As previously reported Vanitatis few days ago, for Neymar was not being not easy to find accommodation in Barcelona. Though the player is still in Brazil leveraging recent days rest in his homeland until next week to training is incorporated at the Camp Nou, he and his family take several weeks in search of what will be their new home.
After bringing to head over to an estate with its demands, Neymar's father has ended negotiations to be the residence of his son in Barcelona. 12,000 euros will pay monthly rental and how could it be otherwise given the salary that will pocket the Brazilian as Barca player, ranging between 13 and 17 million euros, Neymar has chosen, as published by Goal Journal, for reside in the most exclusive neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​Pedralbes, well known for being the same in which is located the famous palace of the Infanta Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdagarin.
Neymar y sus amigos en una foto de Instagram But Neymar will not only have to the Dukes of Palma as neighbors. His teammate Carles Puyol also lives in Pedralbes and Leo Messi, but has fixed his residence in Casteldefells, in his day also bought one of their homes in such a select area. David Villa also stayed there in his time with Barcelona and bought two penthouses.
For the real estate sector has not been easy to find a home that meets the requirements of the player. All for which until now had been interested small or proved him occupied. For Neymar, who has signed on a clause in the contract with his new team that it should meet the travel Brazil-Spain of his friends (more commonly known as Toiss), I needed a home able to accommodate all of them and thus established the minimum number of rooms in nine. It has finally given in to their own claims and will have to settle for five quarters featuring her new home, it may not be final.
The Brazilian and was interested in the house where he lived Ronaldinho when I joined the staff of the club, but it already had tenant and Neymar and his family, especially his mother, Nadine, and her sister, Raffaela, had to keep looking actively.
Upon arrival in Barcelona, ​​and once installed, "Ney" promises to hold not only the sports press. His hobbies playful and eager to make friends with their toyss make the player a great ambassador may Catalan night.