Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Compromising photos are Photoshopped Messi '

  © Pronto.
The pictures of Lionel Messi in Las Vegas in a compromising position with a blondie seem Photoshopped. On Twitter, the original pictures, similar to the body of another man stuck by the Argentine tabloid Pronto. Circulate
The two pictures Pronto used as "proof" that Messi would be going, seem strange Photoshopped a picture of Messi who bored looks around at a party and a picture of his newborn son Thiago Messi holds. That last photo was nota bene printed by another Argentinian leaf on its front page. The baby was replaced by the photo editors of Pronto (or the source of the article) by imposing the bosom of a blonde stripper and the scandal was born.

Pronto made a story about the night of chaos in Las Vegas, "based on the two pictures. In the tweet below shows how the original photos were transformed into scandal photos.
Pronto reacts on his website about the accusation of slander. Editor Fernando Cerolini denies that there is a photoshop. The Argentine television he tried to explain that the photos weldegelijk real. "The pictures were taken with a cell phone, so they are out of focus. This effect can not be getrukeerd. "

Cerolini says his blade out there was not to bring. Messi discredit "We have just seen what happened in reality. There we give no further judgment. "

Edgar Davids denies relationship with Halina Reijn

Halina Reijn and Edgar Davids. © Reuters.

Edgar Davids has stated in an interview that he has no romantic relationship with actress Halina Reijn. The former Ajax player stated that he is still single and not looking for a girlfriend.
Halina Reijn said last week in the AD already know "just good friends" to be. With David The two meet occasionally in London and Amsterdam.

Yesterday they were seen together again in Amsterdam in a lunchroom, but that was coincidence.

Iker and Sara are expecting a boy

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas is kissed by his girlfriend TV journalist Sara Carbonero During the Madrid Open tennis match in Madrid Final
Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero going to be parents of a child. As reported by the magazine Hello!., The couple and their family has informed expectant male end of the year. Telecinco journalist is four months pregnant
Both silent publicly about his future son confessed private capacity but be "happy" with the news. The couple announced they were going to be parents next December before traveling to Sychelles where they spent several weeks after returning from the Confederations Cup. The island was discovered by photographers and allowed to capture in a perched-stolen. In the pictures you saw the body of journalist showed no major changes in the first weeks of pregnancy.
Sara has not been built to work in sports writing Telecinco. Some sources suggest that the journalist is mulling the possibility of giving a new direction to his career. Iker, meanwhile, is trained since Monday and is with Real Madrid in the U.S. stage.

Love Tattoo by Mou

They say it's never too late to try new things. And that's what Jose Mourinho has done. At 50 years it has become the first tattoo. And it's not like joking half English, a shield of Chelsea or the image of his beloved Drogba. Mou has released a tatoo dedicated to what comes first for him: his family.
"Tami, Tita, Zuca" proudly wears on his left wrist. They are the pet names of his wife and children Matilde Matilde and Jose Mario, already could see and photograph during Chelsea training in Washington, images shown by the Stamford Bridge club itself. By the way, say the 'tatoo' cost about ninety euros.

"Come with me, Higuain"

Marika Fruscio is a well-known starlet in Italy, which boasts the most voluptuous amateur Naples. To demonstrate, the sexy tattooed model just in the body Neapolitan club crest and has a warm and very special welcome to new signing Gonzalo Higuaín.
And it Marika, who just posing almost naked in paradiasiacos spots on the island of Capri, Argentina has invited you relax with it after workouts. "After the hard work Dimaro, perhaps you could take a holiday to come and visit the natural beauty of Calabria" was his flirtatious message through the press.
At the moment, the 'Pipita' has not responded to the invitation to the Italian media, a good knowledge of the intentions of Marika, also known as "Indecent Proposal." No doubt the Fruscio has two strong reasons for what is proposed ...

Helen Flanagan: 'I have the best breasts in the world "

Helen Flanagan: 'I have the best breasts in the world ". Source:
Helen Flanagan back in the news recently after the hunt with a chest the air during a photo shoot . This time, the stunning British actress and model has stirred social networks with their photographs and their surprising statements. First, it is necessary to give you echo the words that have come loose during an interview with FHM magazine.
During the conversation, the lush Helen Flanagan has admitted that "I have the best breasts I've ever seen a girl in the world. My breasts are amazing. " But that's not all, and who then left another holder stressing that "if I am with a boyfriend whom I love, then I will be as naughty in bed. I think it's sexy to be a good girl and not a girl who is with everyone. If you absolutely love someone you have to have good sex ".
Undoubtedly, it is a confession of the most surprising and striking, almost as much or more than the semierótica photograph that has posted on his personal account of Instagram, which has generated considerable controversy in social networks. As you can see in the above capture, the model says that sleeping in lingerie and with a teddy bear at his home in Manchester after his recent separation from Scott Sinclair ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like have a look at the best photos of the fiery Helen Flanagan, the former girlfriend of Scott Sinclair who claims to have the best breasts in the world. You can judge for yourself in the images that we leave on the link ... 
Helen Flanagan, the sexiest in the UK. Source:

Yolanthe on Twitter reacts to criticism about sex chats

Yolanthe. © Bruno.
Yolanthe with a comprehensive statement on Twitter responded to the earlier reports that they never in advance 'never' would say to her husband as a trio Wesley Sneijder there on one day begins. The frankness of the wife of Galatasaray footballer about their sex life was not taken her in thanks in Turkey. Reason for yo one and another straight on Twitter.
I am very happy with my husband and I can not live without him. What we do in our bedroom is private, we do not need any changes.
Earlier this month her ​​husband Wesley and Yolanthe enjoyed a holiday in Ibiza. © Bruno.
Yesterday it was announced that sports presenter Ahmet Çakar thinks Yo gotta keep her. Talks for itself The Turk is that they do not during Ramadan such spicy things about her love life should have told. She lives by the TV presenter in a Muslim country and they should take that into account.

Spicy statements
The wife of Wesley last week was particularly outspoken during an interview with Grazia magazine. "I've never been a flirt before, the classic type that believes that a man should conquer me and not the other," she let loose among others.

They also experimented once with a woman. When asked if she is open to a threesome with Wesley and another woman, she does not react negatively. "From myself I would not say that. Wes and I are very crazy together and currently have enough to each other. "

"But imagine that he would like. Quite like that in a few years I'm not a woman who never says in advance. Maybe there will be a time when we like it, but now I prefer to just relax together. "

Statement on Twitter
Yo now uses her Twitter account to defend against the Turkish criticism.

"I never said that I want to share my man with anyone I got a lot of personal questions and the only answer I gave was: "I am very happy with my husband and I can not live without him. What we do in our bedroom is private, we do not need any changes. If things do change in the future once we see it at that time. I just never say never (by saying - never say never - I protect all the things we do in our private lives).

Every choice we make is to us and there is no one to do. What So that's the best answer I can give. I never said something like 'sharing my love with another woman'! I can not agree to the idea only think! What people make of it, write and say, I do not care. But I do not want people to feel treated disrespectfully by lies in the media. "

Original text:
"I never said I want to share my husband with anybody! I got a lot of personal questions and the only answer I was cool, "I'm very happy with my husband I can not live without him. What we share in our bedroom is private, we do not need any change. If things ever change in the future we will see by then. " I just never say never '(by saying -' never say never '- I'm protecting all the things we do in our personal lives).

Every choice we make is ours and nobody else's business. So that's the best answer I could give. I never said anything like 'sharing my love with another woman! " I can not even think of that idea! Whatever people make of it, write and say I do not really care about that. But I do not want people to feel disrespected by groin in the media. "