Tuesday, 3 September 2013

LeBron’s Mom, Gloria James, May Be Dating a 31-Year-Old Miami Rapper

In most cases it would be at best peculiar and at worst creepy to write about the love life of an athlete’s parent. The mother of the best basketball player on the planet seemingly dating an obscure rapper who’s only three years older than her son, however, is not a commonly-occurring case. And so, here we find ourselves.
The youthful suitor of The King’s 44-year-old mom goes by ”Lambo,” and he’s been Instagramming lots of photos with Gloria, LeBron, and the fam. They were visible together in the crowd at Game 6 of the NBA Finals. There’s even a photo of him wearing LeBron’s Miami Heat championship ring. He’s that comfortable with the Jameses, apparently.

Football in garden Buckingham Palace

The British queen Elizabeth II during a festival in July in the garden of Buckingham Palace. © epa.
In the gardens of Buckingham Palace will be a football game played on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the British Football Association (FA) on 7 October. Report that British media, including The Times.
Two of the oldest amateur clubs of Great Britain will play against each other in the palace gardens. Participants Civil Service FC and FC Polytechnic, both from Chiswick in West London.

Prince William is connected to the FA and from that role in arranging the event. He is host during the day and will award medals to 150 volunteers who are committed to the sport.

The Duke of Cambridge finds it extremely important for the FA to turn. Many volunteers in the sun "They ensure that millions of people can enjoy the football every week. 150 of them will be festive thanks in the gardens of the palace. "

Bale's girlfriend a Wag discreet and low profile

Family bale 2
It was unlike anything or Pilar Rubio, Sara Carbonero or much less to Irina Shayk. Emma Rhys-Jones, Gareth Bale's girlfriend, has nothing to do with the most famous Wags Real Madrid. There is a girl, let alone it creates trend. Your profile is much lower. It involves a young Welsh discreet little or nothing of glamorous.
Emma and Gareth are dating since adolescence. Wintchurch They met at Cardiff High School and began dating while studying at the Institute. After their relationship was consolidated when he went to Southampton to play in the ranks of the Saints and then as militants in the ranks of Tottenham.
Last October birth of his first child together, the small Alba Violet. Moving to Madrid with both Bale allow maintain a stability that has been constant in his life. The Welshman has always been very attached to his family and his spirit and his girlfriend have nothing to do with other famous British, Beckham, who were part of the white Galaxy a few years ago.
On both, we are the same age (24), do not like the night nor alcohol. But will have to see how they adapt to life in Madrid. So far, the couple has not spent much time together as Emma Gareth lived in Cardiff and London, where his mansion just a bodyguard with him.
bale heart Yes, the Madrid and traveled the 280 miles between London Cardiff quickly as he had a day off. Surely that was the distance that made Bale celebrase each of your goals forming a heart dedicated to Emma, ​​a custom that is expected to continue in Madrid.
In any case, the adaptation of a British footballer abroad has not always been easy. We will see how it will Emma Rhys-Jones, which we assume is not going to give a lot of meat to the tabloids and we hope not to disturb the garlic smell that permeates according to Beckham in Madrid ...
We leave you with a photo of Bale and discreet partner. Another type of white Wag, no doubt.

CR7 girlfriend runs the Sunday barbecue

Irina Shayk, girlfriend of Real Madrid striker, led the barbecue at the player's home last Sunday. The Muse posted a photo to your profile on instagram with the words "Yes! Nobody goes hungry today # irinaamelhorchef ". Cristiano Ronaldo took the rest of Sunday off, after scoring one of the goals in the 3-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao.
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Pictures of Diego Maradona enfiestado with dew Oliva

The "Ten" spent a weekend surrounded by party. He was seen dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning with his girlfriend? Rocío Oliva.
The photos began circulating on social network Facebook and then were published by the Daily Chronicle that said Rocio Diego and went to Groove, a renowned bowling the neighborhood of Palermo where he presented the "Blueberries", the band manages Luciano Strassera , Giannina Maradona's boyfriend.
Cup will, cup comes, Maradona and Rocio had fun cumbia rhythm.

The Kun Agüero their love lives in Buenos Aires

Argentine Sergio Aguero stepped down to join the Argentina. The juador arrived in Buenos Aires to train with the team and build on their time off to visit his son Benjamin, and enjoy your love with Karina "The Little Princess".

The barbecue Irina and Cristiano Ronaldo

Irina Shayk was on Sunday in one of the VIP boxes at the Santiago Bernabeu watching the match Real Madrid against Athletic in the company of Alicia Aveiro, a niece of her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.
After the meeting, the whites won 3-1 with CR7's first goal in this league, went to the top of the crack house where he assisted in the preparation of a great barbecue for the whole family. "Yes! No one will go hungry today, "wrote the Russian Instagram, where he hung a picture of him cooking.
Shortly after was the white player who also wanted to show his skills as a cook and hung on the net a picture of him while preparing meat. "Barbecue evening, after a great victory," wrote Christian.

Neymar's girlfriend, finalist and ... Olé!

bruna quickstep 2
Neymar's girlfriend is doing well to win the dance contest's 'Famous Dança dos' of TV Globo. For now, Bruna Marquezine is already among the last three finalists to overcome successfully the test last Sunday, a paso doble.
The young actress dazzled with her performance with the choreographer Attila Amaral and caused quite a stir in the end of the paso doble both give a kiss on the lips. But as explained Bruna itself was a requirement of the script for the role of representing passionate couple at the dance.
Bruna scored nine, giving him a spot in the final competition to be held on September 15. Bruna compete with Carol Castro, who for now tops the poll, and Tiago Abranavel third.
As in previous weeks, Bruna was informed on the same show the good performance of Neymar and Barca win against Valencia.
We leave you with the video Bruna intervention and dance a paso doble. Olé!

Kate Upton, model year

And the model year is ... Kate Upton! The stunning top American has been awarded this distinction will receive the 14th during the annual awards gala '10th 'to be held in Los Angeles, an award that last year went to Joan Smalls. The gala, to be held at Lincoln Center, will air for the first time live on CNN.
If 2012 seemed to be a big year for Kate, 2013 has been even better for her. NBA Bride reoccupied the cover for the second consecutive year, the prestigious magazine 'Sports Illustrated' in its special edition bikini (Irina Shayk overtaking, starred in the previous two editions), and also became a select models of David Yurman, matching Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss.
At 21, Kate is also making his first steps as an actress and just roll, alongside Cameron Diaz comedy 'The other woman'. The present and the future is yours.
Then we leave with a gallery that is a true compendium of the reasons that led to Kate Upton to get the model of the year award. Enjoy!