Friday, 13 September 2013

Why Aguero changed his shirt number?

In the match against Paraguay, Kun did not use the 16 but released on 20 in the blue and white. Kabbalah?? None of that. It was a message of love and thanked him on Twitter. Sedan ever.
Something changed in Sergio Aguero last Tuesday, in the Team match against Paraguay. It was their offensive power, as it was one of the figures and became one of the goals of 5-2. But the number of his jersey: Kun left the number 16 and went to 20, that he used when he arrived at Atletico Madrid, his first club after Independent. And the reasons for this change have to do with love ...
Aguero had changed his jersey number to meet Giannina Maradona, the mother of his son (Benjamin Aguero), whose birthday is on May 16. Then, chose to use the 16 as a tribute to who was his girlfriend at the time. The truth is that after four years, the relationship ended and forward, with new partner-cumbia singer Karina-, also decided to make it clear the team jersey.
The day of the match in Asuncion, "The Little Princess" Karina showed his joy: "We 20 go!" He wrote on his Twitter account, accompanying his words and showing a little heart in Aguero, there were not traces of his former wife. The Kun, meanwhile, told: "Why I used the number 20? I suggested it many, Marito, the props, which is a big, I said that if I changed was a goal. And it was ... well it was my goal 200. Best of all, it helped to qualify for the finals. And hopefully keep coming again. " It's his third change of dorsal, after the first with the team was the 18 he used on debut when he joined by Carlos Tevez in the friendly against Brazil played in London on September 3, 2006.
Sure there is still a T where 16 could not be changed: unlike what happens with the jersey of the national team, with Manchester City, Kun maintains 16 because well recorded in the tournaments involved their club. And so, for now, when I see the blue shirt of the English club, Karina should forget that this issue is dedicated to Maradona's daughter. It is the only place where still looks 16: is Aguero's signature that appears on its website. Will there be a new change?

Daniel Alves and Neymar are 'brothers' in Barcelona

A person more connected to Neymar in Barcelona's Daniel Alves certainly. The side assumed the role of "older brother" of crack, and the two are inseparable. On Thursday, both posted photos together in one shop in town.
- Out there ... - Neymar wrote on your profile in Instagram.
Daniel Alves also published a photo of the moment with the 'younger brother'.
- Caring for a bit of my irmaozazaoooo0 kkkkk - wrote the side.
(Photo: Instagram)

Emperor Hadrian breaks engagement

Adriano confirmed on Thursday the disruption engagement with Renata Sources, 23. The dentist, daughter of the former leader of Flamengo, Eduardo Mendonça sources, is five months pregnant with her third child player. The relationship lasted about 7 months.

Sara: "I do not know if my son will be born in Madrid"

The delicate situation of Iker Casillas in the Madrid made the awaited launch of Sara Carbonero as the image of a charitable initiative of Women's Secret became almost an interrogation about the future of his partner, who meditates leave the Bernabeu in the January transfer window.
Although Sarah was not sharp in his statements, his words widened the theory that she and goalkeeper may leave Spain in the coming months. "What I want is to work in the mine," said first and when asked directly about whether their child would be born in the country, came out tangent. "Today we are here which is important, and tomorrow we'll see. I do not know if my son will be born in Madrid or outside Spain. It is not the day to talk about this. "

The journalist added that "I do not plan for the future because even I know how my life will change from now. Endure in the news until my body says 'enough' and then I'll take my maternity leave for as any mother and then continue to work as I always have. "
The questions were settled insistent and Sara the saying "you know I do not like talking about my private life and that bothers me answer questions from the press of the heart, but understand that I am a public figure and I'm exposed to it."
On her pregnancy (24 weeks already) said "I'm so glad that nothing else matters. Although it may seem a cliché, all that matters is to come good, "without revealing the name Iker and she will put your primogéntio.
He added that both took the news with great enthusiasm because "had really wanted pregnancy" and not revealed any plans wedding after birth. Finally, said food is allowed some quirk but his goal is "not gain many kilos".