Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mischa Barton: 'Sylvie is a very likeable person'

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Hollywood star Mischa Barton (27) has a visit to Sylvie van der Vaart (35) placed in Germany. Mischa was a guest at a party for a clothing store in Soltau, near Hamburg and took the time to go along with Sylvie at weekends.
Their mutual friend, the designer André Borchers was here also know Bild.

Sylvie and Mischa met at a fashion show in Los Angeles. "Andre has our time together presented in LA. I was happy to see her. Sylvie is a very likeable person, "says The OC actress.

According to Andre it was very nice. "Sylvie has pasta cooked for us and we have played with her son Damian. It was all very harmonious. "

Aida: full truth about Ozil

"Ozil met two years ago. First we saw a discotea in Madrid, then he came to Milan only once. I have nothing to do with his move from Real Madrid. I deny any relationship and any news concerning expenditures of madness which he would have done for me. " Who is speaking and Aida Yespica the Venezuelan model, which the newspaper El Mundo said in its Saturday edition as one of the 'blame' for love affairs that have caused the German output Bernabeu.
Speaking to Mediaset Italy from Malibu, where he lived for eight months before resided in Milan with her new boyfriend, the financial expert Roger Jenkins (formerly of Elle McPherson), the model denied, as reported, that Ozil continuously viajase Milan to pose a night with her and return in the morning to train in a private jet in which he spent nearly 18,000 one way round.
aida yespica dinner ozil "It is true that, at the meeting in Madrid, Mesut and I exchanged phone numbers. Then one night I caught by surprise and said: "I am in Milan, do we see?". We agreed and went to dinner at one of the most renowned in the city without hiding. A place where it was always full of photographers. If caught a private flight for me, that's one thing I know I can not, "said the showgirl.
Aida went on to tell that "spent a cheerful evening, we had fun and then we lost sight of. Today I know that is happily paired and so I did. A flirt? I would call it a beautiful friendship. Ël is younger and shorter than me! We saw a couple of times and do not understand why so little published this news today and even old. It bothers me. Also, since I have neither the number of Ozil. I deleted it. And mine does not have it because I've changed. I hope a denial on their part. It would be very gallant. And I consider him a friend, "he said Aida.
According to El Mundo, to Joachim Low, Germany coach advising his friend intervened Mourinho Ozil travel to see Aida.
We leave you with the photos of Aida Yespica, a monument can any sane man lose his head for it. Or not ....? Enjoy!

Melissa Giraldo, another muse of the Colombian

Melissa Giraldo, another muse of the Colombian national team. Source: wallpapergate.com

A little over a week we introduced you to the tremendous Elianis Garrido as muse stunning Colombian football selection. It is apparent that the combined tricolor has another lush swells from which also we speak. Her name is Melissa Giraldo and swells baptize as the second sexiest Colombian national team, although it may take up to first position after show you the best images of such a monument.
Even so, first of all it is important to know a little more about the explosive Melissa Giraldo. This is one of the most famous models and recognized the South American country, especially in the hot photo shoots often starring in the most prestigious journals of the country, such as for SoHo, among others. Likewise, we must also note that this beauty serves as TV presenter and as a designer.
However, the sexy Melissa Giraldo is barely 24 springs in today, so it still has a long career ahead. And even as a staunch supporter of the Colombian national team football, as it will probably be admired and followed by millions of fans who follow the team led by José Pekerman.
Who knows, maybe even becomes the new Larissa Riquelme, because its pull between the fans is just remarkable. In fact, at one time or another has generated more interest to readers of newspapers that even the very history of the games of the tricolor ... And alargarnos no more, here's a compilation of his best pictures.

Virginia Gallardo and Trezeguet could move in together

Virginia Gallardo and Trezeguet could move in together. Source: corrientes.in
A couple of months ago, the Argentine media began spreading the rumor that David Trezeguet and Virginia Gallardo had begun a secret affair . Anyway, both the player like the out of step model then ensuring that they were not together and that it was a hoax.
However, the press Argentina remains committed to state that the engagement between the current front tremendous Newell's and Virginia Gallardo is real. In fact, a reporter from the program AM (Before Noon) named Rodrigo Lussich has recently secured the alleged partner would be considering the possibility of moving in together.
"You have to whiten your love, a blonde bombshell and an ace football. He stays to sleep almost every night in it, and they said they were going to bleach: And they are going to live together, and are David Trezeguet and Virginia Gallardo. Pump ", pointed the reporter. So ... Do you reconvert the tremendous Virginia Gallardo in myocardial WAG? If true this information, it appears so ...
That said, it probably now you feel like hav So, here yoe a look at the best photos of the lush Virginia Gallardo, the alleged new girlfriend of David Trezeguet .u have a little preview

Parents fear Sylvie conspiracy

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The parents of Sylvie van der Vaart suspect that there is a conspiracy against their famous daughter. The German newspaper Bild snorts mother Rita Meis: "There is a campaign against her, everyone wants to destroy her. Everyone is against her. "
Sylvie's father would not go that far. "Sylvie survives this, she's a very strong woman," said Ron Meis. "My wife and I fully support her. We are very proud of Sylvie and we hope that this thing will blow over soon, because it is very stressful for her. "