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Serena Williams: "No athlete has boobs like me"

  • Serena Williams also says in the magazine 'Du Jour' that "I struggled to accept my curves"

  • The American tennis player adds that "living in a society in which many people are thin is hard"

The American tennis player Serena Williams, while on holiday in Barbados
The American tennis player Serena Williams, while on holiday in Barbados / PHOTO: TWITTER

Seren Williams has spoken in the American magazine 'Du Jour' about his life with his spectacular physical, family relationships and how they handled their popularity with fans, with whom he says maintaining a close relationship.
The company, great enemy
"I grew up with lots of sisters," he explains, "I was the smallest and was really fat, while my sister Venus was so tall and thin ... Living in a society where many people are thin it was hard."

Note that Serena is the youngest of a 'little hand' of girls, one of whom, Yethune, was murdered in Los Angeles in 2003 and noted that the 'Du Jour' also states, always direct all that cost " learn to accept myself and my curves "and unveiled a" no athlete has boobs like me. "

Always talking about physical unconventional as his, adding that "I always tell people I tell if I have twenty-six or twenty years is a normal that can feel uncomfortable with herself. I was. And it is not easy to accept, it took a while ".
"Would still have the same back"
"Ten years ago I have the same weight and the same height. Could lose 9 kilos and still have these boobs and this ass," said long ago.

Falcao's girlfriend nakedness


Falcao's girlfriend: Natalia Velez.

Victoria and David Beckham want a fifth child?

David et Victoria Beckham font du shopping chez 'Bonpoint' et 'Comme des garcons' à Paris le 4 mai 2013
Victoria and David Beckham are hoping to be parents again, within the next month, according to Heat magazine World. The couple already reached four young children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.
The two stars still wish to enlarge their family after discovering the pregnancy of the fifth sister footballer. "David is thrilled at the prospect of being re-uncle, but it also gave him the desire, with Victoria, d have another child, "a source told British magazine Heat. "Their plan is to return to Los Angeles, have a great summer and see what happens." David Beckham , who retired earlier this year, he can now enjoy everyday of his family . The former athlete was spotted with her ​​children on many occasions since the decision of his career. Victoria Beckham would love to have her husband more frequently at his side, as it continues to parallel his brilliant career in fashion . "Victoria and David want a new baby, they love children and they did not hide their desire to expand their family," said the observer.
David Beckham had indeed revealed his desire to be dad again at the announcement of his retirement while Victoria Beckham had stressed its needs to be supported continuously by a nurse. "It's difficult to juggle work, children and a husband who travels regularly. I helped a little, I have a nanny. I can not do everything myself," revealed the designer. We can therefore make a few doubts about his desire to further expand the family ... It would appear that c e fifth child, a bone of contention between the couple . David wants, but not Victoria, according to other sources.
 Victoria Beckham fait du shopping avec ses enfants à Los Angeles, le 27 mai 2013Victoria et David Beckham
David Beckham et sa fille Harper au restaurant 'Le Jules Verne' sur la tour Eiffel à Paris le 5 mai 2013Victoria Beckham en Burberry à l'aéroport avec Harper dans la poussette

Daniella Semaan Former British justice charge against

Daniella Semaan Former justice charge against English. Source:
Taktouk Elie, the former husband of Daniella Semaan, not just accept that Cesc Fabregas will have swiped the bride and also one of its properties that had to sell the player Barca to pay 1.7 million euros to the model. Precisely, the London-based Lebanese businessman heavily loaded against British justice after claiming that the player was a "fool" who had stolen his wife and that it was only with him "for the money".
And the Elie own Taktouk, said in an interview with the Evening Standard that "the family courts in our country are terrible", to which he added that "the courts are not interested in whether it is right or no, just trying to protect women. "
Finally, the ex-husband of Daniella Semaan also pointed out that "the courts protect misbehaving, not well-educated. Those who are dedicated to their work, family or life get nothing. Is one that spends all day sitting at home which is favored by the justice. " Thus, it seems clear that the Lebanese businessman has not yet assimilated Cesc Fabregas has won the game, as even the courts gave the reason the couple appealed Barca even after ...

