Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The bride leaves Spain Alfredo Di Stefano

The bride leaves Spain Alfredo Di Stéfano. Source:
Alfredo Di Stefano claimed last Friday in a television show that he still wanted to marry Gina Gonzalez, his personal assistant. Well, it seems that will not be possible for now. And not because their children will have 'hijacked' at home and have interfered in their relationship by asking her inability , but because Costa Rica has decided to throw in the towel.
Turns itself Gina Gonzalez has confessed to running: "I'm going to Spain, I want to start a new life." So says the portal Chic, which in turn highlights the secretary and girlfriend of former footballer has taken the decision to leave for work. Anyway, also made clear that he was not with Alfredo Di Stefano for money and that "Alfredo considered me his girlfriend".
However, it is important to note that the couple has not been seen since last May 4, although it is rumored that she has made it impossible to see the Saeta Rubia. But their children have been hindered and she's tired of waiting. In this regard, the Secretary of 36 years was quoted as saying that "has to be Alfredo who is interested in me, who makes a move, it is he whom I look ... I'm already tired." Now the question is ... is it a definitive break?

Tim Duncan is divorced by his alleged bisexuality

Tim Duncan is divorced by his alleged bisexuality. Source:
During the dispute of the NBA playoff began racing the rumor that Tim Duncan and his wife Amy had initiated divorce proceedings, but then they decided to hide the news would not affect their personal performance and that of the San Antonio Spurs during their title chase, which eventually ended up in the hands of LeBron James and the Miami Heat.
Well, a month after the end of the championship, the wife of Tim Duncan has spoken out about his relationship status. And is that Amy Duncan has said that the marriage has irretrievably broken because of the bisexuality of American power forward.
In turn, also stressed that Tim Duncan has for several years a lover, with whom Amy Duncan's own roof would have shared during their first two years of marriage. In fact, according to his version, his secret affair could have started during his university days, having first met Forest above Walke lover ... now is to see if the answer Spurs player which is still his wife, although it is clear the bomb has exploded and is one of the news of the year in the United States ...
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Bar Refaeli and Kate Upton, the birthday girl sexier. Source:

Julio Cesar celebrates wife birthday

Susana Werner, wife of goalkeeper Julio Cesar, celebrated his birthday on Sunday. The couple took the holidays in Rio de Janeiro to the party and also Susana daughter Giulia, 8 years. Besides small, they are the parents of Cauet. In one of your social networks to model wrote: "It was great! Unforgettable day ".

Raul Meireles tattoos love of Champions

With dozens of tattoos on the body, Raul Meireles surrendered to another. The Portuguese player has tattooed the word love (love) in the fingers of the right hand. A tattoo with special meaning. The letter "o" was replaced by the symbol of the Champions League, a competition that won in 2011/12 for Chelsea. Meireles will have the opportunity to win the title again, it will play Fenerbahce in the Champions League next season.