Friday, 6 September 2013

"Diego gave the order to stop the complaint against Susana"

Stinfale Victor Tarver spoke to the media after confirm the accusation of Diego Maradona against Mancuso. However, the lawyer also referred to the trial in which the relationship is DT and Susana Giménez. "There is no call between Maradona and Susana," said the lawyer after the run this rumor.
"L egalmente Diego gave the order to stop the complaint against Susan. Moreover, N or I have no idea if it will sit in the living Susana" he said.

The treatment you will undergo Maradona

Dr. Alejandro Druetto explained how that treatment will be put Diego Maradona on his knees. Recall that "ten" was to be operated, but personal problems, decided to postpone it.
Dr. Druetto is who will perform the operation meniscus in both knees at DT. As explained, the problem dates back several years.
"In principle I am going to make a treatment with platelet-rich plasma and cell growth. I'm going to make three applications, one per week. Then, in what conditions will assess their menisci are as this is preventive to the area does not generate any level process osteoarthritis cartilage. But if the ailment persists Diego, going straight to surgery, "the newspaper Druetto expesó Chronicle.
On the other hand, said that the suspension of the time surgery was a decision by mutual agreement, so he will start first with the treatment. "She told me she used to solve some private issues and also was with many fronts, so he preferred to leave everything for later".

Susana Maradona to lead their program for a figure millionaire

In "Infama" diva revealed that the phone will eventually have in your living room to Diego Maradona on Monday. However, an amount would be paid millions for "ten" to access the program. Log in and find out!
350 000 pesos!

Ronaldo: Barcelona to London with love

phenomenon london
After spending a few days alternating tourism Barcelon poker, the Phenomenon Ronaldo and his girlfriend, DJ Paula Morais, have moved to London.
And since there have continued to offer images of love and, of course, of its endless bike rides, Ronaldo is essential to keep in shape and not get back the kilos lost (17) in a reality TV show. The couple walked by the ever romantic and legendary Hyde Park in the English capital and hung a picture on the net.

Cavani, crazy for Miss Uruguay

After leaving his wife Maria Soledad and start a relationship with Maria Rosaria Ventrone, a cashier of Caserta (Italy), Edinson Cavani, new signing from PSG, has a new love. No more unless Michele Orsi, Miss Uruguay and Miss Universe 2013 candidate.
What has unveiled the 'Corrierre dello Sport', which reports that the new couple will be seeing in Paris. And although the relationship qualifies a simple flirt, Italian media take for sure Cavani break definitively with Maria Rosaria which closed page tlldan mere memory of his past Neapolitan.
Miss Uruguay is only 19 years, eight less than the Matador. Measures 1.83 and beauty that has captivated forward, so you see, is as brave off the field as within it. According to Corriere, the couple has already had several 'encounters' in their country and now they have seen in Paris.
Meanwhile Cavani pending divorce from the mother of his two children. Some sources have said the front would have to Maria Soledad indmenizar twelve million.