Ex Christian confirms affair with Sylvie

© epa.
The ex-girlfriend of dancer Christian Polanc from Let's Dance has confirmed to the German magazine Closer that Sylvie and Christian had a sex affair. She says that the dancer has confessed that the two months together shared the bed to her.
According to Melissa Ortiz-Gomez was a big priority for Sylvie that the affair remained secret and gave Christian therefore expensive gifts. "She gave him a mega expensive watch. I do not know what it cost exactly, but I think between 5000 and 8000 euros. '

Melissa is glad they finally do, her story because she does not want to pretend to find Sylvie nice. "I have always lie about it. I do not want to. This woman has no character for me. "

In 2010 Sylvie took part in Let's Dance. She took with Christian the final. At the time of the affair was Sylvie married for almost five years.

Nicole Scherzinger has not yet exceeded its break with Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger has not yet exceeded its break with Hamilton. Source:
As you know, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger broke their romance makes a couple of months after five years together , a situation that has made ​​it touched both the Formula 1 driver as the singer. The Mercedes broker had already publicly expressed in some other interview and even in social networks, while the artist has chosen to take over in silence.
However, now it has been the very Nicole Scherzinger has confessed that his poor morale after her breakup with Lewis Hamilton. And in an interview with Glamour magazine, the former lead singer of the Pussycat Doll said that "I am like any other woman. I've had plenty of tissues around me many nights. Then I order a large pizza to myself ".
To all this, the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger has pointed out that "in any relationship is easy to lose a bit of the real you and it is important back to who you are. You can live a life of freedom and happiness when you are happy with yourself. I've had my dark moments but I want to be light. It's a choice and it is what I aspire to. " Finally, the former girlfriend of Mercedes driver said "I tried to stay strong for my work." It is therefore evident that just yet overcome her breakup with Lewis Hamilton ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like have a look at the best photos of the sexy Nicole Scherzinger, the former girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton . Here's a little preview ... 
Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton. Source:

Oguzhan bad sobelendi

Sobelendi bad night in the realm of a young football player of Besiktas.

Fitness Magazine-Oguzhan bad sobelendi
According to Milliyet newspaper, Besiktas bad sobelendi young footballer in the realm of night. Black-and-white image, the authors asked for the player, came to see how the reviews:

Confirmation Güntekin

Performance is not affected by the problem

"Football is a sport performance ... Very heavy pace, stamina and a sports branch of wanting to sacrifice ... Is essential in order to meet the requirements of the professional experience of football.

Excessive alcohol and insomnia footballer damage. However, have fun, explore, and sexuality does not hurt. Exceeded the threshold of 11 thousand square meters Oguzhan most recent G.Antep match the name had been running. What it does not interfere with anyone affected by the performance of the players on the field. Performance falls within the coach decides. Of course, players need dosage adjustments. "


This photo üzülmüştür most Oguzhan

"I saw a photograph Oğuzhan ... Solo players are not recognized or unrecognized, but everybody will see pictures of this kind of public figures, will be an example for all people, especially the Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzon playing teams like, or rather, to give well-known footballers or celebrities such images (inadvertently though) is not very nice.

Oguzhan and Fernandes are playing very well today, no one can say nothing. But these images are to be served the day after tomorrow is the first bad they play. For this reason, they have to be much more careful. This is the most Oguzhan üzülmüştür images. However, too much extended, 'nag' not to be a very important issue. "


Did not look at yourself already evident

"Besiktas G.Antep 't like to play a game and then I wrote Oguzhan:" Last night's appearance now but you can not fool fool everyone. Low tempo, the dead had an image of physics. You just could not weight off. It does not suit you, football and physical appearance now. Take the example of Fernandes. Fernandes every week at the same pace as physics. You're just too talented. I do not know, but look to see if its physics will develop as you play more. "

This interpretation of the photo before you wrote it, did not look himself appeared. 'Take the example of Fernandes' did not mean that I say. Each player's ride, but these images Oğuzhan'a Lifestyle PC has the right to have fun. "

SERHAT Ulueren

20 years old, unmarried, have the benefit of ... Yakışmış

"AZ did not even ... 20 years old, young, single, handsome, with money in his pocket, found under the latest model car Oguzhan, of course, after a match won and goals scored amused themselves with girl friends. No cigarette in hand, does not drink. Sitting on the lap of a female friend. This image did not bother me. As this movement is made out of the field in the field showed that the fast. "