Sunday, 15 September 2013

Shakira: award for the 'sexiest curves'

Shakira continues to accumulate awards. The latter has given Victoria's Secret, the lingerie brand, which sees it as the woman bends 'sexiest'. The singer was unable to collect the award in person, but his team, which was announced with great fanfare in social networks.
"Shakira has won the award for the 'sexiest curves' at the awards Victoria's Secret. What joy! "They wrote in twitter its partners, accompanying the text with a photo of the award, a statuette of two wings of angel pink, one of the emblems of the firm.
The merit of the award is that they were their own models, the 'angels of Victoria's Secret' which each winner chose different winners. Sghakira addition, they have received their prize Rihanna, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Nina Dobrev and Jennifer Lawrence.
The choice will be sitting the world of good to Shakira who once confessed in American TV show "I looked like a Shar Pei dog when I gave birth. I was like 'Oh, God, back to being sexy again? My boy will be attracted to me as it did before? '". Fortunately, the singer has already fully recovered her figure as we saw recently in a report by Shape magazine.
We leave you with the list of award winners of the sexiest women of 2013 for Victoria's Secret and photos of them all. Enjoy!


Melissa Satta: "I'm pregnant Boateng"

melissa-red Melissa Satta has denied that she is pregnant by her boyfriend Kevin Prince Boateng. The magazine Diva e Donna 'wrong broke the news earlier this week and the couple has had to deny to the barrage of compliments received.
After Melissa declared it was ready to start a family with Boateng, the Italian magazine gave the baby's arrival made: "The sweetest secret. The greatest desire. The dream come true. Melissa will have a 'bambino' with her prince. The model expected to pass the first and delicate weeks to publicly announce pregnancy. But the closest friends, and 'Diva e Donna' and rejoice for her because soon be mom. "
Melissa reacted quickly by Twitter and, after thanking the congratulations, reported that "there is no baby on the way". The model also denied pregnancy in a promotional event for the brand 'Just Cavalli', which appeared very sexy red dress presenting a case for smartphones, as you can see in the pictures.

The new Larissa Riquelme

Besides look at Messi, who scored two goals from penalty in his last game with the national team of Argentina against Paraguay, Argentina press also took time to look at the gallery, where he discovered a follower Paraguay, Carol Mendez, the has already been named as the new Larissa Riquelme.
The brunette did not go unnoticed and photographers began to wonder who was that girl who remembered the legendary World girlfriend. Well, with 25 years of age and almost manual measures (90-56-91), Carol has just been crowned Miss Expo 2013 in his country, and now begins to cross borders.
"It's unbelievable, I do not know how to thank all of this is surprising me more than necessary. I only went to the stadium to cheer my team and see Lionel Messi, and I can not believe my phone has not stopped ringing, several countries are calling me, "said Carol, who behaved in the tier-style Larissa, showing a pronounced cleavage.
The comparison with Larissa and Carol says she does not care, the opposite. "Does not affect me at all, she and I are very different. In addition, many people from different countries I write on social media, just because I compare with it, "he said.
In any case, was critical of what should be its referent. "She did not know her personally but there are things I do not like it: he went up the big head, lost his humility and that is very bad," he said
Soon came the bride replica World that fended off attacks for many is an upstart, and a copycat, as there are many in the world. "Larissa Riquelme is no one. The others are all disciples. I set myself a fashion and now there are many girls who seek fame in Paraguay, but not original. They try to imitate, "said angry and rightly so.
We leave you with the images of Carol, the alleged new Larissa Riquelme. Enjoy!

LeBron James goes up to the altar

LeBron James has ceased to belong to the club of singles on Saturday after spending 14 by the altar to marry his high school girlfriend, Savannah Brinson. After winning two NBA titles could say that this is the third ring managed by one of the greatest players of all time.
The celebration took place in the hotel 'Grand del Mar', in San Diego, and attended by some two hundred guests, including Beyoncé, Jay Z, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Acts of wedding celebration began Friday and will end on Sunday 15th and the couple wanted everything ran in the strictest intimacy without that transcend the details to the press.
The festivities organized the Preston Bailey, considered one of the best experts in this field from around the world.

