Thursday, 15 August 2013

A former Alexis, to the conquest of Spain

Claudia Parini, the alleged former Alexis, is the blonde on the right
Claudia Parini, the alleged former Alexis, is the blonde on the right
Hostess of Milan and Novara, Playboy Playmate, sports journalist and former Alexis ...? In Italy and Claudia have Parini and she explains that the Blaugrana player now fell in love with its charms when he saw his work as a stewardess playing of Milan. Chile has asked the phone and little more is known of this relationship, whether or not came to fruition.
The fact is that now, Claudia Parini news again in the Italian media for their imminent landing on Spanish TV. She and Simona Guaitieri model (which, incidentally, is also linked with Milan striker, El Shaarawy), have a work project in our country.
Both participate in an experimental program format, similar to Italian 'Striscia la Notizia', combining humor, and journalism with the presence of 'velinas' (pretty girls like them). All indications are that the channel would be Tele 5, but, for now, Simona and Claudia and prepare the trip hoping to extend its success.
A success that the alleged girlfriend of Alexis reached precisely, after being expelled from Milan. His fame spread perched on a 'Playboy', which made him forget his poor start Lombard club. This was motivated by breaking the iron rules, including prohibiting the club hostesses access areas for the players as the garage, where she was caught, he says, by mistake.

Sara Carbonero's reunion with an old flame

The media are all heart and sharpen just the fact that the journalist David Sanchez has signed for Mediaset as football commentator program 'Tiki Taka'.
And it turns out that the sport journalist (Barca supporter, by the way) will be reunited with his former love to go, Sara Carbonero, working for the same company. The two met on Radio Marca and started dating after she kept a many months with fellow sports journalist Matias Prats Jr.
The relationship between Sara and David was quite serious. They even live together. But finally broke shortly before the journalist started dating Iker Casillas.
The press cuore now wonders how the news Iker fit and if David and Sara may maintain a good working relationship.

Shakira explains all his secrets

A few months after bringing this world to his son Milan, Shakira explains the secrets he has used to recover in near-record time, her spectacular figure.
The Colombian singer and central partner Gerard Pique Barça showed his abs on the cover of 'Self', and boasted one of the areas of your body that over looks: "I'm pretty proud of my butt," he said .
The photos of the magazine 'Self' were taken in June, six months after delivery, and demonstrate that Shakira took pains to butt back in shape. The singer explained his secret: "I did during my pregnancy zumba, that helped me to not gain too much weight."
Shakira gave more keys to have a nearly perfect physical. "Two minutes of abdominal exercises a day is enough," he said. To the rear, the secret is to dance, do Pilates and tighten the buttocks thirty times a day. Shakira also advises a balanced diet and confesses that for eight small meals a day, high in fiber, protein and calcium.

Falcao born princess and Lorelei

Radamel Falcao and his wife, Lorelei Tarón are already parents. And they have been this "August 13 at 8:35 AM," when Dad Falcao announced that "our daughter was born Dominique Garcia Tarón. Welcome Princess, we love you. "
And is that a few hours before, half Colombian birth was assumed when Lorelei actually just announced on twitter that they were going to the hospital. Many media were then indeed a birth that did not occur until later and Falcao forced to send a tweet thanking congratulatory messages but warning that Dominique had not yet come into the world and missing a few hours for cesarean.
The birth of the little prevent almost surely Falcao play the Colombia-Serbia on Wednesday at the Mini Estadi in Barcelona.
The beautiful Colombian footballer and Argentina were married in December 2007, when they were just 21 and 19 respectively. They met at the church to which the two came when he played for River Plate of Argentina and inseparable ever since. Six years have turned their dream of parenthood.

