Friday, 30 August 2013

David Beckham padrazo exercised after withdrawal

David Beckham padrazo exercised after withdrawal. Source:
As you know, David Beckham announced his retirement last May after playing his last game with PSG. Well, since then, the legendary midfielder has decided to focus on his family and his wife. In fact, currently on holiday in Los Angeles with their children and Victoria Beckham , who, incidentally, has decided to give a tattoo as a birthday gift.
And the truth is that the former footballer has been shown to exert padrazo, especially when the beautiful former Spice Girl can not accompany your family plans, as has happened this week. And is that David Beckham decided to take their offspring to see a baseball game that pitted the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers, a show that could not pay much attention because of the desire to play that had the little Harper. Thus, it seems clear that the new David Beckham knows how to take care of their own in the absence of his wife ...
In another vein, it should be noted that the very Victoria Beckham might be the person who is responsible for coordinating the costumes for the film adaptation of one of the most famous erotic novels of all time, '50 shades of Grey '. Moreover, it is estimated that even the wife of David Beckham could make a cameo in the film itself ... We will see on the big screen?
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Sabia, "Sylvie asked me to decorate Rafael '


The update 'bitch fight' between Sylvie and Sabia keeps going. Today reveals Sabia in the German newspaper Bild that Sylvie was proposed that Sabia an affair with her ​​then-husband Rafael van der Vaart to start.
"Can you not decorate Rafael, I put a photographer. That way I can with a favorable settlement to end their marriage "would Sylvie against Sabia said it.

"She did not want her affairs would come to light and they did not want to be the one making the marriage had fallen apart," says Sabia today in Bild. When Sabia indicated not such a game would like to join Sylvie devised another way to ask. Herself in a good light "She asked if I knew a woman who we could pay. I have not done and I have also not supported her. "

Sylvie has not yet responded to these latest allegations, but yesterday, when she landed in Frankfurt after a stay in Los Angeles, she told me to be. 'Speechless' For the camera Bild she declared: "Let me put it this way. It's incredible. Someone I trusted and given love betrays me so. I'm here again speechless. My legal team will hopefully get everything under control. I regret that so many lies are told. "

Sabia had told Bild earlier this week that they often alibis for Sylvie sent as once again had a secret date with another man. As she would with a pilot and a dancer cheating. Include