Thursday, 12 September 2013

Gerüchte um diese Nackt-Moderatorin

An away game from Jefferson Farfan (28) provides for Schalke further unrest ...
According to the sports newspaper "Libero" is Peru's national players at the free day before the country's defeat against Uruguay (1-2) have been drinking with colleagues until late at night in a bar in Lima. The Football Association "FPF" therefore determined against Schalke star.
Now Peruvian media also bring another woman into play: the naked presenter Silvia Cornejo (26)!

Supposedly Farfan not only organized a booze cruise, but have also spent the night with the Miss Peru in 2006. Spicy rumors, because Silvia Cornejo is married to businessman Juan Carlos Iglesias for seven years.
The TV presenter of America denied accordingly quickly at Terra Peru: - ". Farfan but I have seen only a few events!" "On this day I was with my family," the Schalke star and you would indeed know Farfan could, according to Cornejo laugh about the story: "He's cool to come up with such rumors."
Now all Schalke hopes that Farfan, who has returned since Tuesday in Mainz is just as cool. And finally makes headlines on the pitch.

Helen Flanagan showing her breasts

Helen Flanagan showing her breasts. Source:
Undoubtedly, Helen Flanagan has been released mane now that she's single. It turns out that the former girlfriend of Scott Sinclair, the Manchester City player who currently plays on loan at West Bromwich Albion, has lost all shame in about a week, as just shown (finally) their breasts publicly.
Recall that the exuberant Helen Flanagan decided to show part of one of her breasts in a photo shoot for Nuts magazine , but the truth is that the photograph published today in The Sun newspaper exceeds any limit. And in this picture, the tremendous British model exhibits in great detail the perfection of her feminine attributes.
It is likely that after the leak photo in which he saw a breast during a photo shoot held on the island of Ibiza , the tremendous Helen Flanagan has decided to show his stunning bust unashamedly. And not alargarnos more, here you have one of the most anticipated pictures through the world. Now we understand why recently said he had "the best breasts in the world "...
Helen Flanagan showing her breasts. Source:
That said, it is likely that you feel like checking out some of the best pictures of Helen Flanagan tremendous 'stuffy', an ex-WAG of the most lush. Here's a little preview ... By the way,
Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair's girlfriend

Sara Carbonero: "I have the odd craving"

Sara Carbonero confesses that he has "cravings". Source:
Shortly after the first image made ​​public their pregnant tummy , Sara Carbonero itself has spoken before about state microphones in an act of Woman's Secret, which is firm ambassador towards their twentieth anniversary. So, although it is not given to talking about his private life, the reporter has been opened to their peers and responded to questions regarding their pregnancy, who has already completed 24 weeks (6 months).
First, the beautiful Sara Carbonero has announced that she is "very happy and looking forward", like Iker Casillas himself. In turn, the sports journalist said "I take pregnancy very well, and I hope that when my son is born, can freely combine work and family life." And as expected, the girlfriend of Casillas has stressed that "we really wanted this pregnancy."
To all this, the WAG also has qualified merengue today and has "the odd craving", but try to maintain a healthy diet now that you can not make as much exercise as "do not want to take more weight than necessary." And finally, the reporter has confirmed that the child they are expecting "a child", something that we move a few weeks ago. Thus, it appears that well liked Sara Carbonero pregnancy ...
That said, it is likely that interest you to know how much they charge the girlfriend of Iker Casillas tremendous in their work and as advertising image .
How much does Sara Carbonero? Source:

Via Catalana: Laporta good company

Laporta As an alderman of the City of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​has participated in the Via Catalan in Plaça de Sant Jaume de Barcelona. Their presence has not gone despercibida and quickly run through the network has a picture of him next to a beautiful young blonde woman who has raised all sorts of comments on twitter.
Messages like "el puto amo", "Laporta Reaper", "the cop millor Laporta Falco" (the best shot of sickle), "can not be more crack", "blonde is also the quarry" or "Laporta, seven hours before finishing in Luz de Gas" have inflamed the network.

Sylvie moved by story of her mother

Sylvie was Wednesday in her apartment in Hamburg with a copy of the Private handed, with the sixteen (!) Pages of interview of her mother Rita Meis. The presenter had not seen the emotional story and while reading she became visibly moved by the words of her mother.
Rita Meis had spontaneously agreed to the interview in advance and without consulting her daughter. Sylvie therefore read the story for the first time. Evert Santegoeds put her hand while she read the article. In The Telegraph Santegoeds tells how he saw a big tear 'on her cheek roles.

Rita Meis reveals in the interview details of the separation between Rafael and Sylvie. She also gives her opinion about Sabia and she praises her daughter for her strength. She also worried about her Sylvie. "She's just a shadow of himself. My daughters eyes shine intense grief. They often crying on the phone, not because they find themselves sad, but because they do not understand why this is happening."

Daughter takes Romario dating surfer

Romario's daughter, Danielle Favatto, aged 15, is living a great love story with the student and surfer Daniel, 17. In their personal accounts on social networks, the couple lives exchanging passionate declarations. On Monday, the pigeon left the message for the beloved: 'My first thought when I wake up, my last before bed' daughter-in-romario677

The Kun Agüero shared the secret of his goal and added: "Let us dream together"

Sergio "Kun" Aguero was showcased in a great game for Argentina against Paraguay World Cup qualifying for Brazil 2014. Classified Upon selection, the player expressed through the social network told its enormous happiness and what his cabal by the who managed the long-awaited goal. Log in and get to know what he said!