levels. A few weeks ago, two fans of the same club, staged another curious event that left almost everyone speechless.
At the end of the match, and after a bitter tie, two young men hoped that the stadium was empty, for the center of the pitch and having sex , without any resentment.

Bruna, runner-Dança dos Famous

get 3
Could not be. For just two tenths, Bruna Marquezine doors stayed on winning the contest program Dança dos Famous 'Domingão do Faustão' Globe chain. The actress Carol Castro exceeded the vote for the final consisted of two dances tango and samba.
"I just wanted Neymar luck and will be watching the show," confirmed just started the final, which Marquezine Bruna arrived very nervous. The Barcelona player girlfriend had barely slept the night before, as live confessed. Despite this, his duo with Professor Attila Amaral was again magical.
get 4
Both the tango ('Mi Buenos Aires querido') and samba ('E'), their dance captivated the audience. But Carol Castro also did great and for just two tenths in the vote of the jury and the public exceeded. Bruna scored a 77.1 in the voting and Carol one 77.3. The third finalist, Tiago Abravanel, achieved only 66'4.
After the verdict, Bruna could not contain his excitement and, in a message to his fans, thanking began to mourn their total support during the contest.
For the curious, we leave you with the videos of the dances of Bruna and his gratitude to the fans. There are a lot of quality, but for now is what's on youtube.