Martin Demichelis and Evangelina Anderson, very much in love

Martin Demichelis and Evangelina Anderson, very much in love. Source: twitter
As you recall, the tremendous Evangelina Anderson and Martin Demichelis went through a serious emotional crisis a few months ago. Moreover, Argentina model gave birth to her second child in common apart from her husband. But after the storm came the calm, since the couple has already surpassed their differences "while", as claimed by the vedette own television recently in Argentina .
In fact, this has again proven itself Evangelina Anderson on social media this week, since it has hung a photograph that goes next to Atletico Madrid in an attitude of the most romantic, as if two adolescent is involved. And is that, as shown in the picture, the two come together in a passionate kiss.
To all this, the explosive Evangelina Anderson added a few words with the above picture, in the left see that the water has completely returned to normal. "Nothing sweeter," said Martin Demichelis tremendous woman. Thus, it seems clear that everything has gone completely to normal between the player and one of the most ardent WAG's Spanish League ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like have a look at the best photos of the tremendous Evangelina Anderson, a monument of 'making bread and dip '. Here's a preview ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter !
Evangelina Anderson returns to the catwalk. Source:

Ilary Totti's anger, the 'Wonder Mom'

In Italy have dubbed the spectacular Ilary Totti as the 'Wonder Mom'. That is what is transformed, in a moment, the sexy wife Roma captain when he saw his son Cristian was entering more and more into the sea from the beach in Sabaudia.
Angry and, of course, worried, Ilary did not hesitate and got into the water with the sarong. A Bather, who realized what was happening, helped swim to Cristian and bringing him back with her mother, relieved, but angry with the child.
The 'Wonder Mom' not lost, despite the disappointment, his composure in no time and was equally sexy that whenever we see on the beach with a few bikinis that enhance curves that have become the captain of the Italian Wags.
We leave you with images of the 'incident' and we recommend you click here if you want to remember the accident last year when Ilary almost lost because of the surf bikini. Memorable. Enjoy!

The sexy and hot dance Marquezine Bruna ...

The sexy and hot dance Marquezine Bruna ... Source:
Undoubtedly, we have seen over the months that the beautiful Bruna Marquezine, Neymar's girlfriend, is one of the most beautiful WAG's international scene and one of the most beautiful women on the planet. In fact, recently and could see in his role model and it is certain that pointed ways.
Well, it is necessary to know that the gorgeous Bruna Marquezine is not only a great actress and emerging model, but also defends more than good in the field of dance. It Neymar's girlfriend has made a most ardent dance and explosive on Brazilian television.
For those who do not know, the brunette is participating in a reality show called 'Dança two famous', which would be the equivalent of the Brazilian version of 'Come Dancing'. That said, you'd better stop and with the said dance of which I speak, which demonstrates the tremendous Bruna Marquezine also has a lot of potential in her hips. What a sensual ...

Superagente Mendes, father for the fourth time

Jorge Mendes and his wife Sandra were parents of a child born Monday in Porto. It is the third child and first son of 'Superagente' and his wife, after her older daughters, Barbara and Beatrice.
Mendes is the representative of Cristiano Ronaldo, among many other Portuguese players, different teams spread across Europe's top leagues. The 'Superagente', which also represents Jose Mourinho and is considered a 'King Midas' in their field, is 46 years old and in addition to the three children with his current wife, Sandra, has another daughter from a previous marriage.

Luiza Brunet put old pictures of Pele

The former model Luiza Brunet decided to roll her trunk of memories. On Monday, the businesswoman posted two photos on Instagram King Pele In a former player has her own arms and the other with Xuxa, which at the time was also a model and girlfriend of Pele
pele2 pele1

Ronaldinho is dating

Ronaldinho has revealed for the August issue of Playboy magazine that is committed: "I'm dating. A short time ago, is a recent dating, "he explained. Reserved, midfielder did not reveal the elected, but took much longer betrayed: "In the past have faltered, but today, I have lived by, do not want to give even flinch."
First time
The will, the player said that his first time was with a neighbor, between 13 and 14 years. "I will not give her name, right? It was cool. And I think it was for the two, because it lasted a long time. "
Asked if sex before the game helps the player of Atletico-MG was blunt: "I will never hurt. In Barcelona, ​​he slept at home and going to play, sometimes until well made, arrived happier. "
The pat-fueled women were also cited by the publication: "Ah, is not much to my no. One for one is cool, I've always been more timid, more in my. I've always been more than one for the same. I've been invited to go on bachelorette party and be the bride gift, but I said no, they could not. "
Ronaldinho also spoke about their body care: "I'm vain in the normal range. A perfume, a cream. Nigga, do not pass up the body cream, is Russian! But I do not find beautiful ".