Friday, 9 August 2013

Khedira's girlfriend, intimate

While still being decided his possible departure from Real Madrid to join Mourinho at Chelsea, Sami Khedira should be very proud that his girl will not miss work. On the contrary, the great German model Lena Gercke is increasingly establishing itself in the difficult world of the top.
To prove it, there's his new contract with the lingerie brand Intimissimi, which is new image in Germany. Lena is the new ambassador, as he once was the girlfriend of another Real Madrid player. We refer, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo and his equally spectacular couple Russian Irina Shayk.
Lena has been the star of the latest Intimissimi parade held in Verona, where he presented the new collection of lingerie brand makes a few dates. "It's a great honor to represent this incredible brand," said Lena, who wants the Germans and German become "so crazy" as she by this firm as "wonderful".
By the way that Lena is also in the forefront of today in his country for being one of the judges of the highly successful reality 'Super Talent'.
We leave you with the pictures of Lena Gercke more intimate and we recommend you click here if you want to remember one of their best galleries. Enjoy!

CR7's sister sweeps Youtube

Last week we told you that Cristiano Ronaldo's sister, Katia Aveiro, had presented their new single on the disco Seven of Vilamoura (Algarve), owned by her ex-husband, with notable success. Well, it turns out that his song, 'Boom Sem Stop' has become a bombshell on the internet.
Katia Aveiro is wiping out the video of his song and visits have skyrocketed. Already more than 835,000 in just three weeks and, at this rate, he will soon reach one million. The international success of CR7's sister has come from the hand of producer and songwriter RedOne, Moroccan origin, accumulating numerous hits and has worked with renowned artists Paulina Rubio, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias.
The disc will not go on sale until November and, earlier, on 17 September, presented in Madrid singing a total of five songs in a concert you want to attend Cristiano Ronaldo, who missed the premiere at the disco Seven of which he is part owner.
Katia Aveiro wants to fulfill his dream of being a pop star after leading a clothing store CR7 line. You yourselves can judge if you get watching the video that sweeps the network. Enjoy!

Abbey Crouch: dancing for 40,000 euros

Abbey Clancy will embark on the dance floor on British television. The wife of Peter Crouch, Stoke City striker, has confirmed his participation in the BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing', an English version of 'Come Dancing'.
According to local press, the model signed a £ 35,000 (around 40,000 euros) to join the group of 'celebrities' who will try to show that they are trained to dance.
According to sources close to the model, "Abbey is excited to appear on the show," but do not explain if it is for the money to be received or because you really want to enjoy some jiggings sticking front of the cameras. They also say that Peter "is eager to see it." The wife of footballer swimmer compete with Rebecca Adlington and the actress 'Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher.

Bruna: "I'm not a sex symbol, I'm a girl"

In recent days have put into the mouth of Bruna Marquezine some alleged statements that offered Neymar a special bonus for every goal that marked. That special premium, as ye shall have ever imagined, including what some have described as unbridled sex. "For every goal mark, you'll enjoy when you get home," they say he said.
But call us fools, in confirm the news we like and we have not been able to find these statements in any medium Brazilian, which claimed some Spanish media stemming from the alleged words of Bruna. Yes, we find, however, Peruvian media dedicated to celebrities ...
In Brazil, Bruna statements contrasted yes we have a different style and collide head-on with the promise of sexual marathons with Neymar, at least publicly confessed. And if not, read what the girlfriend said Catalans surveys about that place as one of the most desirable women on the planet: "Woman? I just made 18. I am a child-woman, I am not a woman yet. Everything has its time. I do not know if combined with me being a sex symbol, for now I'm not, does not match my personality today. "
On his relationship with Neymar said that "it is long distance love. We'll see how we organize ourselves. Sometimes he and others will go myself. "
Bruna Marquezine was speaking at the launch of a signature product of toothpastes 'Close Up', an event which also included Daniela Cicarelli, ex the phenomenon Ronaldo and Isabelle Drummond, another well-known Brazilian actress ..

Bruna dares modeled Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine dares as a model. Source:
As you know, Bruna Marquezine is the Brazilian starlet Neymar has love. However, it appears that the couple's new crack Barca now also highlights his role model. And it turns out Neymar's girlfriend has just introduced the new catalog summer 2014 collection of signature Myth.
However, the photo shoot took place on a beach in Brazil and was led throughout by André Nicolau, a photographer well known among models and celebrities in the country. Undoubtedly, it was the perfect end to a very special week for her, since just recently come of age . Here are some of the images.
Recall that the celebrated Marquezine Bruna sexy 18 springs next to the bride, Dani Alves, Neymar since the tour began with Barcelona after defeating the Joan Gamper tournament. But precisely why the beautiful actress and Brazilian model gave him a few words on Instagram: "I am weeping because Neymar not here when it should be. I love you. "Wrote the beautiful Bruna Marquezine next to a photograph in which they looked them both in a very tender image ...
Bruna Marquezine dares as a model. Source:

Ellen Rocche, is the new love of Alexandre Pato?

