Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sylvie 'speechless' after statements Sabia

Sylvie van der Vaart. © epa.
Sylvie van der Vaart is shocked by statements by Sabia Engizek. The new love of Rafael van der Vaart told Bild that Sylvie had numerous affairs during her marriage to Rafel. Sylvie is 'speechless', as she tells the cameras from the German magazine.
"Let me put it this way. It's incredible. Someone I gave trust and love betrays me so. I'm here again speechless. My legal team will hopefully get everything under control. I am sorry that there are so many lies be told, "said Sylvie.

Sabia had to Bild told they often sent as alibis for Sylvie who once again had a secret date with another man. As she would with a pilot and a dancer cheating. Include

Helio de la Peña makes letter to Vicky

By Copper Lebarante
Comedian Helio de la Peña, supporter of Botafogo, put on your blog an open letter to Vicky. The young man, aged 19, was traded to CSKA, Russia, for £ 31 million .
Dear Vicky.
I'm amazed how fast you are. His dribbling, his kicks, his meteoric rise and immediate passion that the fans alvinegra felt for you. But you went too fast. The crowd wanted a serious relationship and you just wanted to stay. Botafogo poet Vinicius de Morais said: "that is eternal while it lasts." Pena have lasted so little.
There are many rounds you a promise was questioned in the stands. Called "greedy", "reckless", "individualistic", acted as a foal yet to be tamed. With time, always short, was changing his way of acting. Heard the advice of the good old Seedorf, learned to serve and not forgotten how to kick far. Calibrated the aim, kept his audacity, he pulled himself to the responsibility of the game. And we were there from the chairs of the new Maraca recognize. Shouted his name. I think you heard.
This week started badly for us. On Sunday, we went to Curitiba and not go on the pitch. Maybe the team has preferred to know the Wire Opera House or the famous 24 Hours Street ...
Worse was to come. The Monday night broke the pump. Vicky was sold. Do not believe. How could it? Immediately began to curse the board. We find it to be the work of incompetence. Then we saw that the problem was money. Your pass appreciated too fast, the club has not had time to raise the barriers and a stronger lock on the door to hold you. We would like our club was rich as Barcelona, ​​to pay wages on time, which was not immersed in tax and labor. And empty vault can not stand upright.
As in the times of the cold war, our enemy was a Russian. A double agent, disguised as a businessman convinced you that it was a good escape to Moscow. Maybe you said that Russia is also Europe as Portugal Porto, who also wanted him. Omitted that football is played in Russia's Siberia, where players are forgotten in the cold and loneliness. And you will not hear his name shouted by Muscovites will not give autographs on the streets, rarely leave the bank - not the bank where they deposited the eight miles of euros, but the one next to the field where they will clink of cold to 20 negative degrees.
We wanted to shout his name in the game against Atletico there Minas, as we did in Maraca. But you were gone fast and concentration. Not even had time to say goodbye. You could have stayed until the end of the year, at least. Certainly a good proposal arise, but we have time to get to know better. Unlike us, someone did not believe that his talent would last until then. Someone was in a hurry to cash.
Maybe it was advised to seize this opportunity, not equal to another arise. That person was right. Would have no equal, but rather to a club in the center of world football, a club of Western Europe. We could follow your moves by ESPN, poking his friend and say, "this one was created here at home." This certainly does not pass through the head of a young man of 19 years. You will not have 19 years to life. And one day you will be aware of the glorious history that you were part of, so fleeting, like a comet.
We are not a club of comets, Vicky. We are the club's lone star. And I doubt that it will have a symbol on the chest so beautiful.
And nobody shut ...
helio-de-la-worth it

Alexandre Pato lives affair with mining

Alexandre Pato is still the subject of many novels. The novelty is that the attacker would know better young Sophia Mattar. According to the site Glamurama, the player was jet to Belo Horizonte and have fun with friends, among them the New affair. Sophia is the daughter of Salim Mattar, President Finds. The Out of Bounds confirmed that among the select group of friends of the player is young. Even so it is good to note that in his social network was reported that she's dating another guy, who uses the name Pato Lucas.

Susana vs Maradona: "This is a nonsense. I did not do anything against Diego"

Susana Gimenez - Diego Maradona
Susana Gimenez - Diego Maradona
The diva learned through press criminal charges that would have begun the former footballer. Surprised, gave no credence to the rumors: "I'm tired of inventing things. Did not do anything, I love it."
At first, Susan said, "Do not know what you are talking about!" But to hear a little more detail, said: "And Diego or did not do anything! I want, is my friend for many years and last week was about to come to my program. "
As he struggled to believe or not to believe what the reporters told him, Susana said he was very tired "to invent things" but anyway he said that never disobeyed any judicial measures. "With serious things going on in the country, this is a nonsense. Did nothing against Diego not think he has anything against me," he said Diva.
According to information obtained exclusively everyday people "VERY" morla ask on the afternoon of Thursday, the signed statement of Susanna.

Borriello's Ex GF Comforts Gonzalo Higuain After Boating Accident

Napoli's Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain got into a boating accident on August 26, one day after his competitive debut for the club in the 3-0 win over Bologna. The 25-year-old former Real Madrid player was spotted with a group of friends and his new girlfriend Lucia Fabiani as they enjoyed a trip on the sea surrounding Capri.

El Pipita and Lucia, nickname Lucy, met up a week ago at the Pepero club in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. She's from Bergamo, Lombardy and works in the entertainment - little things. Our aspiring wag has had a number of celebrity boyfriends: fashion entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi, Italian rapper Fedez, the king of paparazzi Fabrizio Corona and another footballer, AC Roma's striker Marco Borriello.

Higuain's excursion to Capri did not end well. The Argentine hit his face on a rock after diving from the boat in front of his bikini-clad squeeze. He was promptly rushed to hospital where he received a number of stitches - eight to his jaw and two to his eyebrow. Maybe it's time to buy the red little horn as a fortune amulet!

Helena Seger Shops Until She Drops In Milan

Looking forward to autumn all just around the corner, Helena Seger has an excuse to update her wardrobe. Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wife, who just turned 43 on Sunday, hits one of the world's most important fashion capitals, on August 27, 2013.

After stopping by Bottega Veneta, Dsquared2 and Hermès, the blonde viking left with her hands full of shopping bags. Ah, to be a wag...

Sara Carbonero? Would abandon their work for love?

Sara Carbonero? Would abandon their work for love? Source:
A few days ago we gave you to know how much money had pocketed the tremendous Sara Carbonero this year after his appearances in various advertising campaigns , a very juicy extrasueldo which added to his substantial salary as a journalist. Well, it turns out that now there are several media that begin to speculate on the possibility that Toledo will have to rethink leave their profession because of the professional status of her boyfriend, Iker Casillas.
It is well known by everyone that the injury he suffered last year Real Madrid goalkeeper, as well as the bad relationship he had with Jose Mourinho, were two critical factors for the goalkeeper lost his title at the end of last season . And it seems that, for now, has no ownership secured with Carlo Ancelotti. That's why some sites already point to the possible leakage of Iker Casillas of the white body. And that's where comes in. Sara Carbonero . Would you leave your labor of love?
The reporter has a steady job and stable in the capital, as well as working for Mediaset also collaborates with other media, but the keeper could be considering leaving the Real Madrid. It is rumored that teams like Arsenal PSG or even willing to bid on it, so you would have to migrate to another country. Anyway, it seems somewhat unlikely that the goalkeeper leaves the club of his life by the back door. Even so, the question is required: In the case of outside, would follow Sara Carbonero? He would leave the journalist? Their work for love or would stay in Madrid watching your child alone ...?