Friday, 23 August 2013

Diego Maradona? Kissed David Beckham?

Again Diego Maradona is a target, but in this case, their women are not the protagonists. The "ten" is news in this opportunity for kissing David Beckham. Controversial!
A Spanish public relations called Richy Castellanos wrote the book "The Whisperer celebrities", which tells the strange story that Beckham joins Maradona: a kiss.
Maradona met with public relations and confessed that he wanted to meet Ronaldo Nazario, who was going to meet Beckham's birthday, so we decided to take a "ten".
Back in the restaurant, in the middle of his encounter with Ronaldo, comes the custodian of Beckham and expresses the desire of the player to meet Maradona.
Arriving David, Diego got up from the table and said, "David, you're too cute, too cute to play football." He signed a shirt, removed a photo and leave Beckham, turned his custodian saying "the blond Richy got angry".
Maradona did not hesitate to stand up and say directly to Beckham: "David, you're too cute to play football. What do you want me to say, you're ugly? Take it.'re Very cute But all I can do is give you a kiss on the mouth. "
"God has given me a kiss, the movie ends here," he said finally English former player and left the area.

Sara Carbonero Eats For Two

Stepping out to feed her growing baby bump, Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas enjoyed a dinner date in an outdoor restaurant close to their home. The 31-year-old Spain's national team goalkeeper had just returned to Madrid after an International friendly game played in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The 29-year-old sports journalist set aside her maternity clothes in favor of a very see-through long black dress which clung to her pregnancy curves.

Although Iker Casillas'fiancée is not a model, she has been chosen as the new face and body of Women'Secret lingerie, Spanish brand less popular than Victoria's Secret. Will Sara do a Demi Moore style nude pregnant shoot?