Ellen Rocche, is the new love of Alexandre Pato? Source:
As you recall, Alexandre Pato and Barbara Berlusconi broke their romance last month after two years and a half relationship . Interestingly, they did ten days after the Corinthians player himself tweeted that ensure continued rowing in the same direction . But to make matters worse, the daughter of the president of Milan was hunted few days later with a beefy guy in Villa Certosa (Sardinia) , where Berlusconi family has several properties.
Well, after the disappointment, it seems that Alexandre Pato could also have begun to rebuild her life. So say several Brazilian media, which have been linked to a 20-year young actress by the name of Bia Arantes. However, there are others who go further and have begun to speculate on the possibility that the former Milan striker's dating Ellen Rocche, a renowned celebrity in Brazil.
In fact, it is noteworthy that the explosive Ellen Rocche is an actress and model 34 springs that has participated in various television programs and, in turn, has starred hot photo shoots for Playboy magazine. It is also necessary to say that this lush Rio and Alexandre Pato have agreed on a television program in late May, that is, which then could have started the spark of love. Now to be seen whether any of the two confirms or denies the romance ...

Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha: a new breakup?

Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha: a new breakup? Source:
As you recall, a couple of days ago we showed you the Mario Balotelli more calm and creative, that it showed all his talent and skill playing the Italian national anthem on the piano . Well, the Milan striker returns to the spotlight twice. First, it should be noted that the means of the country have already begun to speculate about a new rift between SuperMario and Fanny Neguesha sexy.
It turns out that many web portals Azzurri have realized that the Belgian singer has deleted the photo of Mario Balotelli from his own personal Twitter account. This, added also to the fact that the artist has gone on holiday with her friends, has led many ways to theorize about the possible breakup. Neither has spoken about it yet, but it seems likely considering that they had already broken once and it's own Neguesha Fanny had confessed that the player was "jealous" .
Meanwhile, Mario Balotelli's also news on the new look has been done. This time, striker Rossoneri has been presented with a crest and totally shaved eyebrows. In fact, it is something that one can sense in the video that we leave then, which is seen drowning sorrows in a basketball court.

Sara Carbonero still hides her pregnancy

Sara Carbonero still hides her pregnancy. Source:
After rumors began to run her pregnancy , Sara Carbonero decided to wander through the world with Iker Casillas in their holidays. In that sense, the presenter and goalkeeper Real Madrid traveled first to the Seychelles. Upon returning, the couple visited the family of the player and soon after went to Corral de Almaguer, the birthplace of one reporter, where both announced to those closest to the reporter that this was expecting a child .
Well, the beautiful Sara Carbonero has returned to work and the fact is that it has not go unnoticed, since there does not look pregnant tummy despite adding nearly four months pregnant. In fact, the journalist has been hunted through the streets of Madrid and still no evidence of their stage of pregnancy. Yes, it may be because he begins to dress in clothes wider and less clingy.
Sara Carbonero still hides her pregnancy. Source:
Furthermore, and in other matters, it should be noted that it has been given to know the place where the stunning Sara and Iker Casillas Carboner usually relax when they come to Corral de Almaguer. It turns out that some media have been found that a hotel named 'The Legs' is the corner where the reporter tries to hide from the flashes and the curious. Anyway, it is clear that now have to change hostel ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like knowing that another WAG's meringues, the tremendous Pilar Rubio is the sexiest woman in the summer according to a survey . No wonder considering that pictures as we leave then and serves as a small preview ... 
Pilar Rubio, voted the sexiest summer. Source:

Neymar will award "special" his girlfriend for every goal record

Bruna Marquezine y Neymar no han podido verse debido a la agenda apretada de ambos.
  • Bruna Marquezine and Neymar could not be due to the busy schedule of both. Photo: Courtesy
  • En febrero de este año y durante el carnaval de Río, la pareja confirmó su relación.
    In February of this year and during the Rio Carnival, the couple confirmed their relationship. Photo: Courtesy
  • Bruna Marquezine y Neymar no han podido verse debido a la agenda apretada de ambos.
    Bruna Marquezine and Neymar could not be due to the busy schedule of both. Photo: Courtesy
  • En febrero de este año y durante el carnaval de Río, la pareja confirmó su relación.
Barcelona striker, Neymar, will have an added incentive every time you make a goal with the Blaugrana and is not an economic premium, but a "prize" that will make you his girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine. The actress, who recently turned 18, I sent a message to the Brazilian striker, who is on tour in Asia with Barcelona: "For every goal you make Neymar, I will enjoy when I get home," said Marquezine to half Brazilian media and this and turned it into the world. Bruna days ago celebrated his 18 years in the absence of striker. The party went Thaisa Carvalho actress, girlfriend of Dani Alves.