Thursday, 5 September 2013

Residence in Milan striker Robinho is burglarized

There were people in the building at the time of action of the bandits who took jewelry and a Rolex watch valued at around U.S. $ 93 000

Robinho (Photo: Olivier Morin / AFP)
The residence in Milan striker Robinho was robbed on the afternoon of Wednesday. There were people in the building at the time of action of the outlaws.
The player had addressed to the Malpensa airport in Milan, to fetch his wife and two children returning from trip.
Among the goods taken by the robbers is a Rolex watch from 30,000 euros (£ 93,000) and some jewelry.

Sylvie und ihr Tanzlehrer Christian Polanc

Wieso hat Rafael
nichts gemerkt?

Sylvie van der Vaart (35) and professional dancer Christian Polanc (35). YOUR best friend Sabia (35) had already betrayed it in IMAGE, now it's certainty:
While the records of the RTL show "Let's Dance" to have had a hot Liason Sylvie and dancers. And millions of viewers were allowed to be on screens in how they touched, seduced and coveted ...
In the magazine "Closer" reveals Melissa Ortiz-Gomez (30), the ex of the Dancing Master: "Sylvie has given him know where she is. Which hotel. Then he drove to her! "

Christian Polancs woman unpacks

Melissa Sylvie: "I know that you all had sex" - said she confronted the hostess with the "Let's Dance" affair

"Let's Dance" affair Melissa Sylvie: I know that you all had sex

Melissa Ortiz-Gomez (30) confronted Sylvie van der Vaart (35) with the affair with her ​​ex, "Let's Dance" star Christian Polanc. (35)
Increase Sylvie and Christian
Sylvie's face tenderly caresses Christian. You can it - before all cameras
In 2010, Sylvie attends the RTL-dance show. Than their original dance teacher fails with back pain, she gets a new partner: Christian Polanc (35, 1.78 meters) from Ingolstadt. Blue eyes, dark brown hair. At that time, the dance teacher was officially single. Sylvie but not ...
Supposedly, the affair goes several weeks. By Phone is whispered among friends.
Once the explosion of dance teacher Sylvie wants to task: "When I saw that she still wanted to be close to my friend, I'm Sylvie back and I tell her, 'I know. I know everything. I know that you all had sex. He told me everything. Stay away from my boyfriend! '"
No! Also the dance colleagues knew nothing of told BILD: "If it was so, the two have hidden it very well!"
Increase Melissa and Christian
They were together: Melissa Ortiz-Gomez (30) and Christian Polanc (35)
Photo: Thomas
Especially bitter: Once Rafa and the dancers even meet!
Melissa says: "I was there when Rafael in, Let's Dance 'in 2012 was in the studio and he and Christian have welcomed it. I have looked at me from a distance and later Christian asked: 'Tell me, how do you feel when you give him a hand' He said, 'That's not a good feeling.' "
And what does the dance teacher to the revelations of the ex? Polanc told BILD: "It is not a pleasant situation to be drawn into a circus like this. I know what the truth is, and that's enough. I can not understand why she reacted that way. For this I simply say nothing ... "
This is not even necessary. Now know ALL of this hot tango ...
In "Let's Dance" but more tango was danced - who with whom you click through our gallery ...

And ... more hot flirts with "Let's Dance"

More about Sylvie affair

Sylvie van der Vaart and Let's Dance Star Christian Polanc had a sex scandal

His ex unpacks the SO was with Sylvie and her dancers

Now grabs the ex-girlfriend of "Let's Dance" star Christian Polanc from "Sylvie and Christian had a sex scandal!"

After affairs-reproach these sexy scenes of goods but not played?

After Sabia revelations Sylvie the anger radiating off easy

Sylvie Sylvie's new friend Rafael has already cheated earlier!

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Psychological profile of Sylvie So they really ticking!

Increase Sylvie van der Vaart shows what she thinks about Sabia Boulahrouz

Melissa will Baby mit Boateng

Soon the wedding bells jingle when Prince and his princess?
Kevin-Prince Boateng (26) is only just moved to Schalke .
He has not an apartment with his beautiful fiancée Melissa Satta (27) for the time being he lives in the hotel in Dusseldorf.
But the model is already thinking two steps ahead ...
Melissa wants to get married - and a child from the Schalke star!

The new Schalke Star

Schalke star Kevin-Prince Boateng: Italians deride his Melissa

BOATENG Italians deride his Melissa

Boateng's beautiful fiancée Melissa was Saturday already at Schalke. Italy mocks them because of the change in Gelsenkirchen!

BOATENG For my Prince I play at Schalke

Tattoos, friends, achievements How We Roll Pot-Prince Boateng

In the Italian weekly magazine "TV Sorrisi e Canzoni" Melissa says: "Maybe I will this year mother and marry. I would like that. "
And probably also the Prince.
He sees himself as a family man. One reason for his move there to be closer to his son Jermaine (5/Off the relationship with ex-wife Jenny) was.
From Milan to go to Dusseldorf - Melissa not a big problem, "but Dusseldorf is gone just 75 minutes from Milan ..."
His two goals against Eindhoven in the last game for Milan devoted Kevin-Prince Melissa course.
She cried in the stands. Melissa: "I cried because I was accused that he plays poorly because of me. I was portrayed as the witch and wanted to tell all: Do you see that he also plays well when he's with me "
Soon, there's maybe more tears - tears of joy at the altar ...


Helen Flanagan gets naked

Helen Flanagan, the sexiest in the UK. Source:
It is likely that today and you may have quite controlled Helen Flanagan , the stunning ex girlfriend Scott Sinclair, the Manchester City player will play this season at West Bromwich Albion on loan. And, as you will remember, the tremendous model 23 springs is one of the most desirable, popular and exuberanted your guild. So much so that even recently named was named the sexiest woman in the United Kingdom by the magazine FHM.
Well, it turns out that the tremendous Helen Flanagan just made a new photoshoot ardent as Nuts magazine. In fact, the incredible mannequin has posed topless blonde as can be seen in one of the images that we show in the lower gallery, where you can see the breasts and hot body wearing the hand of friend Tweety, covering her butt.
So, from this Friday, readers of this publication may see the fiery Helen Flanagan in its most uncovered from Friday, the day that will begin shipping this edition of the magazine. That said, I leave you with some of the best photographs of this monument, though you may feel like you see the photograph that already saw him bare chest while on a photo shoot ...