The bride and sister Neymar in Beyoncé concert

The bride and sister Neymar in Beyoncé concert. Source:
At one time or another and we have seen that Marquezine and Rafaella Beckran Bruna, the bride and sister respectively Neymar, not only have a good relationship, but it might even be said to be great friends. And, in fact, is what they have again demonstrated through social networks.
And both Bruna Marquezine as Rafaella Beckran own personal accounts reported on both Twitter and Instagram who had attended the concert together Benyoncé held at the festival Rock in Rio '. Moreover, both rose some screenshots in their accounts to account for it. And not only that, but even shared some impressions about your sisters relationship. In this sense, the beautiful Rafaella Beckran said "we met through my brother and we hit it off from the beginning."
On the other hand, Neymar's sister also confessed to being "a big fan of the music of Beyoncé. I especially like their song 'Single ladies' ". However, the beautiful Bruna Marquezine and sister also coincided with Thaissa Carvalho's girlfriend Dani Alves, with whom celebrated his birthday just crack Barca bride ... It is clear, therefore, that the Brazilian striker can not ask for more as that the two most important women in his life take the world of good.

Bruna Marquezine dares as a model. Source:

Father would Tomic tennis 'barbaric' guide

Bernard Tomic and
John Tomic, the father of Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, holding it barbaric methods after to make. Successful tennis player of his son That says Thomas Drouet, the former training partner of French Tomic junior, in a diary that he kept for seven months.
Thomas Drouet father gave Tomic a headbutt. © AFP.
Father Tomic was last week sentenced to eight months in prison for causing a head butt to Drouet.

Drouet says in the diary Tomic father his son once in the leg with an air rifle, which he had bought in a supermarket. "To test his manhood," was the motivation. Another time got son Tomic and physical trainer Salvador Sosa's advice to chairs to spend the night, instead of a hotel booking. Overnight at the airport "It had to be done to save money," said Drouet.

Balkan War
Sosa confirms the stories and points out that his son John Tomic continuously put under immense mental pressure, both on and off the tennis court. "I have often worked with parents and their children," says Sosa. "For me, that means a constant challenge, because usually there is a symbiosis between parents and child. At the Tomic family is, however, a very brutal symbiosis. I suspect Tomic father (who has Croatian roots, ed) heavily drawn from the Balkan war has come. That is probably the reason for the harsh treatment of his son. "

Roland Garros
John Tomic has in Madrid Thomas Drouet, the sparring partner of his son, beaten and given a head butt in May. The French tennis player sustained a broken nose. Father Tomic was then denied access to the grand slam tournament of Roland Garros.

De Laurentiis brings Fico at the San Siro

Sunday 22's Milan-Naples. "It will be at my side, with the national team," promises the patron of Naples. As the take Balotelli?

De Laurentiis brings Fico at the San Siro - Sunday 22's Milan-Naples. It will be at my side, with the blue shirt, promises the patron of Naples. As the take Balotelli?
Beat Atalanta, the attention of the whole environment has now moved sull'esordio Napoli in the Champions League on Wednesday night against Borussia Dortmund. And not only that.

Sunday 22, in fact, there will be a delicate trip to San Siro against Milan. And the president Aurelio De Laurentiis promises sparks Naples, inviting Raffaella Fico, a former Mario Balotelli, to sit in the stands at his side. "We'll see the game together, she next to me with the shirt of Napoli him - promised the patron blue in an interview with 'Radio Kiss Kiss' -. Adriano Galliani So, seeing, try a little' envy."

But it is hard to believe that the astute De Laurentiis, while not mentioning it, did not think that the presence of the stands of Raffaella Meazza could destabilize SuperMario.