Friday, 2 August 2013

Fans Daniel Alves and Neymar deal

Striker Neymar is already making fans in Barcelona, ​​Spain. On Wednesday, a girl posted a picture on facebook that she and a friend appear next to the player and Daniel Alves The image was made in Ikibana Japanese restaurant, specializing in mergers with Brazilian food. In legend, the blonde wrote: "Addicted to sushi."

Vanessa Lorenzo: "I still have not asked me marriage"

Vanessa Lorenzo: "I still have not asked me marriage." Source:
As you recall, Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo were recently enjoying a relaxing holiday on the island of Ibiza . But after these days that both have shared together, the very model has been presented without the player in Mallorca to act as godmother except for a culinary event held at the Real Club Nautico de Palma.
Following the event, the sexy Vanessa Lorenzo has attended the press and other media that you have asked about her personal life. And in that sense, the designer has admitted he is "a very classic" and would like to "start a family" in the not too distant future.
Also, although it appears that his relationship with Carles Puyol is booming, it is certain that the explosive Vanessa Lorenzo has said that the Barca captain has not yet been kneeling before him. "I'm traditional, will have to ask me to marry and so far they have not." Hint for? 'Puyi' ...?
That said, it is likely that you feel like have a look at the best photos of the gorgeous Vanessa Lorenzo, the current girlfriend of Carles Puyol . Here you have an incredible breakthrough ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter !

Arrested in Germany, Breno see family two hours per month and hears son's request: 'No more work, Dad'

With the contract signed with São Paulo, defender hopes granting semi-open. For Pietro, four years, fortnightly visits happen in father's job

Breno (Photo: Sven Hoppe / AFP)
Pietro, 4 years, can only see his father for an hour every 15 days. For the child, the meetings take place in the employment of his father, who always listens to a son's request:
- No more work, Dad. Let's go home.
Pietro's son Breno, and does not know he is one year and one month in prison Stadelheim in Munich. But the boy's desire is closer to becoming reality. The player has a chance to enter the semi-open next week.
e months in prison for setting fire in your home depends on a work visa. He needs a permission to work in the country, as it has no more contract with Bayern. The document is about to come but the warden will vacation next Wednesday. If by then the situation is not defined, Breno must stay in place for another month.
It is in individual cell for two months. Before, shared space with another man. Pietro is the father with the same frequency as Renata, his wife, is allowed to find her husband. The couple has no right to conjugal visits.
Breno, who has a contract with São Paulo, working in a laundry room inside the prison. Activity that makes it take up the whole morning. Then it uses part of the afternoon to keep fit with exercise. In Stadelheim, there is a football field, where the player can kill the nostalgia of the ball. The matches do not happen very often and are even rarer.
Once you have permission to get out during the day, Breno return to Bayern Munich. However, yet to play. The German club will employ him, one of the requirements to achieve the progression of pity. At the moment, the leaders talk about putting it in an office of the Bavarian club.
There are several other requirements for Breno receive the benefit. One is good behavior and he meets, even just lack the permission of the local government.
It is up to the warden to tell how long the player out of jail may be initially. With the passage of time, hours of freedom may increase.
Renata lives in a rented house and has its personal income and salary that pays Tricolor. When Peter learns that the day is coming to go to the "job" of the father, it sometimes is sick with anxiety. The trouble is about to be assuaged.
Gustavo de Oliveira, new executive manager football Sao Paulo, took the delegation's stay in Munich Breno visited in prison last Wednesday. Adalberto Baptista, former director of football, had special attention to the case and closely followed all the chapters.
The visit was scheduled for Gustavo Adalberto, who was on the trip if he had not stepped down days before shipment to Germany due to the crisis.
Renata, Breno's wife, was with his son Pietro to the hotel where the Tricolor was staying. She met with the directors of the club. Pietro, who speaks Portuguese and German studies, is São Paulo fan and was excited to see the players of the team that twists.
Alexandre Soares, a lawyer and advocate responsible career, was also in town. He accompanies the process and try to accelerate the departure of Breno's prison, but is awaiting the bureaucratic issues of Justice of Germany to see the client out of jail at least for a few hours of the day.
Breno also has German lawyers accompanying daily.

Watch the short censored 'Pe' with Irina Shayk

Unfortunately, we can offer only a few images of the premiere of Penelope Cruz as director of a short film with Irina Shayk, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the protagonists sensual. The short you could see on YouTube Wednesday but on Thursday they have censored because they believe that their content violates the terms of use of the famous video network, probably for being too provocative ...
Despite not having explicit sexual content, the much lingerie, the many half-naked girls dancing sensually and other moving your ass in the shower as well as a scene of an orgy in one of the rooms have dusted off the old scissors repression and removing the video censorship until further notice.
A shame because we completely prevent seeing Penelope Cruz's debut, a debut that comes from the hand of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur for which she and her sister Monica have designed the collection for next summer. In this short, Pe actress does but has given prominence to Irina Shayk, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.
The film has a distinct Spanish flavor, as recorded in the audiovisual piece a few months ago are Javier Bardem and Monica Cruz, the latter taking advantage of their pregnancy (at the time of filming) to wear a bulky design inspired by porcelain dolls.
Pe defines their experience behind the camera as one of the "interesting" of his career. He says that from the beginning had complete freedom in making decisions, which have made their announcement a short film "very personal."
"The video is very personal and important to me. It was definitely an interesting experience. I was given total freedom to tell the story I wanted. So I ordered that women appear different physical types and ages. It was important for me to clarify that this brand designed for all women, "he said.
Penelope The audiovisual project features Russian model and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk. "I chose Irina because she is a woman with exceptional vitality, with all the beautiful women featured in the campaign, really needed someone who hogged the attention of the audience," Penelope confessed.
The Russian top, meanwhile, was also delighted with the short and once it saw the light sent a tweet in which he noted that "I am very happy with my appearance video. It was fun working with Penelope Cruz and an honor. "
The film was shot entirely in Madrid and has the unmistakable stamp of the Cruz family: not only for the guest appearance of her husband and her sister, but also by the fact that his brother Eduardo is responsible for putting music to the advert . Miguel Angel Silvestre is the male lead.
We notify you when I finish the damn censorship. For now, we must settle for the video of the making of.